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  1. Its funny. When I'm burning with ImgBurn, it's almost as if there's two separate things going on. There's the disk in the drive spinning, and then there's the burning going on with ImgBurn. Then what I've noticed with VSO's CopytoDVD is that it's almost as if the software has the physical copy in their grasp, and is for lack of a better word, integrating it with the software as it burns. In any case you're getting Superior burns from both places. It's just an observation that I have on my end.



  2. Yes I know what you mean! I keep getting that annoying notification saying that something has changed with my Microsoft account that I need to review it or revise it. That's just them wanting me to use the Microsoft account all I do is I go in and I make sure that my account is just working or whatever and that's it. I also do not use it for anything on the PC because even from a longtime mentor of mine problems arise out of doing that.

    I have a question regarding the input output settings on image burn page 1 regarding the interface. What is that all about if you can please explain it to me in layman's terms? There's a whole bunch of stuff there involving Elby software, VSO software, etc etc. Thanks.

    I started ripping my brand new DVDs that I just purchased again and converting them to MKV HEVC with 5.1 audio AC3 pass-through, and the English subtitles burned in. Wow what a lot of space I'm saving with the new encoding software H.265! Big advantage using MKV is the ability to put 5.1 Dolby digital audio in there. I mean you can if you want to convert the AC3 5.1 448 kbps, or whatever, to 5.1 AAC, though there's not too many receivers or encoding software out there that will be able to decrypt that properly.

  3. Yeah I wondered about Microsoft for many years with this kind of behavior! It's almost as if they're either bored or they just actually have some moron over there that doesn't know what the hell they're doing! I mean all those years with all that money and the best they could do was i e? Well he did always steal from others and just make it better. That was his style from the beginning. There was nothing too innovative about Windows except for when he started shipping them out of Japan before Apple. Even now just look what he's doing with Edge and implementing the Chromium architecture.

    are you signing in with your Microsoft account to turn windows on or off? That's another thing that's been bugging me. It randomly sends you a notification saying that your account is in Jeopardy that something has changed cuz they want to see if it's you using the computer. I don't want to use my account to login. I don't need to do that. The only thing I use from Windows is Windows and that's it! Outlook.com mail is useless! I used to forward all emails there in case Gmail went South, though I stopped as Gmail isn't going anywhere.

    They finally chucked Google plus. Great because I had problems with someone there that purposely reported me saying that I was posting inappropriate stuff on there and they sent me warnings and they almost shut down my email because of that. And I knew that sooner or later they would just Chuck the whole thing and I'm glad they did! That was just a group of good old boys Network that felt privileged if you want to ask my honest opinion.

  4. So the refurbished drive is working okay now? As far as the windows notification thing what do you mean by new software ,or New Media you mean when putting in a video or downloading a video of something and getting notifications for that?

    I got robbed online and how to put in a claim to my bank! Never again will I be messing around with any company that I don't know of or never did business with!

    I don't think I have 1903 yet. I do think I have the latest 1809 though I'll have to check again. I didn't see anything as far as the notifications but they might still be hanging in there but they don't hang there for long. Sometimes they just go away after a little while. 

  5. I have no idea why they have Hardware optimization with convert x to DVD! If you go on their site and read what they say about that you will see that it's never hardly used with convert x to DVD. So even though you have it enabled it's not using it! I had to look that up because I myself was wondering why it was taking so long for things to get done and that was the reason why I went with convert x to video and also with dvdfab. convert x to DVD and they will tell you straight out on the site will not use Hardware optimization so I have no idea why they had that option there. Now since you have a quad core CPU and I have a 6 core CPU we're still going to get great timing on that because of the CPU and cores. Take a brief look on the site and read up on the hardware optimization they have a whole page on that and more. I really don't understand why they even put that into that application cuz it's useless! You're very very correct it doesn't work!

    There's also AVS Converter which will use Hardware Optimization with good results. DVDFab has some pretty good specials right now and that DVDFab Converter is the one I have. I can vouch for it. 

    Speaking of holes, and I'm not sure 100% about this, though I think that Cinavia protection only works copying to DVD. I think if you rip a DVD with it straight to MP4 etc... it bypasses the Cinavia. This is a theory I have because I have a DVD with Cinavia and I ripped it with another app to MP4 and it came out lovely. That same app ripped it to full title as well. Now this app doesn't even mention Cinavia as DVDFab does, making a big fuss about it. 

