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  1. Wow! So if you didn't say something forget it. Well that's pretty fast for BD-R. Amazon will try you believe me. They tried sending me stuff longer than my Prime Account states and I adamantly rejected that. I specifically said I was paying for a service. That was that. They're the best bet these days. I'm looking to use more of their services like Amazon Cloud etc... 

  2. Those Sony DVD +- R were and if any still around, very good solid discs. Especially the 8x. You could actually feel the difference. so Sony won the format war & verbatim ends up winning the manufacturing war with their disc huh! Got to give it to Sony. They hung in there all the way with that Blu-ray when everybody else was either on the fence or against them.

  3. Excuse the delay I've been pretty busy the last couple of days I took a trip down to the Caribbean for a few weeks for a little break. Anyway Pioneer must have fell off drastically because when I had my first pioneer which I think was the 112d it was excellent! Actually you could really feel how different it was from the other drives as it locked in the disc really well and it was very solid all the way through. So I guess they just fell off the map and like everything else they made they're just not doing it well anymore. They used to be the best plasma TVs out there at one time as well. They were the Pioneers as the name suggests for a lot of things. I think what they still make good might be some receivers or something like that along the audio line of things.

  4. Yeah that Job story is really something else isn't it! I mean the only thing I got out of it was the virtue behind being patient. I don't I think you have to kill somebody's family or take away their land or do anything like that to see if they learn patience. Unless he's going to really really really make a difference somewhere somehow! I learned a long time ago that what you see is what you get and that's it. If you expect anything more from what you already see then you're in for a hell of a ride! So why waste time trying to make someone, something, someplace conform to any standard anyone may have.

  5. What did I say? I told you there was something going on that just wasn't right! I think they just going to try to fix it up as much as possible and then just walk away at some point. Shame because I don't see why they would have to go that route as these programs are needed. Well not for anything but there is freeware out there that is almost as good or even better than their convert video software program, though their convert to DVD has been a staple for years and is about the only thing that they can really hold on to at this point. I have maybe two more DVD converters or three actually but the VSO has been the best one so far that really doesn't give you any problems.

    Maybe a divorce or something. Who knows. Thanks for the update.

  6. On 8/20/2019 at 10:52 AM, dbminter said:

    I don't buy the idea that everything evil is the Devil's fault.  He's just the straw man in the argument.  For the sake of arguing, let's say God exists.  If he created everything, then he also created evil.  If you have absolute power to stop evil acts and don't do anything to do so, you're just as guilty of those acts.  It's the Nazi collaborator argument.  They could have done something to stop the atrocities but didn't so they're guilty of them.  It can work one way but not the other?  Those who believe in God want to have it that way, too.  That God is responsible for all the good things but wash his hands of the bad ones.

    Well the old story of who came first the chicken or the egg or like in my culture it was neither! it was the rooster who came first and then the chicken and then all the eggs followed one by one! I'm going to suggest that you read a book that I will let you know soon enough as I don't have the title with me right now but then again I do it's by Victor Thorn. Just look him up and keep an open mind because like they say sometimes he who laughs last last laughs.

    Anyway I have a little PC suggestion or tip if you didn't already know it, when you go and cut and paste large files and you want them to go quickly to wherever you want them to go to, click on and cut, but don't do anything for about four seconds, let the drive work it into the the fetch or whatever it's called, and then go hit the paste wherever you want it, and it will all but almost automatically go there as it should according to the power of your drive and PC set-up. Almost instantaneously.

  7. I'm at the point where you mostly are that I virtually believe anything they tell me these days! Nothing is off limits nowadays! That is totally crazy on their part, and totally irresponsible and nuts on verbatim part!

    I thought you was going to stay with them, and I'm really glad that you didn't and decided to get your money back. It's a long way from 6 to 16 times on any kind of media!

    I upgraded my driver license today because by November 2020 you're not going to be able to fly anywhere with a regular license anymore. So I had to upgrade it to an enhanced driver's license and I decided to do so today. The guy asked me if I also wanted to re-up my regular license since it was going to expire in just about two years so I decided to do that also. The only thing that I didn't figure was the price, which even though I had it, and I was able to do it, was pretty steep at $93 and some change. At least I got to change my photo, I look like a madman on the other one. LOL!

    I'm doing some 10 bit MKV 1980p conversion, and I must really say, "What a difference"!

    Way better quality on the picture with AC3 stereo either as 2 or 5.1.

  8. The Devil's always working you know! Yeah, I just had 2 experiences where initially I got duped also, on the 2nd try everything worked out! Even with VidCoder, I initially got 45-50fps using H.265 Nvenc. I then turned off hardware acceleration in MPC-HC,  and closed DVDFab which was open. I loaded up about 12  .MP4 1080p files and set them up. When I hit encode it was hitting 1100fps and 45 minutes to DTA. The results fine! So the trick I think is that when some apps are using the same source they won't use it all unless it's by itself. 

