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  1. all the settings in the world won't cure poor quality media
  2. we preach Verbatim Dual Layer discs over and over and quite frankly it gets really old telling people that their media is garbage but they have to learn the hard way
  3. not playing on your standalone may be that the media you're using Moser Baer India is just not recognized by the player ,this media is relatively new on the scene and we're not too familiar with it at least I'm not .I would suggest that you try different media namely Verbatim +R or Taiyo Yuden +R and then booktype it to DVD Rom for player compatibility, those Sonys are made by Lite On (sony rebadges the drive ) so you would use the Lite On tab for booktyping. Like LUK said all the files must be in a Video_Ts folder
  4. Donta ,I have an OEM drive and was able to flash it (2.1b) no problem without all the instructions from the site in your post . If possible she could pull the drive and install in another computer and try to flash it that way I'm out of ideas why its so difficult to flash , the NEC's like the LiteOn's are about the easiest to do IMO
  5. the newest firmware is 2.1B (bee) not 2.18 like its been said you might not be able to jump from 2.16 to 2.1B try the versions before 2.1B see if you can flash 2.1A and work backwards sometimes you do get warnings saying you cant flash FW fron version such and such and you have to have other prior FW installed
  6. happy birthday Kirk and many more to come
  7. did you check to see if there was a disc in the drive ? Personally I've never had a flash fail . Close out anything that might be open that includes the window to the firmware page IMGburn everything thats open and try again, make sure the region is set . BTW what computer is this drive in, also what did it say the current firmware version is. It could be possible that you would have to go to the computer manufacturers website if they installed their own FW
  8. post a log please IB stores them, Help-->IMGburn logs
  9. although a few have mentioned that it blew up their hard drives disrupted their lives and caused general mayhem of course all unproven
  10. so I guess puting aligators in the moat is a no no too Check to see if turning off the electric to the fence during daylight hours will be OK and stand fast on the drawbridge . Castle Kirk has a nice ring to it hmmmmm , she's a retired female FBI agent dont tell me her name is Clarise , beware of the no hard feelings dinner invite
  11. you will anyway, about a quarter of a second before impact ..........human nature ( knew i would eventually find a proper use for that smilie ) and the accepted exclamation is OH SHIT and then the air bag pops
  12. the Nec drives are a snap to update I have a 3500 ,great drive .Do this right click the 3500 in the destination box in IMGburn and the last line is firmware update, click that , it shows your current FW, click OK and you'll go to the FW page use the 2.1b FW download it save it to the comp open it double click the 3500 2.1b and extract the file its downloaded as a zip after that a new qwindow opens double click the 3500 again the flasher opens and flash the drive re boot done
  13. recursive is something that refers back to itself or something that can repeat itself over and over
  14. probably will be colletors items one day
  15. you can convert PAL to NTSC but its such a long drawn out process that its not worth it IMO .If you want to check Google Pal to NTSC there are converters but its hours and hours to do it, much easier getting the NTSC disc or go back to where it was purchased and point out the problem
  16. double layer discs are approximately 8.5 gigs single layer are 4.38 .If you were attempting to put a 6 gig file on a single layer disc you would need to compress the file to fit and would reduce the quality (I do it all the time and dont see any problems on a 32 inch tv) putting the same file 6 gigs on a dual layer would not require compression so the quality would be slightly better. You will have no problems putting your 1.3gig film on a single layer disc and you'll have a perfect 1:1 copy dual layer is not putting one identical layer over another they are seperate with Layer 0 always being a bit larger than layer 1
  17. he cant be an alcaholic he doesn't go to meetings
  18. Who makes the Optiarc version as Sony outsourced their DVD drives to LG a couple of years ago. Optiarc is a joint venture between Sony and NEC and Sony outsourced to Lite On a few years ago
  19. burning at 8x gives excellent results, above 12x the quality of the burns drop off ,all this is supported by the scans in Drives and Media Forum
  20. pretty sre you were told to use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs but you still are having trouble and you ignored that advice and are still using Sonys
  21. post the log IB saves them HELP--->IMGburn logs
  22. a public record wont poke you in the eye
  23. theres no support for Optiarc at this time ,companies are being bought out new ones formed like Optiarc (Sony/NEC ) before that Sony drives were made by Lite On ,Sony just rebadged them
  24. if you want to annoy the piss out of the neighbor then sell something at a steal and use his phone # ie leather couch and loveseat for sale, moving, everything must go please call neighbors # ,no reasonable offer refused post those on phone poles supermarkets etc let them answer a few hundred call it'll keep em busy
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