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  1. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

    the pcie to usb3 will work as the drivers will be supported by win7/8, i'm not sure the drivers for your dexdrive will even if you can find an adapter. normally there are more than one pcie1 slots on mobo's? unless yours is micro atx
  2. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

  3. cornholio7

    Lightscribe being phased out?

    you print on the disc itself, not on a label, so it won't peel off
  4. cornholio7

    CD Labels

    you can't. try this http://www.nchsoftware.com/cdlabeler/index.html?gclid=CNr_ta_2xrsCFYmN3godX14AMw
  5. cornholio7


    let's take java as an example. it offers ask toolbar bundled with the installer that was bundled with the last version of imgburn and everyone moaned about that too, because there is a support forum where you can complain about a free product. there is an opt out from the bundled software in the current version, if you click custom on the install, you can choose not to install the bundled software. whether you want the adware in the installer or not, isn't really anyones call than Lightning_UK's, as it is his, and i would assume he has to get some form of revenue to keep the forum alive and buy drives and media for testing. it all costs money, and at the end of the day, imgburn isn't his day job.
  6. cornholio7


    do you still have the car in your avatar?
  7. cornholio7

    Why don't they make USB monitors?

    vendors have opted for hdmi as the newer interface, this way you can connect for ex. 52" flat panels and other sizes of course.
  8. cornholio7

    Why don't they make USB monitors?

    how would you watercool the gfx card?
  9. cornholio7

    My Suggestions optimize ImgBurn

    1 use read mode 2 need more info on what you mean, but for making files into an iso, use build mode 3 there are already free tools that do this 4 why when windows does it already? 5 use good media 6 there are already free converters like flick that do this already, and will open imgburn to burn it for you
  10. cornholio7

    Noob Help!

    you can't booktype -r media, try with some +r media
  11. cornholio7

    Tune-up install and search.conduit

    there is an opt out, unfortunately you have been too click happy
  12. cornholio7

    Windows 7 Update issue

    chipset, audio, lan, usb, sata, bios if it isn't the newest on yours
  13. cornholio7

    Windows 7 Update issue

    always get the newest drivers from your motherboard/ gfx card/ etc. from their support pages, the ones that are on driver discs are outdated. uninstall the drivers you have installed and grab the latest ones
  14. cornholio7

    Windows 7 Update issue

    do you have a multiple license key?, otherwise you can only use your key on one pc windows will block you and you will get messages about activation
  15. cornholio7

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    the option NOT to install is there to see, quite plainly in fact, it's on the very first screen of the installer. this type of installer that is bundled with other software is more and more common, even java has ask toolbar bundled, even though imgburn was changed from ask to this current one, doesn't change the fact that you can choose not to install the bundled stuff.
  16. cornholio7

    Download confusion

    first, your screen is of the 'news' page. the official download page is here http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download hope this helps
  17. cornholio7

    Connect Filters( Source,Sample Grabber ) Failed

    http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555&p=91374 take a look here
  18. cornholio7

    F this is annoying...

    so choose the device and IMMEDIATELY keep pressing f 8 again
  19. cornholio7

    F this is annoying...

    f 8 for safe mode
  20. cornholio7

    Czech Translation

  21. cornholio7

    ImgBurn Crash after closing (Workaround/Solution)

    nope,have you disabled the onboard gfx in bios?
  22. cornholio7

    ImgBurn Crash after closing (Workaround/Solution)

    and yet i have no problem with my 3770k, i have ati graphics so i would still point my finger at the nvidia gfx drivers
  23. cornholio7

    Program name

    because you didn't download imgburn try here http://download.imgburn.com/SetupImgBurn_2.5.7.0.exe
  24. cornholio7

    Adding multiple folders to data DVD

    have you tried advanced input in build mode?

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