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  1. think external drives for laptops
  2. have you tried moving the file(iso) to the laptop hard drive before burning?
  3. chewy


    Of the rebadges it's by far the best! Crossflashing isn't really cross at all. Not an issue at all!
  4. chewy


    I used the maddog for over 6 months and got good burns with it, but scanning stopped as did bitsetting, flashed 3 times since then! 2u4 > (Dee's advise) 2u3 > 2u2(MichaelDebor's advise) http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/3520/ some drives do better with firmware based on 3.05, some with 3.06 course i have 2 more to sort out(3520's)
  5. TDK 8x media can be some of the worst! Post a log, firmware may need updating
  6. considering Dee recently said the NEC 3500 still reigns supreme burning dvd-r media, I would use her latest! 2TB http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/3500/
  7. I usually have to flash a new dvd burner as soon as I get it.
  8. neroscsi.dll 157 KB application extension 1/20/2006 the only good aspi is killaspi
  9. you don't see consistency like this very often, as LUK said the burning program does not impact the quality of the burn, that's a nice benq now!
  10. Have you tried the other scanning program?
  11. It's "5 O'clock Somewhere"
  12. from over on the dark side! from your nero log, what was the setting for burn speed?
  13. since we got off topic i didn't want him taking that sledgehammer to his laptop to measure how long the cable was, maybe 6 inches?
  14. I'd go with the liteon, especially since the philips is so old and doesn't support -R format, looks like more read errors even at slow speed!
  15. after reading about that old phillips drive, i can see why you use the +R riteks, it has a real hard time with the TYG0X's rare old drive
  16. I think I'd bush the ritek's, have you scanned a phillips burn on them?
  17. after succombing to the scanning madness, these terms will see infrequent use!
  18. sorry jack I thought you were trying to get as bad a scan as possible, rescan that disk at 8x and see if it makes any difference, liteons are used to primarily scan and read if someone has other burners.
  19. jack still thinks he taking the triva test, look at the scanning speed
  20. I am sure the cable length has nothing to do with a laptop!
  21. the specs for udma 5 are for 18"???? off top of my head? "Here are the official length specifications: total cable length: 10 - 18 inches Length between controller and first drive: 5 - 12 inches Length between drives: 5 - 6 inches " http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/ata-66_cables.htm
  22. you just need a tack hammer for a laptop
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