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  1. A request. Would it be possible to change burn speeds when changing discs while using the Que? Reason being I quite often will use different media while using the que, and while I like to burn some at max, others i do not. For example TYG02's I prefer to burn at 8X but not 16X, where as some Verbs & sometimes TYG03's(depending on the burner) I'll go 16X.
  2. Grain

    DVD Sub Edit

    Always thought it would be fun to screw with subtitles, do a running mockery Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style .
  3. I picked up some Ricoh branded +R's with the RICOHJPN-R01-02 media id, rated at 8X though. Are of the shiny silver printable nature, although it says pearl white on the spindle. Seem to print well with certain labels, giving it a bit of a holographic look, others don't look that good. Seem like decent enough quality, and being very easy on the wallet helps.
  4. mhz, with 400 being a little faster, how they measure SDRAM memory speed. I know if your trying to run dual channel they have to match, and certain MB's do need the same speed memory to operate.
  5. Bot 4 sticks of memory about 6 months ago, all Kingston, and 1 stick was from a different manufactoring batch, caused a MB/Bios error thinking the CPU was overclocked. Scarred the shite out of me when the MB's audible warning called out the error, in some womans voice no less. Strict old gal.
  6. Grain


    Have a good one!
  7. How fast does it burn with your 3520?
  8. Grain


    Here's another site, also has some original firmware Michel DeBoer.
  9. Grain


    I use Liggy & Dees modded firmware with my 3520, and am very happy with it. Perhaps you can flash over to it? or is your drive stuffed?
  10. Strange none of the drives allow 4X burning on these discs. I know their only rated at 2.4X, but some older drives will burn them @ 4X quite nicely. Looks like the BenQ might need yet another firmware update for +DL media, which was one of the problems with the first release .
  11. Check out blankmedia.ca virtuman, they have 10 Verb +dl's for $32CAD.
  12. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...."
  13. Excellent tip, thanks I'll update DVDinfopro & give it a whirl. @Chewy, haven't tried any other scanning program w/ the 1655, I do use Plextools w/ the 716 though.
  14. Another version of that saying, "Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach him to fish and he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day."
  15. If I try to scan with my 1655 it kills DVDInfoPro, and locks the drive up until you shut down. I tried this 4 times to be sure .
  16. Grain


    Just a lazy bastard. Got some good links I'd like to keep without having to sort through them all to find which PM's their in. That reason sounds stupid even to me, but the request still stands .
  17. "Enough of this gay banter" John Cleese Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Boll
  18. Grain


    Any chance of getting the number of saved PM's increased from 50? Thanks
  19. Finally got the nerve to update my last 2 standalone dvd players to region free status. Wrecked a player once doing this, so I've been a little gun shy with my better players. If anyone needs the firmware for the following DVD players, PM me and I can send you the file/s. These are only tested on R1 N American units, I won't vouch for them on PAL units. -Denon DVD-2200 -LG LDA-530 (this is also more commonly known as the LG 99XX series around the world) -Aspire 8091 DVD/+RW I also have a firmware for the Nova P4133 that is guaranteed to stuff it permanently .
  20. I prefer my fries the Quebec way, as Poutine. Cheese curds on the fries, then smothered in gravy. Will give a healthy man a heart attack, but what a way to go.
  21. "Do as I say, not as I do" MPAA Motto.
  22. I have some old memorex cdr's I bot "back in the day" of $400 4x2x4X cdr-drives. Have a few un-burned that do still work well, can over-speed them to 8X. When I first read about this merger, my first thought was similar to db's & digi's, one less brand name to avoid.
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