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  1. Hmmm, interesting being "Human" isn't it? Lol!!!

    I emailed a pastor not so long ago and told him that I don't think things were ever done as the Bible lays out. People were close to savages back then, and even now at our most civilized state look how things are in and outside the truth.

    Anyway,  I'm going to study some things which some are video/audio related. 

    I need feedback from you or anyone qualified on the use of the ARC HDMI port now available on hdtvs. I think it doesn't put out good audio, and that having it set to PCM is better. Thanks.

    You do a lot of burning so best to see what's quoted as lasting a tad longer than most.

  2. Send it back if you can! LG has been vety reliable as of late. Pioneer used to be great as Plextor and that other one I can't think of now. You have to see who's into the more modern stuff across the board and then stick to that.

    My PC went dead for a bit! I gad to shut it down, open it up and vacuum it up! Then it turned on. I noticed with these new updates that it cyckes off the USB druves more frequent than before. I'm going to have to either buy some extensions for my sata power cabkes on my PSU, or get a new ine because I had trimmed of extra ones back in the day. This PSU is over ten years and still kucking! And they try to put Cooler Master down in the reviews! Just like Dell and that's my favorite!

    I'm doing my whole collection into HEVC MKV AC3 audio, 5.1 and up if possible. Man I have a lot of movies! I deleted many also. Al Pacino alone there's about 10-12 flics. Are you watching anything lately? That Yellowstone finally picked up! They shut that damn daughter up for a bit! Freaking annoying! Which means great acting. NOS4A2 also finished strong. Now I'm watching City on a Hill and Animal Kingdom. The mother is a nuisance here. Angie Dickinson plays the part.  DVDFab is something else with their Lightning Shrink encoding and decoding! I converted an MP4 to HEVC MKV AC3 in under 3 minutes and clear picture. They don't support uft-8 subtitles though? Ask for a feature request.

  3. That's pretty good especially for 25 gigabytes and 9 Minutes! Yes I agree with you. I seriously doubt that a full 25gb will do anything more than what you already demonstrated. Maybe with a different drive you'll be able to do it?

    I think vso is taking too long to take care of that convert x video app? The only thing they responded via email was about the beta update that you and I both already know about. And to be honest with you there are a couple of programs out there already established and  vso is just coming to the party as of late.

  4. Cool! What's going on on the vso front if you have any additional info on that? I'm going to hit the applications now and see if it comes up with any updates. I have been using other stuff then vso recently. I know I bought both of them, and they're both good especially convert x to DVD but the convert to video jury is still out. Thanks.

  5. That's great! And the Blu-ray blanks only come in - RE and no +RE correct? I'm pretty familiar with all the compression apps.. They're either using VidCoder or Handbrake, which VidCoder is based on. I think they're using final size as output and not CQ. Constant Quality will not ime give you a 1GB file from 25GB etc... Maybe. I just don't see how.

  6. Oh ok. I'm trying to choose some movie or tv series to purchase, so I can rip them full disc and have VidCoder encode them to mkv hevc 1080p AC3 5.1 or 7.1. I'm also interested in how they encode Blu-ray to 1,2, or less GB? How is a 25GB-50GB compressed to less than 2 or 3 GB? Is the movie less than the whole? There's no way compressing anything from that many GBs is going to look great. Thanks. 

  7. Hmmm! Is it a backed by Amazon order? What brand Ricoh? Sometimes the descriptors can be misleading. Hope somewhere it says at least writes up to 16x. Doubt you'll send them back, though Amazon will rectify any mishaps.

    Yes, I agree that it's usually the site's fault when a password is hacked. I let FF and Chrome and Edge save them as well as having a backup app..

    I took advantage of Prime Day and purchased a Batman New Villain tshirt and another curious treat. 

  8. What the security so-called expert was talking about is that the way a password is stored as opposed to a pin is different and requires some kind of server related process to get it done. I didn't read too much into what the guy was talking about and I think I tried a pin one time and for some reason I like the password better myself. Too many of them though and so I have Google do all the honors with that. I have way too many things that need passwords and just about every damn place or site that you go into is going to ask you for one.

    Security is the biggest expense that almost every company has to deal with these days. Facebook as big as they are and as much money as he make and as much of a billionaire that he is pays a nod of money for the security on that site.

  9. I guess you like using those Ricoh Ritek discs, and they must be pretty good if you're using them. on another front and I think you might be interested and like this as well, Microsoft is looking to end passwords for the PC etc.... accounts! They're rolling out a new pre-build to the fast-track Insiders as I speak ,and so if anything it depends how fast they want to bring it out to the public. I think they're talking about maybe 2020 or 2022, but I think it might be closer than that. it'll be either a biometric which would probably be facial recognition or fingerprint, or the pin which they say even though it seems simple is actually not recorded on their servers, or anywhere else like passwords are. I don't know too much about that security stuff, and so I would have to look into that, but I never did like a pin other than for my banking if you know what I mean.

  10. So has anything new been happening on any front? I'm looking for a Blu-ray player and so I'm either going to get the Sony PlayStation 4 or see about some of the more known name Blu-ray drives that are highly acceptable! Can't go wrong with the Sony PlayStation 4 because you can always play a little game here and there if you want to. It just doesn't play 4K to my knowledge anyway.

  11. I don't know about the 01 but the R at the end probably stands for refurbished. Maybe since they had to fix it up or whatever they either fixed it up and returned it with with new parts or they just gave you another one and that's just the way it is says what it is.

    Very interesting to see what VSO is going to finally end up with regarding their software.