    Wonder what VSO is up to? Tbh, I have very good alternatives to both of their proggies, except ConvertxtoDVD is still a go to for obvious reasons.

    I bought a y/splitter for my PSU which added 4 more sata power cables, and I inserted my external drive into my mobo. Now I'm getting 900mbs transfer! Sometimes it bottlenecks to 58mbs. I don't know why.

  9.  it would be an accident if it said six times outside on the package or 16 x excuse me and then it turned out to be six times on the inside with the disc then that is not a mistake, especially twice now. Unless the discs are actually saying 16 times themselves and they're still writing to just six times or above then that's a whole other issue. So what exactly happening if I may ask? The wrapper or advertisement says 16x, and the discs 6x, or the discs say 16x and writing at 6x...? They know believe me, and they wouldn't take a chance purposely because there's middlemen involved.

  10. According to the software and drive and firmware. On the DVD+R Verbs I'll get 24x as I showed you. Definitely with Power2Go. ImgBurn also but gradually creeping towards the end. VSO aka ConvertXtoDVD, or their CopytoDVD will usually stop at half of what it's capable. Must say it's a sure burn.

    So someone complained. Hit Verbatim see what they tell you.  I'm curious. You're paying for 16x not 6x.

  11. Wao! Why are they advertising them as 16 x and then when you open them up there only six times? It's not saying up to 16 times correct? Do a little research online and see what others are saying about this. It won't cost you anything and you'll see if this has been an issue previously which I'm almost certain that it probably has. I haven't done anything at Office Depot since the last time I bought a chair from them that was on sale, though they do have some things that are still wanted by us in the media world. You never really got 16 times on those anyway correct? The highest you went on the Pioneer was about 14 x correct?

  12. Thanks a million!

    Of course it's possible! Though no way will the results be any good at the sizes that I'm seeing online. There's no way that a 25 or 50 GB is going to go down to that size using preset settings like the one you just said which ironically is the same one that I use fast 1080p 30. The only way for it to even go down to 1 GB etc etc is to manually put in the amount you want and manually set the bitrate excetera. It will definitely not look great like the ones they have online and so the guys online are fos!

    Some of those claim 400mb from Blu-ray! No way! People will do anything for an audience when they need one.

  13. I keep forgetting that The human condition is totally corrupt for the most part! I've been looking at all those files by certain individuals online and there's no way that a Blu-ray 1080p is going to fit on 400mb, even 1 or 2GB! Especially without losing quality drastically! I don't know why I even fell into believing that, though just a minute ago I said to myself that must be pure BS! Well yesterday I did some serious multitasking and I burned a DVD while I was encoding, while I was online, and doing something else and everything came out just fine.

  14. I have one that you can connect to your PC if you want one. They're fairly inexpensive. I'd just give it to you if you ever get a docking station or something with e-sata support. I'll look it up and see if it's still alive somehow. It's actually almost the same speed now even with USB 3.1 etc... You see that the USB still needs to convert the signal when it enters the PC. E-sata uses the sata interface so there's really no backlog. It's not dead. It's just not common. If you can get a hold of an E-sata enclosure you should go for it. The E-sata dongle is easy to put in. You just put it inside one of your ports which you should have at least one open.

  15. I think what happened is that when you asked them if it supported writing 16 times they said yes, but they didn't say that it would write at 16 times, they just said that it would support it. Yeah a lot of these companies are funny like that believe it or not. I forgot somewhere else where somebody told me the same b*******.

  16. Yes I think it can be used along containers as long as the software supports it. 

    You mean that totally irrelevant to CD ripping you opened a pdf file and now Windows Media Player is corrupt?

    Their not the only game in town. Use that pwer2go. It rips CDs lovely to audio, Flac, Ape, and mp3. It also rips audio tracks out of videos. I ripped Thor Ragnarok's audio out as it was nice. CDex also is great and has that online service to fetch the info iykwim. I use any of those to then use Imgburn and create a .cue file. Very handy for suported playback on most devices. I do use WMP to fetch all my info and to rip to mp3.

  17. So weigh it out. If a few bucks sending it back will fix it then fine. If not then stick with LG.

    Can one use that Apple lossless audio on a PC and with MKV? I presume yes since you have a PC? I'd go that route myself. Storage is not nearly the enigma it used to be.

    I'm getting stuck restarts and other stuff since that last Windows update. I'm going to boot eventually and see if any updates are available. They said they changed how we update Windows now.

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