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  1. you want recommendations then start with good media Verbatim Dual Layer discs are the ONLY media that work right time after time, changing from garbage media to more garbage media is not going to help you , eleminate the media problem first then we can see if thats the problem and go from there
  2. to turn off update check Tools -->Settings --->Events---> check for IB updates choose never from the drop down menu . If you use the search feature at the top of the page try Licensing its been covered a few times and you can read LUK reply
  3. I think you're probably right if you Google P DVD Writer 740b theres nothing but problems pages and pages of people having issues with it .The new Pioneer 112 is out and from all reports on the forum its a good drive .The last thing HP made that was worth anything was their printers ,I have a handfull of them going back to the HP 930 and it wont die also the 940 prints and prints
  4. tom the power calibration error is the drive unable to set the power of the laser to burn the disc, usually a sign of cheap media ,there isn't a media identifier in the log so I'd look for newer firmware for the drive maybe it will recognize the blanks you're using.Best to use is Verbatim + or - or Taiyo Yuden for single layer discs and Verbatin +R dual layer only IMG burn will not rip anything its burning software and wont read copyrighted discs . BTW IB is the best burning software out there 100% support and always adding new features ,and who can do better than FREE Tom we dont discuss ripping movies or any ripping software for legal reasons its what got Decrypter shut down and legal problems for LUK ,dont want it to happen here for the 220/110 thing look where the power cord plugs in ,on my computer you have to manually move a switch from 110 to 220 for the power supply to put out the correct voltage or vica versa
  5. I used Ripit4me>(Decryprer)> then I took the produced ISO and tryed to build. Mike ,let me address this statement first we do not under any circumstances condone piracy and ripping copyrighted dvds ,you shouldn't be even discussing the use of decrypter and ripit4me on this forum .Decrypters ability to break copyright protection is what caused its downfall and led to all sorts of legal trouble for LUK more trouble from ripping he doesn't need and its not just you posting like this, this is meant to be information and not a flame. if you produced an ISO from unencrypted files then open IB in write mode browse for a file source (ISO) right click the iso and burn using IMGburn
  6. I'm just never in the right place at the right time ,crap
  7. unusual that the there is no media identifyer or supported write speeds in the log ,the drives firmware doesn't recognize the media ,first try and update the firmware for that drive and in your next post can you tell us what media you're using
  8. its not really a conflict between IB and Nero I have Nero on my comp and theres no problems . If you cant lock the drive for exclusive access in IB then some other progran is using the drive or has an open handle on it just close whatever program and all will be fine
  9. family get together Guess its a good thing I don't have no ken in kentucky ahhhh, now I see where that word "Ken folk" came from kentucky folk
  10. Tnx mmalves :-) So in build mode I' ll add a folder containing 2 files VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS ( empty ) . Got only 1 stand alone player but I' ll ask friends to try to play some Imgburn made dvd . I' ll be back here , hopefully to comunicate that things are fine... PS: could you , pls , suggest what brand/type of stand alone cd/dvd player for tv works fine with Imgburn made dvd ? I like this program so if I can fix this inconvenience I plan to stick to it . the cheapest players seem to play anything thrown at them ,the big name ones can be real picky. go figure
  11. you have to burn something with the booktype set for it to change to rom
  12. use Verbatim +R dual layer discs they're the only discs that work right for DL
  13. if you intend to use IMGburn then you need ISO files that what it burns . To read an ISO file download Daemon Tools, open IMGburn , Read Mode select the virtual drive as the source (daemon Tools ) and hit the big button
  14. they are not the same Decrypter iso read was able to decrypt copyrighted material and IMGburn DOES NOT have this ability it will only read unencrypted files
  15. did you happen to have test mode enabled .Post a log it really is a must when asking for help .IMGburn auto stores them Help---> IMGburn logs . It really cuts down on the guessing
  16. I have a Sony dvd player model 725 and it plays Verbatim +and - just fine without booktyping, it also plays Taiyo Yuden and Ritek GO4 discs without issue BTW anything Memorex is not very popular around here including drives I dont think anyone would reccommend you buying one if asked ,Pioneers,Plextor , Lite On , Nec , LG, BenQ make up the vast majority of drives we use and of those there are some dogs also
  17. I thought it was common among hillbillies
  18. dont really burn at more than 8-12x the quality suffers after that
  19. FYI in 99% of the world its illegal to copy commercial dvd's even if you own them we've been over this I dont know how many times since the DVD Decrypter days .Its ability to rip protected discs is what led to its forum being shut down .IB only burns non encrypted ISO and only reads the same no encryption
  20. polopony

    pesky lower filter

    did you re boot after you removed it?
  21. Burrn is a tiny app and works great also free . It was suggested for all those reasons because IB doesn't do audio and its been suggested for over a year, LUK isn't going to support it according to his responses in this forum , FYI all the threads are available about audio support if you use the search function at the top of this page
  22. keeping the ISO is always a good idea ,should you need to do it again you just burn it, verify the disc against the ISO.I keep all mine for a couple of weeks like Donta and manually delete them when I dont need them anymore
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