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  1. lmao2k

    When 2006 starts

    its been lmao2k since about '98. So at one point or another I was the past, present and future
  2. lmao2k

    When 2006 starts

    Does this mean i need a new watch for this to be seen
  3. lmao2k

    When 2006 starts

    I'll try to remember this after the copious amounts of alcohol I will be consuming that evening
  4. slap a couple of cup holders on that and you'll have a multi-functional cocktail mixer
  5. at that angle the body looks waaaaaaaaaay out of proportion
  6. lmao2k

    Rat Monster

    Thought you were talking about an episode from charmed till i clicked the link
  7. lmao2k

    sick as a pig

    If the drive isn't completly shagged then yes you could in theory copy & paste the files else, use some sort of recovery util to get back your .txt files.
  8. The Kenny Everett Show? http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/classic/kennyeverett/
  9. lmao2k

    Plextor PX-708A

    No its not a good idea, so I would request any posts relating to DVDD be asked within a forum which does allow such talk.. Thanks
  10. This was quite amsuing too http://www.viralmusicvideo.com/
  11. ROFL. This is as funny as the turrets guy. Nice find, have a cookie
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