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  1. Blah, already threw away the packaging it is just the cake box, but now that you do mention it, in the end I think I may have got the 'life series' anyways, and I guess thats the only thing now that brick and mortar stores want to carry, instead of the better kind.. But as seen through the imgburn output, my DLs are MKM.... Oh well then in the end it is my own fault since I did not look more closely at the packaging. It also sucks though because the discs themselves do not have the life series printed on them, they just look like normal Verbatim +R discs but the packaging obviously does, I just apparently failed to catch it. I suppose this is how the proper package is supposed to look like? -edit This is how the 20pk of +R DL looked like though: Ah well, I have only myself to blame now...
  2. You're not really giving us enough information, let along the log.
  3. Well I just burned two of the Verbatim SL discs, and all went well, successful burn and verify, chances are I might not have any issues with the SLs and yea my set top players can read whatever SL discs I throw at them (CMC, Ritek). No hiccups, skips or anything but I know DL is a different matter due to the way the discs are. My set top reads Memorex (CMC-MAG) +R DLs just fine, but this time around it doesn't like the Ritek S0-644 (TDK +R DL). No question at all about +R DL Verbatims, they work. So oddly enough CMC-MAG +R DL (Memorex) seems to be OK with this player. Also this was before I heard of CMC either, and mistakenly assumed that Memorex was still in fact Memorex. I suppose also that for SLs it is a different matter since I actually never had a bad SL disc (CMC, Ritek). It is strange though, since BD media is a different matter. All the logs from people on this board that burn BD media have the disc ID from the actual brand, TDK, SONY, MAXELL, VERBATIM. Though it won't be long until Ritek and CMC take over for that? After all since TDK stopped making media themselves, what are the chances that the next BD-R 'branded as TDK', will still have the Dye/disc ID as TDK?
  4. I bought it from the physical store, meaning I went there myself and got both the SL and DLs. I don't know if it matters that much if I bought it from their online store instead, since I am very sure that eventually Verbatim may just sink completely and even replace their DLs with CMC-MAG, it is only a matter of time (yea, I sound like a conspiracy nut though huh?). After all the pattern is there, first their CD-R now are CMC, now their +R SLs are CMC (I don't know about their -Rs), so how long will it be until Verbatim DVD+R DLs are CMC-MAG? -edit By the way, these SL discs AREN'T the DataLife Plus discs (since I hear those are crap), these are the supposed regular kind of +R SLs. -edit2 I wish then they could have at least gone with Ritek instead of CMC-MAG.
  5. Ok well I went ahead and opened the 20pk of DLs, and well these are actually fine, go figure: So at least my DLs are good... *sigh* But I have a bad feeling now that even Verbatim SLs are no longer trustworthy, and if thats the case how long is it until we see CMC-MAG on their DLs? And actually the only other 50pk of Verbatim SLs were -R, unless maybe I should have gone with -R instead for SL? One more thing, if I am not mistaken, aren't Verbatim SLs (+ and -) supposed to be MCC-xx? Since usually MKM is for DL, or is MKM also supposed or can be for SLs too?
  6. If assuming I ordered on best buy's site, there could have been a chance that I would have ended up with CMC-MAG discs anyhow... At this point there is no guarantee that if I order online from someone else, that I wouldn't get stuck with CMC-MAG discs with Verbatim printed on the disc... I have yet to see what the DL discs are, but I am already under the impression that even Verbatim now is beginning to choose a third party for their own discs. After all, TDK stopped making their own discs, so what are the chances that even the next TDK BD-R disc will have TDK-xxx as the disc id anyhow? I won't be surprised the next time someone buys a TDK BD-R it will say Ritek, since all TDK-DVD media is Ritek Isn't outsourcing great?
  7. Well I just bought a 50 disc spindle of Verbatim DVD+R 4x-16x rated media, and 20 disc spindle of Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x from Best Buy (went there and bought them)... I already got a nasty surprise, the +R SL discs are: I'm already afraid now to even open the 20pk of DVD+R DL...
  8. Hopefully it is just that disc, everything else seems fine (you said your firmware is up to date, also you are running SP3, and 2.5.4 of Imgburn). The only other thing I can think of is perhaps to get a cleaning disc, and clean out your drive just in case. Other than that, try the next disc in the spindle. Good luck.
