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  1. (tho' I don't know if women have to endure it.


    Not in the Royal Navy, I am reliably informed. :)


    And I never endured anything like "soggy biscuit" at the public school I attended, they are actually quite civilised places these days. ;) Another urban legend I think.......

  2. I kind of liked Nancy Millstone-Jennings' work ;)



    "The dead swans lay in the stagnant pool.

    They lay. They rotted. They turned

    Around occassionally.

    Bits of flesh dropped off them from

    Time to time.

    And sank into the pool’s mire.

    They also smelt a great deal."

  3. Now I dont know if it's just me but after watching Inferno last night I have come to the conclusion that Liz Shaw (Caroline John) is the perfect women. It's a shame she didnt stay with the Dr for longer :(




    The producer at the time, Barry Letts felt that the charactor was a "threat" to the Dr because she wasnt the usual type of assistant that he travelled with. Not enough screaming :o And red hair too......... :wub:

  4. Bugger! The Spearhead from Space was on tonight and missed most of it! :( Theres a British sci-fi season on BBC 4 and Spearhead was part of it, one of my favourite stories. You have got to love it when the Nestene starts to strangle the Dr at the end and Pertwee pulls his Navy Lark face, very funny! :D

  5. Last nights episode started off really well, and was quite scary in places when you realise where I live!!!! :o I do think Torchwood suffers from the same problem Dr Who occasionally has, they run out of time and the end doesnt live up to the start. Still a pretty good episode last night, anybody want to come round to mine for dinner?? :whistling:


    Mind you next weeks story looks good, Tosh gets a shag!!!! :D

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