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  1. I keep getting an error saying audio cd's aren't supported...




    the new version will support them


    one of the safest ways to backup your cd's is to rip them to high quality mp3 or wma files and save on your hard drive

  2. redbook and imapi are safe


    safe meant/means, those were the ones you could leave


    windows comes with a good help and support


    google is your friend


    many of these suggestions require a basic understanding of computers and windows, how they work etc.


    burning dvd's is one of the more advanced computer skills


    you need to do a little more reading, do you have anyone that can help you with these basics?

  3. will formatting hard drive and reinstalling windows make a difference


    not necessarily


    if you were to reload the same drivers and programs(fliters) you might end up back to the same place sooner or later


    try removing those extra filters(redbook and imapi are safe)


    look in device manager for the controller driver, post chipset and version


    did you connect the burner as standalone master?

  4. yes when 2 newer burners won't work, chances are your system has issues


    but I made 3 suggestions and all three are no brainers


    don't waste any more disks until they are corrected


    if you do everything wrong, nothing works


    a few things can be wrong and some things work, sort of


    I prefer to not play the odds myself

  5. your dad's dvd recorder was a good one and those disks for 1X 4 year old media were supposedly good


    unless the disks are in pristine shape I am not sure you'll get a good read in a premium regular sized dvd drive in a computer


    do they play in your laptop and a better standalone without screwing up.


    If they don't, you would need to reburn the vcr tapes again


    If a drive won't play the disk right it can't read it to copy it?

  6. My only complaints about dvd flick are/were the size being slightly smaller for chosen output, but then i figured out it was allowing space for a menu to be added later


    it doesn't support graphical subtitles but they suck anyway


    it hangs on badly encoded avi's


    convertx2dvd has that damn watermark, and even the paid version can't get size even close to right, sure it's fast but the conversion quality shows where dvdflick keeps almost all the quality afaik


    I still can't figure out what's so super about super anyway, flick is easier and does the job it was designed to


    super may do more but it's not a good avi to dvd tool

  7. I have no issues


    the apple rootkit clan are very clever, they behave themselves like yellow jackets until the colony reaches borg strength, after that they go into aggressive mode seeking out competing progams and hardware with deadly efficiency


    total fumigation and partition deletion is the remedy but by then you are assimilated


    frontal lobotomy?

  8. See thats the thing........ when it froze up. There is no log file.


    It doesnt say anything in the log file tot make sense of why its burning at a faster speed than I set


    Telling me I can ONLY USE verbatium dvds is horse shit. What kind of program only can use one brand of DL disc ? I dont buy that for a second.


    And "read the pink bit at top"....... oh I read it.... I read it all.


    Anyone actually know what they are talking about and can help me out ? Thanks


    laptop dvd burners suck, so you are starting out in the hole


    verbatim makes the best dual layer disk, there isn't even a close second


    the program has nothing to do with the quality of the blanks or the designed burn speed of the blank


    plus format burns at 2.4 by specification not whim


    dash format used the 2.0 x speed


    donta and blu know more about dual layer than you'll find almost anywhere else and are just volunteering their valuable time and expertiese helping beginners learn this technology

  9. try to make some more room on the hard drive, run disk cleanup, take out the trash, empty norton's protected recyling bin if used


    now when you have video file set don't make an iso(that just wastes space)


    see the guide about building and outputing to dvd burner (building and burning on the fly)


    you were writting a 4+ gig iso to your hard drive with only 5 gigs free space, the problem is that 5 gigs was probably scattered all to hell in small chunks, then to read that iso the computer had to work it's butt off finding it all while writting to an external usb burner that uses a lot of cpu cycles


    I hope this makes sense to you

  10. I would have used the build on the fly option?


    Destination Free Space: 5,867,712,512 bytes (5,730,188 KB) (5,595 MB) (5 GB)


    where's the first of the log?


    ram available etc?


    usb is an very system intensive operation, not too good if the source files are heavily fragmented and all the available swap file space is taken up by the iso creation


    just a wild stab in the dark

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