  9. I'm not sure what you are trying to do exactly, but if you have one iso that is 44GB, you cannot split it into two smaller isos to fits on single layer BD-R discs. 44GB should fit on a dual layer BD-R disc, so unless you want to make your life more complicated than it should be, just burn your content onto a dual layer BD-R.
  10. If that still doesn't work, perhaps it is the media? After all... Sorry to say, but how reliable is any kind of optical media from India?
  11. Try at 4x, if that does not work try Verbatim DVD+R DL discs instead (disc ID MKM-003). I would say update the firmware to your drive too, but: http://www.firmwarehq.com/LG/GMA-4082N/files.html says no firmware available for your drive. -edit You seem to have DMA issues, make sure your drive has proper DMA settings, and also try to make sure you are not doing too many tasks at once, as this can drain too much resources from imgburn and your drive.
  12. Thats not really accurate actually. A drive is just a drive and doesn't care about the 'format' of the disc. It is up to your OS to be able to interpret what is on the disc called the 'filesystem'. Any program like imgburn or maybe even a disk utility can 'discover' that there is some kind of data there (RAW form), however consoles now like the Wii, 360, and PS3 use a non-standard FS that only their respective consoles understand. The only way your drive on your PC can actually SEE any files from these discs if you have a driver that lets your OS be able to interpret correctly what is on said discs. Also some discs are just produced in a more unconventional way (see Dreamcast GD-ROM Discs). And actually, the oldest console that I know of that uses a FS not readable at all are discs from the 3DO Multiplayer console. Those discs cannot be read even in modern systems, merely because the FS does not contain a standard ISO9660 FS, but a FS call OperaFS.
  13. The short answer is no. Longer answer: Imgburn burns files 'as is', and cannot do anything to improve the quality of your files, other than making sure that it produces a quality burn, other than that you will have to look over your procedure in DVDFlick and other DVD authoring tools to see where the problem is.
  14. It sounds like you want to alter the DVDs/menus and that is something that imgburn does not do. You need to look for a DVD-Authoring program.
  15. Update to imgburn 2.5.4, and also make sure your drive's firmware is up to date. Also: I 21:10:18 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x) W 21:10:18 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 2,770 KB/s (2x), Got: 5,540 KB/s (4x) You set your speed to 2x which is not supported by your disc so it automatically went to 4x. Try burning at 6x or 8x. See if you get better luck at an actual verify afterwards. Although it is also recommended to use Verbatim discs for DVD+R DL, that have the disc ID (MKM-XXX-X) where X is 000-3, etc. I hope that helps, good luck.
  16. *shrug* , well great if you can successfully copy it to iso awesome, but as far as cracking the program to fool it into not requiring the physical disc and running only the image is not something we can help you with.
  17. Chances are the dvd will be copy protected and imgburn will have trouble trying to copy it, and because of that we cannot really help you. Also imgburn does not make any sort of cracks or any other attempts at defeating copy protection.
  18. You can try better media like Verbatim (MKM-xxx) discs, see if that helps as well as making sure your firmware is up to date. We can only make sure imgburn burns and verifies your disc successfully, after that you are on your own in figuring out how to get your game to work on your console if it doesn't work at all.
  19. Actually the valid FS for DVD-VIDEO is UDF 1.02, so it looks like your ISO may(?) not valid. Mount it with daemon-tools or open it up as an archive with 7z and extract the VIDEO_TS folder, then check out the guide to burning a DVD-VIDEO disc: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1778
  20. Provide a log of the burn from imgburn. If you burned it with imgburn and it burned and verified successfully the problem is not with imgburn then.
  21. Thats it? It doesn't give you an option to format then? Try then going to the discovery mode, then click on Tools -> Drive -> Erase Disc , and try a full format. Hope that works, good luck.
  22. If you are having issues burning with imgburn please give more information and a log, as far as your other issues that is not related to imgburn and we can't really help that.
  23. Well what do you mean exactly, did imgburn just not burn them? Or if it did and your player refused to play it? If imgburn burned your converted files to dvd format and did not play, then there is something wrong with the conversion and you need to check back with your program settings (any video converter / cucusoft dvd author).
  24. I'm not sure but whatever program you are using to create it should take care of the size for you.
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