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  1. use the lite-on setting , your drive is a re-badged lite-on SOHW-1633S
  2. i have series 1 and 2, but if 3 is on offer i would gladly accept , thanks, can't get L.B. over here
  3. thanks digi - d/l it now LOL she seems to have a leak problem
  4. well? was it good ? tell us poor non bbc mortals about LB3
  5. Everythings back to mormal then lfc.................. is that like a normal mormon?
  6. on dvd's about 35 seconds
  7. bloody hell jmet, it sounds like you are some kind of expert at this :&
  8. i am actually quite cheap
  9. Fredagar klockan 20.00. TV 4. Mot telefonen! Numret kommer att publiceras h?r n?r det ?r dags. how are we meant to vote when the number is to be shown friday evening?
  10. could you post an imgburn log? don't really understand nero logs
  11. excellent news good to hear its working Shoomy thanks for letting us know
  12. cornholio7

    DL Media Tests

    the above scan looks excellent to me
  13. ohhhh, so thats why the cat has gaffa tape around it?
  14. i don't think i want to know :&
  15. just to recap - you have been into your device manager and removed the controller and re-booted? have you installed the intel matrix storage manager? http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...44&submit=Go%21 and your chipset version is ?
  16. hello and welcome to the imgburn forum Shoomy can you give us a bit more info about how the drive is connected , maybe post an imgburn log. how is the jumper set?
  17. No problem mate- any time
  18. if you chose the .mds file to burn from rather than the iso (presuming you made a 1:1 copy) then it is definately the media. if not give us some more info about how you made it
  19. its very easy to use . but take a look here anyway http://www.coujo.de/ib2/index.php?act=modu...e=classic_usage
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