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When is Christmas?

ron spencer

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I reeeeaaaally wanted to release it this weekend but I was so busy with other stuff last week that I've only just been able to pass out (what I hope will be) the final beta (after some pretty big changes were made to one of the new features).


So it needs another week of testing and then fingers crossed it'll be good to go ;)

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I hope new version comes with a font manager!!!!


Haha I second that one, Img is definately the program that should have one! :D


Whatever, LUK while I wouldn't disagree with a new version of ImgBurn (with a Font Manager of course ;) )this week end, I wouldn't mind either that every one that have been working directly or not on imgburn take a well deserved break for the upcoming christmas.


So don't push yourself even if it for writing changelogs, especially since your changelogs are usually dense ;) .

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Yeah, it was only a week ago that I started hoping for an ImgBurn release for Christmas! I have been waiting patiently (which means forgetting about it for a few months) for the next release. I bet it will be well worth the wait (starts getting ready to uninstall Nero :) ).


I haven't posted anything here for ages, and my computer setup has changed alot.

New specs:

Super Case SKII-335 computer case

Abit IC7 motherboard

P4 Skt478 3GHz with HT (I was probably ripped off for this: NZ$325)

1Gb DDR2 memory (2x 512Mb)

nVidia GeForce 7300 GT Sonic (OC edition)

Seagate 7200rpm 250Gb IDE harddrive

Wireless network card

LG GSA 4167B DVD writer (now it matches the case - black :) )


I had enough parts left over to make a second system, which is now my server (Windows 2000 Server).


And my harddrive decided to crash on me last week. I lost everything, including the backup partition where all my stuff was :(. Then I couldn't install Windows XP after partitioning :(. But its fine now, and I am slowly downloading all of my programs back, including drivers.


Very nice to know the next release is nearly here, and I will be waiting for it. I think its time to thank LUK for a great program again :).

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Don't get too excited, it's no different.


Yeah, the whole burning engine has been rewritten so that when LUK! decides to add audio cd burning, it will take 10 minutes. Wouldn't it be funny if I was right, that audio cd burning wasn't in this release :teehee: .


Don't work too hard LUK, its Christmas!

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This release is all about CUE burning really - or that what I wanted out of it!


That in turn meant I needed to support CUE/MP3 as that's quite common - hence the need for additional audio decoding code.


Then due to audio decoding code + having the ability to create custom CUE files, it's possible to build one to write pretty much any audio file.


So although burning custom audio cd's wasn't my intention for 2.4 (I only wanted to be able to read an Audio CD to an image file and then be able to burn it back), it IS in fact possible - even if the way in which you do it is a little long winded.

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