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  1. Yea, but even for the TDK discs usually you get Ritek and not CMC-MAG which is very weird. Like I said though be careful with Verbatim discs as well, don't make the same mistake I did and not look closely at the label. Steer clear of the DataPlus or Life Series, since it is just CMC-MAG discs with Verbatim slapped on.
  2. Hrm, so now TDK is using CMC-MAG as well? I also don't recall this variation of CMC-MAG (AM3) I guess even CMC-MAG has levels of quality too then? The only form I have ever encountered was CMC MAG-M01-00 and never had any trouble burning with it. Be that as it may, next time go for the Verbatim (NOT LIFE SERIES) discs that have the ID MCC (single layer) and MKM (double layer). Sorry for the thread hijack.
  3. Yes for a DVD-Video disc you need the vob, ifo and bup files placed in a directory called VIDEO_TS, imgburn can burn that as a DVD-Video disc, not the iso of the .avi file. Sorry I don't know of any free authoring programs though.
  4. Imgburn CAN produce a DVD-Video disc and Bluray-Video disc provided the files are prepared in advance (authoring program). Imgburn is a general burning utility, and there might be reasons why a person would want to create an iso from a file or directory of files.
  5. Imgburn only burns data as is, and it will not make your .avi file into a DVD-Video compliant disc. You need a DVD-Authoring program to convert your .avi file into the VOB, IFO and BUP files that are found in the VIDEO_TS folder of a DVD-Video disc.
  6. It can copy any DVD that does not have any copy protection on it, this can include DVD-Video discs, but not the DVD-Video discs you buy from the store since they are always copy protected.
  7. It will show both percentage and total disc time which is what I was asking the OP. It is just possible that he inadvertently added tracks that are just over the disc time, since he technically did not add too many tracks, you can have up to 99 tracks total provided of course the tracks meet the time limit allowed, 80minutes total.
  8. When you generated the cue sheet, how many minutes did it show? Perhaps you may have just added a few tracks too many and the image is just over the capacity of 80minutes?
  9. Ok well it is not right, plus you cannot simply rename a zip to ISO and expect it to burn correctly. Go ahead and just copy all those files (VOB, IFO, BUP ONLY!) into a NEW directory on your hard drive, rename the directory as VIDEO_TS and follow this guide
  10. The zip file is not important, what is important are the contents of the disc. Are those VOB,IFO,BUP files in a VIDEO_TS directory in the root of the disc, or just in the root directory itself? If so then thats the problem, because those files are supposed to be in a directory called VIDEO_TS. Meaning the first thing you see when you browse the DVD you just burned, should be a VIDEO_TS directory. -edit So what I am asking you is what does the DVD you just burned look like? Please list the contents of the DVD you just burned.
  11. How do the contents of the disc you burned look like? When you explore the content of the disc you made, is there a VIDEO_TS directory visible in the root directory of the disc?
  12. There is no specific way to burn a bluray data disc, you can choose it to have iso9660 only, or can use iso9660+joliet+udf, or just udf and you can tweak the restrictions all you want. The only thing you cannot change is the mode, it always has to be in mode1/2048 but other than that, it is just like burning a CD-data or DVD-data disc but with more capacity obviously and yes it is a good idea to verify your burns.
  13. Max can apply to both the media speed supported as well as your drive speed. If you have an older burner and the max you can burn a single layer is 8x, then you obviously can't go faster than 8x, even though said media supports speeds up to 16x. I hope that makes some sense As far as your DL media is concerned, your burner cannot burn DL media any slower than 4x and so it is automatically sped up to that speed(4x), but there is nothing to worry about that.
  14. What do you mean? Imgburn always was and always will be a free program.
  15. SATA may be new, but that doesn't necessarily mean that PATA is just going to disappear that quickly. Sure optical drives are also now offered in SATA form, but PATA is still fine for DVD and perhaps BluRay. Still I don't see why you wouldn't be able to find a PATA drive at your local computer store either.
  16. You can download SP3 for XP here free.
  17. You mean PATA or SATA? As far as I know you CAN still get PATA (IDE-40pin) drives, or you can go with the new SATA drives provided of course your system supports SATA.
  18. I just noticed something else, are you on a notebook? TSSTcorp is usually a slimline burner no? If thats the case, that is also a factor since notebook burners are considered crap. You may want to get a proper internal (full 3.25") burner and get an external USB2.0 enclosure for it.
  19. Yea, thats what happened to me with TDK DVD+R DLs (Ritek). I mistakenly bought them from Office Depot, a 15pk , and 3 of the 15 were bad, which I guess isn't too bad, the only issue is that none of the discs that successfully burned and verified read on my player, . If you go to Office Depot, you don't really have a choice between TDK or Memorex, it is really just Ritek and CMC-MAG with the TDK or Memorex brand slapped on. I have a thread of this very issue here, when I went to Best Buy and bought Verbatim SL and DL discs, and the SL turned out to be the life series (CMC-MAG)... Anyways, back on topic though. Next time have imgburn verify your burns. Also Wii discs aren't readable anyways, so you will just have to try your luck running it on your console. If it doesn't work though, I'm afraid you will have to do some searching because we can only help you with burning issues. Good luck.
  20. Thats hard to say with SL discs (Single Layered), because with my burner luckily I haven't had any issues burning, verifying, and reading as well as them playing on other devices. For DL (dual layered) discs it matters a bit more, because of both burning and playback. The depressing thing obviously is that you cannot really trust the brand name anymore, meaning TDK is no longer really TDK but Ritek, and Memorex is no longer Memorex but CMC-MAGNETICS. Now Verbatims are using CMC-MAG for their cheaper products too. The main issue with these discs is essentially for how long will they be readable?
  21. You overlooked one little detail on the packaging: "Life series", these are the 'value discs', and so thats why, don't feel too bad it is a bit hard to notice unless you pay more attention which is something I should have done in the first place.
  22. It may be that your burner just doesn't support booktype setting commands(?) I don't know. Try searching for an update to your firmware perhaps. Also you burned a Wii ISO, and you can't read that on your PC anyhow. The burning process was successful, so just go ahead and try running your disc, if it doesn't run though that is something you have to figure out yourself, since imgburn burned your game successfully, though you did not verify your burn (which you should always do). I also got a bit of bad news for you, your 'Verbatim' discs aren't true Verbatim: True Single Layered Verbatim Discs have the disc ID MCC-xx, don't feel too bad though, I recently just got screwed as well and it was my own fault.
  23. Either re-author your movie to fit on a BD-R SL disc, or just go ahead and burn your movie on a dual layered disc. Imgburn won't do any kind of re-authroing, it burns your data/movie *as is*.
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