    Blu-ray can't be beat for quality, though now hardly any attention is being given to DVDs, and so the oldies but goodies do the best job for ripping! Better than DVDFab in that it's a clean rip with no footprints.

    I hit Best Buy every now and then and pick up 4-5 DVDs and rest is history.

    An update to ConvertXtoVideo is coming so be on the lookout. Supposedly the hardware optimization etc... is fixed. Let's see.

    It's Any Video Converter not AVS, though there is an AVS Converter.

  6. Like I said unless it's something that can be useful etc... 

    My new build is a monster! I set ConvertXToDVD to encode 4 titles at once and man did it fly through that! I have several Series that need ConvertXToDVD so I set it up for DVD-DL and fit as many without diminished value. 

    You're suggestion regarding DVD-DL is one of the best things I did, as I now just rip anything full disc and put it straight on a DVD-DL. Sometimes to not waste them quickly I'll encode with DVD-RB Pro and put it on a DVD-5. That also is being done in about 18 minutes flat.

    I'm getting over 1200fps with DVDFab converter which I bought on sale. With their default settings and Cuda it puts out great looking files@1200fps. That's why I know VSO is not putting out what can and is being done via a GPU.

  7. I'm sorry I was busy taking care of a couple of other things that I'm involved with. Vso as I said before admit it that they haven't done any upgrades whatsoever and that they were focusing on the vso downloader and believe it or not they might upgrade convert x to DVD as those two besides any other programs are there best sellers. I could see vso downloader being something quite popular because you actually get any movie file or whatever to your computer via the application and not just the regular containers that we deal with. convert x to DVD I fully understand but as I told them they really don't need to make any improvements to convert x to DVD unless it has to do with Windows 10 or anything like that. I told them there was a whole bunch of other applications that convert one file format to another and that they better get on the wagon and fix this one if in fact they want to keep it, if not just fix it to the point where it's working great and then just leave it alone. I mean it's very few and far between where we have to change from one format to another if you know what I mean. Most of the time we already convert to the format that we want and it's very seldom that we need to change it to another format. So the most important programs to me from them is their copy to DVD, and convert x to DVD. Convert x to video is okay when it works but I have too many other alternatives to to really Warren it as something that I really need even though I bought it.

    They wouldn't admit to the royalties but believe me I think that has something to do with it because I find it very very interesting that when it comes to h .264 that things go haywire with that app.

    Amazon is the way to go these days with anything! I'll get back to you in a few.

  8. Oh so even without decrypting software it was able to copy UHD? Wao!

    Well I guess we both got shafted because the ending to Game of Thrones is pure garbage! I'm going to delete the whole entire saga from my computer! What a disappointment! Lord it's as if these writers just got tired and didn't want to make a storyline of finishing to this whole thing.:angry:

  9. Well when the word"all" is ever used then the one using it has to at the very least used all of them, and logically that's improbable. The only thing that my LITEON lacks is the 24x speed, other than that it's great. It'll top at 8x with DL and I think a bit more with regular DVDs. 

    Try not to ever go with something until you've thought it through. I just finished reading some post in another forum where the poster said something that just didn't make any logical sense. Especially with reviews one has to be especially discerning. My Mobo gets a lot of negative reviews regarding one thing or another, and it's working just fine with me.

    Hardware is not what it used to be. The only thing we really need to be very careful with is software. Now that I can truly attest to. VSO replied. Looks like they finally copped to what is really happening. I'll let you know asap. I can't read both emails at the same time while responding here. The link I posted way back to the LITEON is the one I have. Maybe external slim BD drives. That very well could be.

  10. Well if your audio is low or if you haven't noticed that it's been, just try those audio settings and you're going to see a significant difference in sound and play back with the audio. Buy slim model not being any good are you referring to a slim BD drive? Because my LITEON slim external DVD writer is excellent.

  11. Yes it does have noticeable positive changes. An update will be on its way to fix whatever needs fixing, hopefully.

    There were some pending updates to my build which I brought back to 1809 as mentioned last night. Hopefully it will still be 1809 because everything is running lovely.

    Who really uses search in explorer? And if so, I'm almost positive out of 10 random PC users maybe 2 might use it. By use I mean extensively not periodically.

    One can not listen to every whimsical desire by users and implement them. 

