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  1. That's not really what I would consider an older drive either....nice scan though. Just burning some Ricoh's myself.
  2. Why wouldn't it crule...is db especially rough on hardware?
  3. That would be my guess. Try a nice external drive...Lite-On perhaps.
  4. I've never regretted using modified firmware...but I'm a PC user, not a Mac user and don't know if there is a difference in write strategies or a benefit for that matter.
  5. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...660+file+system
  6. Your firmware may not provide for bitsetting. You could try tdb's modified firmware to see if it will enable the feature ~ http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GWA4080MA EDIT: Your firmware is newer though.
  7. Did they work? That isn't the discs you are using in the log you posted...and yes it would make a difference, that's why mmalves suggested it.
  8. The only supported speed for the discs you are using is 2.4X and you've chosen to try and burn at 4X. Also slimline laptop burners are crap, I'd invest in a nice external unit for burning.

    Recommended Apps

    The only program that I haven't been able to use in Vista (32 or 64 bit) is Peer Guardian...I'm sure my toolbox isn't as diverse as some here though
  10. That's right, the 7200 is not a Litey. I would definitely go for it over the 7220.
  11. 72XX's are the latest and they are pretty good, although I haven't researched the newest 7220's. http://www.sonynec-optiarc.com/products/hh...drw/ad7200.html http://www.sonynec-optiarc.com/products/hh...drw/ad7220.html I take that back about the 7220 ~ http://club.cdfreaks.com/f86/optiarc-ad-72...66/#post2145407 I might snatch up another 7200 while I still can.
  12. Didn't you answer you own question?
  13. Do you have a blank +R disc in the drive when you try to set the booktype? There are a lot of modern drives automatically booktype +R DL media, but I'm unsure if yours is one of these.
  14. Get some decent media, we suggest Verbatim and only Verbatim for DL projects...your drive/firmware isn't even properly recognizing the media.
  15. Some places will take them back if you tell them they are incompatible with your equipment.
  16. Imgburn cannot 'rip' from copy protected sources. You'll have to use other programs for that and we won't be discussing those programs here.
  17. Get some Verbatims for DL burning...nothing else. You are also selecting 2.4X as your burn speed, but it's not supported by your drive/firmware/media combo...this isn't the reason for your failure though.
  18. Imgburn works quite nicely via Wine with Linux.
  19. Avoid Nero, use DVD Flick as it's free...guide ~ http://www.dvdflick.net/guide/index_en.html If you are interested in payware use ConvertXtoDVD as suggested by LUK.

    Recommended Apps

    Windows Cleaner = CCleaner Registry Cleaner & Optimizer = Ccleaner
  21. I don't know how we would know if it "sucks" or not as I/we don't know how to speak/read Italian....Did Geno888 do that translation LUK? EDIT: I stand corrected, looksa lika Donta dida the transalation eh!
  22. Just turn it around backwards and you'll be alright
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