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  1. it looks like teac got in late and pulled out early on the hd drive


    I would rma the drive and request a blu-ray substitute undr warranty or at least a toshiba hd drive


    DVD-ROM/DVD9 SuperMulti (+/- double layer) drive (in one

    optical drive), supporting 12 formats


    I am working on a toshiba Satellite P205-S6347 with a toshiba HD drive

  2. the new vista 64 bit drivers may have fixed some of the sata burner issues, but i doubt all of them were fixed


    don't even consider the cd or asus web site

  3. Programs which are classified as Riskware can be:


    * IRC chat clients

    * SMTP clients

    * Commercial downloaders

    * Commercial monitoring tools

    * Proxy servers

    * Password recovery tools

    * Commercial remote control tools

    * FTP servers

    * Telnet servers

    * Webservers

    * Other tools which are built to kill processes, hide windows or read system internals automatically.


    guilt by association

  4. we have been troubleshooting a lot of usb problems at a high traffic forum, added to the system resource problem we run into a lot of power issues which are sometimes solved by adding a pci usb card, may be even a powered usb enclosure draws some power from the motherboard?

  5. My friend is running 13K titles off an external hard drive with a 2 year old toshiba laptop, the ati video out using an rf modulator to push the monitors for the singers and audience, for parties they just use the laptop


    the disks(5 books of 200+) take a dolly to move around


    the premium plex cd burners are the best karaoke burners(hard to find item)

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