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  1. if i compress a film with dvd shrink , i usually let it make the iso . if i use dvd rebuilder then i use imgtool by coujo to build the iso. i'm sure there will be other input
  2. i think you just said it yourself unfortunately , the ritek d/l discs aren't good enough on most burners, the occasional good burn may be possible , but generally they make coasters. are you changing the book type to -ROM using the lite on tab? i use only verbatim for d/l burns but have seen some promising results from RICOHJPN-D00-01 discs
  3. and the ritek d/l discs are still shite, try some verbatim or ricoh
  4. if you open the file folder, you should be able to delete your image from a right click there, without having to close the programme
  5. first impressions say the drive is mapped wrongly. I 09:21:46 [2:0:0] PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A 1.03 (D:) (ATA) you can see the next drive is mapped as the slave I 09:21:47 [2:1:0] DVD-E616P2 1.03 (E:) (ATA) if the second drive is SATA too then this doesn't seem too odd after all, but if it is an ordinary IDE drive...... is the SATA drive plugged into the motherboard or a pci card? my sata drives ,plugged directly to the motherboard are listed as (0:0:0) ide devices typically use (1:*:*) and (2:*:*), primary and secondary channel . how is it set up in your bios sata wise?
  6. you can't yet , but you will be able to in the next version
  7. cornholio7


    i'm sorry , but we do not support ripping software. perhaps you should ask the same question over at digital-digest or doom9
  8. cornholio7


    welcome to the imgburn forum. this programme cant put anything on your hard drive but can burn from it
  9. you could of course use imgburn to write it and have the wonderful support that goes with the programme
  10. what are you talking about here? imgburn does not compress anything. a 1:1 iso copy gives identical video quality on a dual layer disc
  11. i'm having some problems with them too mate my plextor sees them as 4x discs whilst my nec sees them as 8x
  12. looks like we have a KEVDRIVER_UK! in our midst
  13. please post a full log of a failed burn.
  14. have you ever set the booktype yourself? what is the media id of your d/l discs?
  15. thanks again or what blu
  16. says win amp here dontasciime
  17. can i ask why you didn't choose the .mds file?
  18. HV or HC? hc is another encoder which is far superior to the quenc.
  19. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...findpost&p=2948
  20. its already in the newest version shamus
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