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  1. Mindreader volvo! Regards
  2. Funny how some kids' stuff is horrid but others turn into pure classics - Monsters Inc., Shrek, Nemo, Toy Story etc. Regards
  3. I've done quite a bit of testing on HC since UncasMS told me about it (still use Procoder 2 myself) and it is bloody good. And yes, it's a bit slower - maybe up to an hour would be my guess. But the quality is excellent and as you say, you can't beat the price! Anyway, as for timing, what's it matter when you're asleep? I would never use CCE. I reckon it's only good for Low BR stuff and you can always use Rockas Matrix Editor to use its matrices for that anyway. Nice of jdobbs to offer freebies. l8er Regards
  4. A personal gift from a poor deposed president in Central Africa who is legitimately entitled to a gazillion bucks if only you'd give him $100,000 to get him started. =)) Regards
  5. DVD Shrink just loads the ISO in dontasciime. You can take anytning you want out, but the ISO itself is read-only. What DVD Shrink does, is it creates a new ISO after transcoding (or a set of IFOs, VOBs and BUPs). Regards
  6. Yeah - I can beat that zacoz - Pokemon (x2) a few years back, Spongebob Squarepants (this year) and Spy Kids 3D Game Over (last year). Combined, they don't get to 0.5/10 Regards
  7. Under an hour???? Wow - even on CCE one pass, that is fast. I encode overnight - takes about 4-6 hours with Procoder 2. And KSN, the quality shits on DVD Shrink or DVD95Copy or anything. It encodes each frame from scratch, as opposed to DVD Shrink which adjusts the quant settings, often creating visible macroblocks. See the interesting tests done by UncasMS in Digital Digest's DVDRB forum. It is especially good on low bitrate stuff, where any transcoder falters badly. So, my advice is to get it. Use it first with HCEnc (free, but similar quality to CCE). Then, if you like what you see, go to the top encoders. DVDRB has a freebie version as well as Pro. Pro allows lots of cool things like setting bitrates for each cell, and particular quant matrices for each cell. And yes, the $10 initial VIP period has run out. $30 now. Regards
  8. I can understand the sheep gettin outa new zealand - the bloody kiwis keep on fucking them. But rabbits in Dorset? I guess Doreseters have real small dicks. Regards
  9. Speaking of which... A song from Santa's Little Helpers (the real ones, not the mangy mutt on The Simmos) (To the tune of Jingle Bells) Ho ho fucking ho What a crocka shit We all work for Santa Clause We've had enuff, we quit We do all the fuckin work While he steals all the show So stick yer Christmas up yer arse Ho ho fucking ho Regards
  10. Did it cum with you're pea sea? Ore was it belt in to the IB soft wear? Regards
  11. Here! here! volvo. (Can it be the real volvo? Not one typo?? =)) ) Regards
  12. The LB info is contained in your IFOs. In particular, the PGC for the title has a cell that is marked as non-seamless. And that is at 2,080,256. So I would use the one which you have set. Regards
  13. That's you spinner - Mr Smooooooth. Regards
  14. So, I'm with corny on this. I really like this theme and don't want to get used to a new one. Call me conservative. Regards
  15. Hi Zac mate. The only data disks I make are backups which I do 2 ways: 1. I use DVDRAM on a daily basis for my changed files for the day 2. I use POSBackitup weekly, which despite my firmware being up to date, seems to burn at only 2.4x instead of 4x. Regards
  16. Paraphraising Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now: "Blu don't rant" Regards
  17. Now that will shut LFC up, I'm sure! Regards
  18. Just so long as it saves you from embarrassing situations Jonathan!!! Regards
  19. Nive av jmet. Suits you. =)) =)) Regards
  20. blutach

    Anyone know how

    For me neither. I'm sure LUK! needs to enable something. Regards
  21. How bout putting that new av here jmet? Regards
  22. blutach

    Anyone know how

    Or is this something LUK! needs to permit? (It seems to be, having read the Help). Regards
  23. You'll get nowhere (and make no friends here) with words like that. Sounds like you are making lots of copies of whatever you've got to distribute. Perhaps a commercial duplicator is better for you. Regards
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