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  1. after reading the previous posts , i had to try it. so i ran the updates in spybot and adaware and ran both progs to clean the system up first

    then ran anti-malaware which found 39 objects, again all cookies :w00t: so theres the proof that its a step beyond spybot and adaware :thumbup:


    well done chewy , good find ;)

  2. and need an external usb2/ f/w drive for my laptop and was looking at the plextor ( thing that put me off was price compared to the pioneer ) ?


    Thanks for the advice


    depends where you are , if its europe and its expensive , then go for an external case with usb2/1394 connections and fit an internal drive of your own choosing .

    theres a few on ebay ready made which are reasonablly priced


    if your in the UK , you can look HERE and see whats on offer in the way of ready assembled .

    ive bought from there myself and the service was good AND his enclosures use the oxford chipset

  3. In all fairness to nero, it's accurate!


    my comment was based on what nero was like a year ago. in "another ;) " forum, there was an unbelievable amount of members who claimed they was getting write speeds of 8 speed and some 12x with nero, when there drive didnt even support 8 or 12 x :w00t: ( this after seeing there log files with "another ;) " burning prog) .

    when they was asked to see how long it had ACTUALLY took , the time matched 4 speed times even though nero reported to be writing at 8/12 x .

    Thats not to say nero has'nt got better in that time, it possibly has , but i only use nero for data discs myself and wouldnt have noticed the improvement

  4. well you can read everything there is on a subject sometimes and still not be sure, untill someone else points you in the right direction, or explains it in easy terms .

    who do you trust the most ?, someone youve actually spoken with or some info on google ? ( better make that google if its me you spoke with :lol: )

    either way, youve got 5 drives that STILL work :thumbup: , and Polo summed it up nicely :thumbup:

    a favourite saying of mine is , " if in doubt, ask !"

  5. snazz


    glancing around, most of the ads for the sony walkman series phones are advertising up to 30 hours battery life . None are specific as to "how" you can get 30 hours out of it though, wether it be phone calls, standby , playing mp3 ect

  6. grandpaw


    your initial post wasent "dumb" at all :thumbup:

    you did the right thing, you wasent sure so you asked . i dont see that as being "dumb" .

    if you had'nt asked, and dived in , you "could" have ended up with only 4 drives that still work :o

  7. Rotary

    the whole point of my post was to inform you that the information you had been searching for was already on here , no need to have to go looking round the world to find it .

    as a member of the old forum, you know you only have to ask and several people will try and help you straight away, and 99% of the time , a question/problem has already been answered/solved before .

    My post was not meant as "forced with intent" , (whatever definition you meant by this i not sure ? ).

    i agree that the written word does not always appear to others as it was meant , ?

    I see its the same old attitude of moderators here as old website - phew

    so i guess I must of read that quote differantly to how it was meant then ?

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