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Um, no? I don't mean the Select folder dialog itself, but what appears after you select the folder, for example the dialog "You've only selected 1 folder! ... Does the '...' folder represent the root directory for the image content..." etc.

oh, I see now.

I totally agree with you.

LordWarlock and danei...Why not start a thread in the 'ImgBurn Suggestion" area about this rather than get into a prolonged discussion under this topic? :thumbup:

ok, "This thread is for talk about translations.

Please don't ask for them in here, it's a thread to assist the people actually doing them."

I think LWl and I didn't go off topic because I'm a translator and we were discussing some translation thing. and...this discuss won't last long since we have got an agreement.

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First post updated for v1.0.0.7 base file and new differences report.


Sorry for making you do some of the options on the Build mode tab in the settings again (I messed something up without meaning to and it broke it!), hopefully you can copy + paste what you translated it to last time.

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What's the difference between Shut Down and Power Off?

'Added: 'Shut Down' shutdown action that calls the 'ExitWindowsEx' API with the 'EWX_SHUTDOWN' flag. This might work to shut down and turn off the PC for some users where 'EWX_POWEROFF' fails to do so.'

'Changed: The 'Turn Off' action is now known as 'Power Off' to match the actual flag ('EWX_POWEROFF') used in the 'ExitWindowsEX' API.'



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Yeah, I somehow missed that when reading changelog, now the problem is how to translate it, there is no difference between the two in my language and there is not enough space to somehow differentiate it with a description.

I encountered the same problem as you. To solve it, I use something phrase sounds like 'classic shutdown' or 'compatible shutdown'. Thanks to the refined chinese characters so I can make it short enough.

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Here Korean translation for version, based on

(also mail)



2 months ago..

I sent mail to support AT imgburn.com.

with korean Translation based on English ImgBurn v2.4.2.0



do not add to ImgBurn Translation Language Files.

Is there problem? error korean lang file??

IF any problem or error let's me know....







to support AT imgburn.com

date Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 12:41 PM

subject korean Translation based on English ImgBurn v2.4.2.0

mailed-by gmail.com






korean Translation based on English ImgBurn v2.4.2.0


The first translation, but is not yet perfect.

I will plan to continue refining.


Thanku you....


Sorry for my poor english..


from airplanez@


Edited by airplanez
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Guys, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't put translations in here!


Make a thread (called something like 'French v1.0.07 by WillCroPoint') in the 'Translations' forum and just update that when you have a new release.


This single large thread is becoming a nightmare!

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