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  1. what is the mid. of the discs you are using? is the film ntsc or pal ? which region are you situated in the world?
  2. cornholio7


    we are not worthy
  3. or philips http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdm...h+or+List+Media
  4. i have to say the post a d digest looks like its you -jmet that has written imgburn , maybe quotation marks and a link to the site before the text would have avoided any confusion for people who don't 'know' you
  5. i got the 'great gift ideas' one on the 3rd - nothing since
  6. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...findpost&p=1046 i think this has been answered here
  7. personally , i have never lost any data defragging, you just need around 20% of the total disc space free for it to do it effectively
  8. don't try and justify yourself chetwood, you were out of order back then , and you are now. you were in no way thinking of the best interests of LUK at that time and watch what you link to now
  9. ?1 = 11dkk 50 ?re dearer than us per ltr.
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