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  1. Chewy- Are you suggesting using a patched firmware designed for a different drive for better results?? I have the 1633s and just updated to BSOY....is CSOT a better option for me with my drive 1633s?? Please advise.





    this is an easy question to answer, if you read up at these sites, you find that the drives are the same, just with different firmware releases


    I assume it's a marketing gimmick, name the drive something higher, 1653 vs 1633, and start a new firmware series


    What we are trying to do is get the latest firmware with the best write strategies and the best support for newer mid codes.


    With these patched firmware flashers it's important to use the right ones, there's no excuses or room for error, many people kill their drives by trying to flash outside their family, if the hardware is not identical you'll probably kill the drive.


    I don't reccomend crossflashs on newer working drives, just old antiques, the exception being a hard to find Benq or something.

  2. there's something rotten in Denmark?




    (Disc ID: MCC 03RG20) (Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 8x)



    must be a Dell computer, it's not a laptop drive so why doesn't the firmware show 16X




    might be worthwhile to crossflash


    I wonder if the files/iso are even dvd compliant tho, might be worthwhile to doublecheck rather than trust Sonic.

  3. try to back up data by burning to dvd or cd or even an external hard drive then delete the copy on your regular hard drive after confirming it transfered


    you need to shut down screen savers etc when doing a long defrag


    I try not to ever defrag much data, takes too long, that's one of the reasons I burn at 8X, not faster

  4. even the latest liteon firmware for that drive family doesn't support that mid code


    Drive type : SOHW-1653S

    Vendor ID string : LITE-ON

    Product ID string : DVDRW SOHW-1653S

    Standard firmware rev. : CS0T

    Internal firmware rev. : CS0T

    Firmware timestamp : 2005/11/25 11:47


    DVD+R9 Media Codes (8)


    CMC MAG -D01-00 [ 2.4x ]

    INFOME -D01-00 [ 2.4x ]

    MKM -001-00 [ 2.4x, 4x ]

    PHILIPS -CD2-00 [ 2.4x ]

    PRODISC -D01-00 [ 2.4x ]

    RICOHJPN-D00-01 [ 2.4x ]

    RITEK -D01-01 [ 2.4x ]

    RITEK -S01-01 [ 2.4x ]

  5. Those golden rules don't mention "iffy" dvd burners, which from what I have seen all over the web, is a very significant factor, if not the most significant.


    Granted, firmware and quality media usually enable those problematic burners to enjoy some success, but conversely we all have seen better dvd burners break all the other rules.

  6. they all have MID's


    they do?


    Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info

    Basic Information

    Disc type: : CD-R

    Manufacturer: : CMC Magnetics

    MID : 97m26s66f

    Write speeds: : 4 X - 8 X - 16 X - 24 X - 32 X - 40 X

    Capacity: : 79:59.71

    : 703 MB

    Extended Information

    Usage : General

    Disc Status : Empty


    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B A106 (ATA)

    Current Profile: CD-R


    Disc Information:

    Status: Empty

    Erasable: No

    Free Sectors: 359,844

    Free Space: 736,960,512 bytes

    Free Time: 79:59:69 (MM:SS:FF)


    ATIP Information:

    Start Time of LeadIn (MID): 97m26s66f

    Last Possible Start Time of LeadOut: 79m59s71f



    kind of a funny mid


    well I set it to burn at 16x anyway

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