    Btw, DVDFab's lightning decode and recode option is insanely fast, and when you use their default output settings for size very clear. .

    I went over some of my mp4 files and still am going to keep them. The audio just needs to be tweaked.

    Have you tweaked your MPC-HC audio playback settings? 

    This setting here cleared up the low audio many were experiencing:


    By transfer with your LG BD drive do you mean read and write rates? 

  12. Well Acronis True Image WD edition worked with the clone every time. I think many of these apps have issues with restoring. Yes Macrium isn't at all user-friendly as Acronis True Image. Another one that works is mini-tool Partition Wizard. I've used it before for USB drives, though I really couldn't understand their directions for hard drives cloning. I don't know if they do as Acronis True Image does. I can't stand it when they make instructions like that.

    Just in case stay away from open subtitles. They're forcing to charge and so they'll burn the subtitle into your file with the warning about supporting them. You can't take it out I think. I haven't investigated ripping out subs from videos yet. I don't want to either. Lol!

  13. Whatever you do don't update to the new May 2019 Windows 10 update! It was what I installed initially in my new build, and boy did it have the issues reported online! File search and loading took forever, and it froze as well! 

    So what I did and recommend for anyone upgrading to another drive, Mobo,etc... is I used WDs free Acronis True Image to clone my previous drive to my new SSD, and makes it bootable as well on the new Mobo! Unreal that software! I activated it and it's so hooked up with all my apps etc... I'll be on the lookout for that update! I'm not in the mood to be fussing around like back in the day as we both alluded to.

    Is the Amazon drive you replacing an LG? I forgot. That super-multiwriter is the one I most likely have that hits 24x. You should here it now with this new Mobo etc... Sounds like a car engine reving up! Lol! 

    I just encoded and burned two DVDs with DVD Rebuilder Pro in 17-18 minutes flat respectively. Now I see what you mean about 30 minutes with your jobs!

    MS doesn't give you a break with the new Mobo. I took care of that asap!:)

    Happy mother's day to all! 

    Suicide Squad was pretty good. I'm going to put the second one in now. 

    As long as one of the drives is a WD you're good to go. That along with ImgBurn, ConvertXToDVD, CopyToDVD, MakeMKV, and DVD Rebuilder is one of the best software around! To perfectly clone and make your new drive bootable on another Mobo is unbelievable! 

    Iocrest is another great external solution. They make good quality docks and enclosures I think. My USB 3.0 dock is from Iocrest. So far I hit 100mbs a second or more cutting and pasting to and from drives.

    Here are my specs in case anyone wants a no hassle build:

    ASRock B450M Pro 4

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600

    Crucial 500gb NVme SSD

    Crucial Ballistic DDR4 32gb Kit Ram

    PowerSpec Midtower

    I have to get new sata cables. That's great LG sent you some. Yes the 6gb SATA are a lil tighter fit. Funny I forgot that the SATA cable on my previous Mobo had a lock, and so when I tugged I took out the whole plastic thingy floabw. I just might get that fixed. Mobo is still good.

  14. Well MakeMKV is a different beast! Not only will it remove any protection on DVD or Blu-ray, it knocks out everything quickly. I know you use PS4 etc... and mp4 is more common that way, but if you want to stay with 5.1 Dolby Digital Pro Logic it's the way to go. AAC 5.1 is not so Hardware friendly. I had all my collection in MKV though I must of not known how to copy the srt with VidCoder at the time. So basically I did have 5.1 but no subs. I unknowingly converted everything to MP4 not aware of several limitations. Things are not like before with MKV etc... It's way supported more and since some of the DVD software is sometimes iffy, a great mkv file comes in handy as the next step is a nice encode to w/e.

    Unbelievable how the new build came out! I would of been done sooner though I got tripped up on securing the heat sink fan. No where did it say the plate was beneath the Mobo! Then screwing it in was another adventure as the plate made it very unsteady. 

    Man what I've been missing! Have a NVMe SSD stick at potentially 32gbs a second! That browser opens in a heartbeat!  Hitting the sack! I'm keeping the other drive with OS and using it as an external with the new build and letting it work inside as well so my new drive won't process anything. I'm literally out! Good night!

