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  1. canman are you using the laptop to burn these discs, or another desktop PC ?
  2. you say you updated ImgBurn , but your log shows your still using an older version ,v . current version is v i would'nt say your using the best +R discs in the world either, so i still reckon its a case of your player does not like those discs, especially as they play fine on your laptop . time to look about for something thats compatable with all your players. EDIT , just read back your log files, change the write speed to 8x instead of 16x and MAX in verify tab , change read speed for data/Audio to 4 or 8 instead of Max as well
  3. sounds like you have differant discs to what you normally use ( differant dye on the discs) ,post a log file so we have something to work with
  4. ImgBurn is made of sugar and spice and all things nice
  5. i dont know how flick works,as i dont sue it, but there must be a way in settings of telling it wether to burn it to disc, save as an ISO or save as dvd files . check out the settings to see what and where its saving it to. check your using the latest stable version of dvdflick as well and not a beta version why it restarts your PC is a strange one in itself
  6. Imgburn will burn an audio CD for you from MP3 files see the GUIDE HERE or if you have a player that WILL play MP3 files, then just make a data disc of MP3's . The discs you made, do they play on your correctly on your PC ?
  7. go to WINDOZE START BUTTON > SEARCH and enter *.ISO this will find all ISO files on your system. make sure you search the whole PC and not just my documents or something. guides section, theres a link in the PINK banner further up this page
  8. short answer , NO . its the discs your using reason why I 19:47:49 Writing Layer 0... (LBA: 0 - 1913759) first layer written sucsessfully I 20:07:32 Writing Layer 1... (LBA: 1913760 - 3825923) NOTE what sector layer 1 starts at 1913760[ W 20:07:53 Failed to Write Sectors 1914368 - 1914399 - Reason: Write Error NOTE the sector it failed at 1914368 so it managed to write from sector 1913760 on layer 1 upto sector 1914368 on layer 1 ( although its dual layer, its refered to as layer 0 and layer 1) , you managed to complete layer 0 ( the 1st layer) and wrote 600 odd sectors on layer 1 ( 2nd layer) this shows that it was the writer having trouble writing the 2nd layer, which means the writer struggled with the actual quality of disc forget the sony discs your using,your drive does not like them ( or at least the dye there made of) and get some verbatim 2.4x +R made in Singapore with the ID of MKM-001 , as recommended earlier, then your problems should go away
  9. if it reports the disc is not empty , and your happy that they are, it usually means the drive does not like that disc's dye and doesnt recognise the disc correctly, the Log file will help us to figure that one out. post a log file as asked and we can advise you better. Log file will help to tell if the drive is faulty and/or needs a firmware update. Its easier to ask you what type of files your trying to burn than list what It doesnt burn
  10. for MKM-001 use svp.co.uk, a mail order who are VERY reliable. Most of the Beta team in Europe use them . although out of stock , theres an option for them to notify you when they are in. MKM-001 verbs HERE LOOK CAREFULLY at the details of each kind of verbatim in the dual layer section as they are now selling ones made in India as well, and these havent been as good so far.
  11. the SB01 firmware you already have IS the latest available from samsung the suggestion about slowing down the write speed will help, but the main one is the dye on the discs your using. CMC dye is about as poor a quality as your going to find. proof of this is that the writer managed to start burning to them but only just. do they always fail at the same point in the log ? ie, on writing the lead-in or do you ever get further. There are several mentions of this writer within the forum, mainly to do with the SATA controller if i remember right
  12. you are in "write" mode and not "build" mode when you select the roxio27.iso arn't you
  13. well straight away you answered part of the question yourself, the HP lightscribe ones have the CMC dye. ALL CMC disc's seem to e low quality, and I'm only saying that from feedback we get thru this forum. Don't know about the verbatim ones though, don't know which dye is on them. The question you have to ask yourself IS , Do i really need the lightscribe facility ? , at the end of the day all lightscribe is is a means of writing on the top surface to save labelling the disc or writing on it with a pen . If you feel you do want this facility, then your limited to which disc's you can choose from , however, if you feel you don't need the lightscribe feature, then the worlds your oyster regarding which disc's to buy. Just checked out my supplier ( svp.co.uk) and they only stock 9 or 10 different brands for lightscribe of which only the Verbatims are ones i would even consider buying, and they are not cheap either !! If you go the other way and don't bother with lightscribe, i would suggest you look at taiyo Yuden disc's for +R needs, thats if your writer and standalone player is only a +R type, if you can use -R, then still go for Taiyo Yuden or Verbatims
  14. try slowing the read speeds down from MAX to 12x ish make sure source disc is clean and scratch free Its a simple "W 17:39:42 Failed to Read Sector 2073904 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error" error so check disc for faults providing its not copywrite protected of coarse
  15. the highlighted "MKM-003 " is the type of ink/dye thats on the discs your using, and you writer is saying W 23:33:48 Retry Failed - Reason: Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format which means the writer does not like them or does not want to accept them. as mmalves said as well, the ones you have now are fairly new 8x rated which older drives probably don't have a write strategy for ( dont know how to handle them), hence the suggestion to get a new drive if you want to keep using those newer discs, whereas discs with MKM-001 dye are the original DL ink/dye discs which should work with almost all older DL drives . a quick google shows your toshiba drive came out in early 2005, some 3 years ago Experience tells us that using Verbatim DL+R with the MKM-001 dye/ink made in singapore are the most consistent discs amongst all the Dual Layer discs on the market. try the discs you already have in your memorex drive , they may work or may not , only way to find out is to try. if you try them, post a log file regardless of if they work or not. Not all drives like every type/brand of disc on the market, likewise not all standalone dvd players like every kind either. its a balancing act of finding a brand that works on all "your" devices
  16. make sure the disc is clean - isopropyl alcohol is best for this make sure the disc is not badly scratched slow the read speed down to 4x or even 2x if it fails at 4x and just so you know, Imgburn will not "copy" any copywrite protected discs
  17. or if you buy them online, ask the supplier before you commit your order, then if there not the Singapore ones, you can return them
  18. yes, preferably the ones made in singapore, and NOT the ones made in india
  19. It's nothing your doing wrong, and It's not Imgburn either. ive just checked out an audio/video forum about this machine, and its a known problem with the panny recorder. some of the feedback about it It will not play ANY DVD-RW or DVD+RW disk that has been created on a PC and another The DMR-ES15 is actually fantastic if you do not play DVD-RW/+RW disks recorded externally and another The recorder will only allow RW disks that have been formatted on the recorder so you cannot play externally recorded files and another Has anyone ever managed to record a PC DVD (Video_ts) on to a DVD+RW or DVD-RW disk and got the DMR-ES15 to recognise & play the disk as I never have. It plays the same contents put on a DVD-R dis
  20. happyboy for future reference, copy and paste the info from the log file into your post. trying to read a .txt file without having to download it is hard work
  21. sounds most likely the specs of the machine your using at the time, ie: Ram and processor
  22. post a complete recent log of a failed burn ( as per the "Forum Tips pink banner" at the top of this thread )
  23. read the following link from the FAQ page HERE Cornholio gave you the information based on your orignal post. You could try the alternative thats suggested in the FAQ page though
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