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  1. It all comes down to your drive not being able to handle the media. And from what you say this same drive/media combo has no problem burning if in your old system....could you post a log from there?
  2. It should work with most standalones...I've not had any problems using Imgburn to burn my MP3 compilations, but my equipment is not the same as yours.
  3. So Why not try a .10 cent disc to find out.
  4. Post a log please...in the mean time smack your friend in the back of the head and tell him not to buy shit discs again.
  5. Might be time for a new burner.
  6. According to your log you aren't using Verbatims. That seems to be a fairly new drive, is the laptop new as well?
  7. Could be that your standalones aren't DivX certified. Try DVD Flick to convert to DVD compliant format and burn the result.
  8. Post a log please...Help>Imgburn Logs
  9. Post a log please...Help>Imgburn Logs
  10. Not as late as me .....happy birthday
  11. You'd probably have better luck with quality media such as Verbatim.
  12. Post a log please....Help>Imgburn logs
  13. Get some decent blank media...we suggest Verbatim.
  14. Even with bitsetting your players don't like the +R? NVM..I just reread what you wrote, you are using a standalone DVD recorder. I've heard they are trickier to satisfy than simply a DVD player.
  15. Those should be pretty good, I prefer the +R flavored ones, but I've used the -R before and they aren't too shabby.
  16. No harm in that...happy burning. Excellent drive you have now.
  17. VirtualDub is a handy tool, glad you got the results you were after.
  18. 1.06 is what I'm using, but I'm using L&D's version.
  19. A log would do us a lot better than a pic. Help>Imgburn Logs
  20. There is likely a file size compatibility problem with your avi ~ http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/articles...lone_page1.html
  21. It sounds like a problem with your standalone player recognizing the files since Vista sees them and plays them with no problems. Imgburn doesn't altar the files at all...it simply burns whatever you throw at it.
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