  15. Yes you would know about the default time etc... after so much experience with them.

    I had it with VSO and ConvertXtoVideo! Something is not right and frankly I dgas! That's their problem! I specifically told them they were already down the path of these Mickey Mouse operators by trying to make the customer guilty of not supplying the right info! I just won 3 cases! I told them either fix ConvertXtoVideo or just refund everyone's money! Maybe they just got in over their heads on this one! I told them 2 out of 3 ain't bad! ConvertXToDVD and CopyToDVD are virtually flawless! With ConvertXtoVideo you're dealing with a totally different beast! Too many GPU cards, CPUs, formats, etc... If you're not totally committed then just stay out of the picture! I told them I have all the goodies and they all work so it's not my Hardware etc.... 

    Basically they have a choice now as I told them if I notify my bank they will take immediate action seeing the precedence so far! Chase will act now more than ever!

    So I uninstalled VidCoder which as I alluded to was acting up and going down the path of great to nonsense!

    My new toy? MakeMKV! Unbelievable! Try it! It rips also! So after getting your same size MKV file your next step is ConvertXToDVD and voila!

    No more MP4! I'm keeping what I have as it's huge, and going further it's MKV and HEVC if possible. I'll have a DVD copy to watch anywhere and my PC for the MKV files which even MS's Video and TV app plays. The rest VLC can handle. I have MPC though I noticed they're not great on audio playback. I've noticed the difference playing the same file on all 3 players. 

    By the end of the day if I don't just lay around, I'll build my new beast! Downloaded Windows 10 64bit last night and burnt it with ImgBurn. About time this trillionaire gave back to us here in the states! I know he's in Africa etc... but as a friend of mine jokingly and realistically said, "We have shoeless people here!"

    We forget our own and get lost outside when we first need to make sure our own are on solid ground.

    The SSD and Ballistic DDR4 Ram came last night. I just might not need a PSU after all! :)

  16. ConvertXtoVideo is useless right now! Just emailed them again! I asked them to be honest about the royalty fees with h.264 as nothing using that seems to work. Mpeg-4 on the other hand works with either MP4 or mkv. They need to get their act together and stop fooling around.

    I was under the impression that half D1 etc... was basically for menus and such. That way more can be applied to the rest of the video. I don't think it's a video setting per say. 

  17. That's great news! I'm glad you didn't give up and followed through. LG seems to be pretty good with their customer service. I have their 1ClickDVDCopy app, though I think it's not as good as earlier versions. Maybe it was the source and too much compression needed. Nothing outside of something like DVD-RB Pro will make you an almost identical copy of Dual Layer DVD to DVD-5.

    It was disappointing the last episode last Sunday! Looks as if they got tired of writing and wanted to get the hell out of there asap! Many viewers complained. I have to give it its due though. Helluva storyline! Great acting. They just for whatever reason dropped the ball on this most crucial episode. There might be a follow up serial depicting how that Evil Ghost Walker came to be. Outside of that, anything else short of rewriting that scene for this series won't do. There was a couple of characters that didn't even need to be in the whole story. They never did anything but talk nonsense. 

    I buy refurbished stuff and am most pleased. Most of the time it's just that someone didn't like the color, or some other minor nusiance. If it was really bad they would just chuck it, and not waste time refurbishing.

    Bought my Ram and SSD drive. Left only is a PSU and then putting it together. What we used to think of as high end is rather normal now regarding a PC build. Last thing needed overall in the industry was just high end super fast storage. Now it's here. That was the bottleneck. I could just imagine how fast your build is. Probably knock out an encode in less than half the time it previously took. Let me know. I think you mentioned like half an hour or so.

  18. When I went to the source file it was not that dark, though nothing like when I saw the same movie with Spectrum. When converting sometimes non-action clips don't get paid that much attention, and so they'll suffer. Now I think it was AVStoDVD that I used. There is a thread about outputs being darker than usual. I'm not going to start fussing with it. Very seldom you'll get a remarkable freeware app like imgBurn. So far only DVD-RB Pro lives up to a sound freeware through donation app. 

    Funny, as Edge is supposedly one of the HTML 5 browsers actually in practice. Still I think YouTube uses different codes as well as HTML 5. This is why I firmly support a standard across the board for certain situations. Why should progress be held back because of support for say XP, 7, etc ...? They cried about security and now that Windows 10 provides it they still cry. 

    VidCoder is going down that route! Every new update has been some personal preference that doesn't come into play with respect to making it perform better.  Helluva an app! If he keeps catering to the personal quims out there he'll surely mess it up.


