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  1. it seems that IB hasn't failed you but you want to set up a just in case scenario. Have more than 1 burning tool available and if one fails then you have options.You can complete your work and troubleshoot later
  2. polopony


    maybe he's better off not knowing/reading those Emails. A word to the wise stay out of their problems for your own good because when they make up you'll be the bad guy ,seen it too many times .For what its worth
  3. around here we recommend Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs as being the most consistent all other media is hit and miss, a change to one or the other should take care of the problem as far as not getting to 6x write speed all burners start at a slower speed and gradually get faster .Think of a DVD as a set of circles ,its written from the inner hub out to the edge, small amount of info at the inner hub slower speed at the outer edge there is a great deal more info and the burner increases speed to the max you either choose or the rated speed of the media .The firmware of the drive has a lot to do with what speeds are available to use
  4. the 360 has to be modified I believe to play backups Google is your friend
  5. how about posting the burn log and not the debug one so we can see such things as the media you're using. They're saved Help -->IMGburn logs
  6. buy Verbatim Dual Layers they are the only ones that work consistently.Its easy enough to check the firmware using IB .Right click on the drive in the destination box and the menu comes up, last line is Check for Firmware Updates click on it note your current firmware click OK and follow the prompts to see if theres a newer
  7. I havent burned a coaster in so many years I dont even look at the time ,get a good burner ,some great media (read Verbs or Taiyo Yudens )and dont worry about playability
  8. Nobody I know has ever tried .I cant see contacting every company that produces a movie to get consent ,with all the time involved it would be cheaper to just buy it .Google is your friend
  9. the price of hardware etc usually comes down when the manufacturers have the next gimmick already on the shelf waiting to be released .IMO the cost of the new Blu Ray and HiDef stuff just isn't worth it ,yeah it would be nice to have but for 23 cents a disc (Verbatims) the quality of the video does these tired old eyes just fine .The initial high cost of hardware is to recover the R & D money.Here in the US the IPhone was released with much fanfare at about $600 or so maybe 2 months later they slashed the price $200 you should of heard the squealing from those that paid top price
  10. its a vote of one at all times The Grand Pubah has the last say always .Imgburn does a lot for 1.8 mb's and while many things are in the realm of possibility keeping it small and manageable rather than bloated is the way to go IMHO
  11. polopony


    the same way you posted here ,Choose the Imgburn Support Forum ,New Topic , ,title topic and title discription and post
  12. I believe the most popular drives are covered in the booktyping, to cover all the drives would be near impossible and with all the new drives coming out that would be some task .I believe the Pioneers auto bit set the media to dvd rom members who own them can verify this
  13. if you leave the pc or do something else then you wont be watching the time anyway .When I burn and do something else the operation successfully completed music is enough to signal the burn is done . At 4x burn time is about 15 minutes at 8x around 8 or 9 minutes .As been said the time is counted down in the log
  14. polopony

    birthday wishes

    Happy Birthday Corn :happybday:
  15. just a tip forget Ritek and CMC stick to Verbs and Taiyo Yuden
  16. put the file on the hard drive ,get DVD Shrink and compress the file untill it'll fit a dvd (single layer ) make an ISO of it and burn. The file isn't much larger than the capacity of a dvd so you wont need much compression
  17. Ritek just isn't the company it used to be, the preferred media is Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim these are the best discs and your chances of success go way up if you use them .Memorex who sell a lot of media is crap also
  18. polopony


    Happy Birthday MM many more to come
  19. as mmalves said get better media ,Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are the only way to go if you're really into burning dont bother with anything else
  20. =)) gone for awhile but glad to see nothing changed that much
  21. IMGburn does not take the place of decrypter .IB does not break copyright protection and will not read DVD's with encryption (store bought dvd's)
  22. KS I just spent some time looking and can't find .15 anymore also there was a pinned post at the top of IMGburns page on how to insert IMGburn as one of the outputs of Shrink (burn with IB) both seem to have been pulled sorry
  23. there is a version of Shrink that will call up IMGburn its 3.2.15 .We dont cover any Rippers such as DVDfab .The ability to rip was what got Decrypter shut down and much legal trouble for the author .Rippers are good for 1 thing thats copyright bypassing so we dont discuss them or give advice on same
  24. IMGburn burns ISO files only so the whole program would have to have some major work done to it to do "on the fly " copies probably too much work considering how far its come along ,LUK's the last word on this suggestion though
  25. order her a subscription to just about every magazine you can think of and check the bill me later box you could start with Playgirl
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