  12. Yes most applications dealing with video work are 32 bit as the only time that you get any actual great compensation software-wise is when using the hardware optimization! anytime else you will not see any added benefit from using 64-bit. This is why ImgBurn has not gone 64-bit to tell you the truth. You can even ask Lightning UK on that. but if it does go 64-bit then that would be something better because again if it could actually get 64 bits of information instead of 32 that's a big step upwards especially when you have builds like mine and yours that are upgraded to the fullest potential more or less.

    So is that firmware for 1.02 giving you any added benefit anyway?

  13. On a side note, how are you on the cell phone tip? I just landed a Samsung J7 Crown, 16 GB storage with I think 4 gigabytes or 3 of RAM for $99.00 bucks plus a$15.99 monthly  no contract plan. TracFone! Yes their service is very good. I've managed to not make any more calls at all that much anymore and just go online when I need to, so something like this which always turns over your minutes and any unused data is something that I'm going to give it my best try to keep.

  14. On 6/18/2019 at 10:27 PM, dbminter said:

    Having never even heard of VidCoder until this thread started, I couldn't say.  I'm not familiar with how that behaves as I've never used it.

    VidCoder has been out for a minute and it's very very good if I say so myself! They use the handbrake engine and they've turned it around and simplified the user GUI and added some very very great goodies! Download it at their main site and automatically you get the 64-bit version as they stopped at the 32-bit version a while back ago. You see all the profiles it has and how simple it is to use and how great it is! Right now what I'm using is the HEVC MKV 1080p fast 30 setting. I'm getting between 600mb and a GB, to an hour and a half to two hours, and some videos with the whole audio as it lets you pass through AC3 and DTS etc etc. So I'm getting 5.1, 7.1, 6.1, excetera excetera excetera with the MKV container. also add a smaller file size with the hevc. it'll quickly and safely utilize your Hardware, so you get upwards to about 80 frames per second on HEVC, 1080p encoding! Which is great believe me.

    2 hours ago, dbminter said:

    There are more VSO betas released today.  Not one for my application, ConvertXToDVD, though. 


    ConvertXtoHD Beta

    ConvertXtoVideo Beta

    Blu-ray Converter Beta


    Seems most of the updates address bugs that are the same in all 3 applications.

    Like I kind of hinted at before, they're only going to update and upgrade the hardware optimization that was lacking, some subtitle issues, and some speed issues. Between VidCoder, and ConvertXToDVD, alongside anything you want to use to get a good rip out of a DVD, Blu-ray etc, you really really don't need anything else at this point. MakeMKVy is excellent because you will get a full-sized whole rip in MKV with all video, and everything else! After that you can use VidCoder to either convert it to MP4 which I wouldn't do having their 5.1 or 7.1, and slice it down to a very very economical 600 to 800 megabyte HEVC MKV full HD audio container!


  15. I think previously when I used VidCoder and I think an episodic DVD, or something, remember that we spoke about that it actually copied all the titles separately into MP4 files? that's why I was a little leery as to why it didn't do it this time, if it's a separate title it just won't check it off I guess, but it will with smaller episodic files?

  16. VidCoder uses hand brakes engine and so I would have to check to see in fact you're correct about the titles being able to select which one you want. Right now what it does it just selects one movie and that's it. I'm going to check that right now and if worse comes to worse I'll just use make MKV which will rip the whole DVD with everything in it into an MKV file and I'll be happy with that. After that I can just use whatever I want to encode into hevc and 5.1 audio all the way.

  17. I told you that they were working on this and that it was coming and so now you see. The only thing they're going to update with convert x to DVD is the subtitles because they do not support the Blu-ray subtitles excetera excetera. so they're going to integrate that into convert x and how they're going to do it I don't know. Maybe they'll convert that into srt's automatically within the program or maybe they'll just accept the subtitles as is and incorporated into the DVD movie. although I can't see that happening because it does have to be SRT or a vobsub rip.

    Yes most of the updates are going to surround themselves around the hardware optimization. That's where they're still lacking as I can get upwards till about two hundred and so frames per second using AVStoDVD, and so their nonsense that you cannot go that fast when converting to DVD is just plain ridiculous.

  18. I need your input on something. When it comes to DVDs having at least two titles on them like they do now with the series DVDs, which application are you using, so that if you converted to say MP4, or MKV, you will get all the titles and not just one of them? The reason I ask this is because I ripped a full disc of Underworld which also came with Underworld Evolution, and I used VidCoder on the full disk rip, though it just converted one movie to MKV, and that was the original Underworld. I'm going to try and use make MKV because it does actually do the whole full disc rip with only about 10% lost and so I think it'll include both titles, or a the very least all the titles anyway. Thanks.

  19. It's almost as if CopyToDVD has a physical hold of the whole writing process from beginning through end. Almost like an invisible shield where it holds everything together at once and writes everything together at once, whereas ImgBurn keeps it as a separate process with the disc spinning in the drive, an ImgBurn doing the writing with the laser. I sense that happening.

  20. Yes of course the disc is going to spin. What I meant was it's almost as if when I'm using ImgBurn as opposed to vso's copy to DVD, I can actually sense ImgBurn doing its burn apart from the disc. With copy to DVD it's almost as if the laser or whatever has an actual grip on the disc while it's spinning and it does it that way. This is just a theory that I have from my experience with both programs. I noticed I can tell the speed with ImgBurn, but with copy to DVD, even though it says 16x, I know it's not going 16x, or if it is, it's sure doesn't feel like it. Quality burn all the time with both!

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