  19. That must have been a helluva journey up to now! My most frustrating memories was with Windows explorer doing w/e it's lil heart pleased along with IE and it's schizophrenic behavior! There just isn't anything else even today that can really replace Windows for many of the tasks we do. 

    For some reason I ended up installing the HEVC codec for video playback with Windows, and the Movies and TV app opened up with my collection nicely organized! It's playing lovely and I noticed the Audio is better than MPC. They really are making some great strides. I can't wait for the new MS Edge with Chromium build. I already like the regular Edge, although for downloads I use Firefox. 

    Have you noticed any darker than usual areas with ConvertXToDVD outputs? I'm thinking maybe it was the original MP4 file, though after opening that up the scenes I mentioned were pretty well lit.


  20. I've been in contact with them and soon whatever needs upgrading will be. I suggested they concentrate on newer OSs and not waste time trying to please die hard XP, 7, etc...users. ConvertXToDVD needs minor changes like their hibernate which shuts down the PC instead of sleep. Unless they think brushing up on their FFMPEG encoding needs fixing, there's not much there to do. Now ConvertXtoVideo is a totally different beast! That needs h.264 support and Hardware Optimization support with h.264, and not only Mpeg-4. Personally I think they're not keen on paying the royalties for h.264. Why else does every other codec work except that one? 

    Hmmm that's very observant on your part regarding the burners not reading newer media. They've come a long way with burning. Who would of thought back in the days that slower burning with discs reported to burn at 16x etc... would produce bad burns? Now the blanks finally caught up with the hardware. 

    Try unchecking the automatic bitsetting on imgBurn. That way you can see the difference in start up and lead in when opening up your disc. It is faster than DVD-R.

  21. I'm back. So many things to study and learn it's impossible to have time for anything unless you make it. Yeah that's my experience with Newegg. Matter of fact my LITEON is from them. They took a hit on their servers a while back so they put out notices. There was a small stint there where several things I purchased all were defective. They have a program where people will point to their site and get paid. Now whether the stuff is refurbished or not I don't know.

    So you're saying the new BD-R 16x are probably old stock that are better with older firmware/hardware?

    On that "preserve full path name" I don't know if it's whether you move the file before you save it, or if it was the MDS file that can't be moved from the dual layer .iso. Most likely that was the case.

    I have to build the new PC soon because if I wait then the warranty will expire and I'll be totally screwed. It happened to me before with something else. So now this month coming I have to get the Ram, SSD, and a PSU. I'll just switch my OS to the SSD on the new Mobo. I'm not going to get a stronger GPU. As I see they're only good for serious gaming as not even the media players make use of them really. The new update with ConvertXtoVideo should straighten that out, but it seems not too much software wants to make use of GPU cards. So you're good and I'm good as we both have the same cards except for your extra RAM. We live and learn!

  22. Are you serious? Even the internal drives? I don't know though I burn my drives through the ground and they have lasted way more than 6 months. Matter of fact this thread opened up because Windows 10 wants updated hardware, otherwise my pioneer 112D and Samsung as posted here in the beginning would still be burning. Where do you get your burners from usually, Amazon? Just for the sake of added confirmation, I'd like some other frequent burning experienced users to post their findings. You scaring me into taking out warranty on my new Mobo and CPU now. If these things are blowing up before 6 months either you're blowing it up constantly or there's a defect somewhere, or that's the norm. It's like a PSU, if after a week it doesn't die you're good for years. I have the same Cooler Master PSU from my first build over 13 years now, and all I did as of late was swap fans and leave the grill off. My PC for the most part is always on. 

  23. Wow! You buying from Newegg? They fell off and I wouldn't really bother with them much anymore. A drive dying only after some months is defective somehow. These things are built to last. External though you might have to do really specific research see which ones are better than most. 

    I didn't say I had to enable the"preserve full path name" every time. It's that way already. According to Cynthia's guide if it isn't enabled and you try to either move the cue file or open it up in the queue it will not. When I moved the cue file and tried burning it I couldn't and I never did anything with the default settings. Preserve full path name is default. When creating a cue file if you hit Ok it will pop up in the same directory as the files and you just name it w/e and save it there. I'm not sure if you don't have preserve full path name checked that it'll do it for you, though it might because the same directory pops up to save your cue file .


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