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Happy Birthday from me to. You don't look 60 in your avatar - must be an old picture.


Now that you've reached the Age of Discretion watch out for strong drink and loose women...you wouldn't want to miss any :thumbup:




The Myth:

People born under the sign of the ram are supposed to be hot headed, quick tempered, impulsive, impatient and impossible. They love to give orders and they hate to take them. They are fearless but thoughtless, energetic but disorganized, gloriously independent, wonderfully ambitious and eternally hungry for a new adventure.


The Truth:

There is of course, an element of truth in all this but there's a lot more to the story. We're talking about an inclination, not an obligation. Many people born under this sign are wise thinkers and careful planners. It's just even the most mild, meek mannered member of this cosmic club has another "secret side". There will always be one area of their life in which they simply cannot stop themselves from picking fights, breaking rules and taking wild risks.


The Key To Success:

If you were born under the sign of the ram, you should consider yourself blessed. Aries personality traits are extremely useful and they can, if put to proper use, ensure a life full of impressive achievement. You've got amazing willpower and initiative. There's nothing you can't tackle if you try. You need though, to watch out for a tendency to create a life full of difficulty, just so that you always have something to sort out. You like living "close to the edge"; but if you could only manage to stand one step back from it, a lot more of your projects would come to fruition.

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Happy birthday old mate!! :beer2::drinks::drunk::happybday::thumbsup:



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Many thanks to all of you...


The amazing part is that I still mentally feel like I'm in my early 20's...some things obviously don't work as well or as smoothly as they would have back then, but, trust me, you really don't remember 40 years ago all that well, so who gives a shit??? :thumbup:




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I'm always the late one, Happy Birthday yu ole bumb :thumbup:


Kinda funny how when you take care of yourself, things do seem to work as they should 40 years later and good as new hu?


Just got myself back into shape here in the last two years, lost 40 Lbs and running 5 miles a day :thumbup:

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