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  1. Just thought I would point out after buying one of these, that if you have devices that run on 11b or 11g and those devices only support WEP, then this latest Netgear offering is not for you.


    An example being. Ok you bought the latest and supposedly as close to the final N draft as possible, you also purchased the pci or pcmcia card to go with it to allow full 270mbps throughput.


    So you select in router 270 mbps or 130 mbps. This is where you run into trouble as any device that is not WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] compatible will not work. Eg my Nintendo ds's and also I think my Psp's, as these are only capable of using WEP. Whilst having 270mbps or 130 mbps selected you do not get a WEP radio button.


    Selecting mixed b and g and therefore shutting of the high speed wireless (N) you can select WEP.


    What a stupid way of doing things, I now have to log into router every time I want to use my Nintendo ds or psp or any other device that only uses wep and change operating mode to either b or g or mixed etc.

    When I want full speed across my wireless n network i have to select 270 or 130 again.


    I have spoken to Netgear level 2 support about this yesterday and another more serious issue about the whole Netgear DG834 range and i got an email response about it today.




    Hi Mr. XXXX,


    I spoke to my lead tech and she told me that they are aware of the 270 and WEP situation and there is no plans to change it. They anticipate the 270 to only work with WPA but the port issue is still escalated.


    Thanks for choosing Netgear.


    Nice support (not)


    So the claim to work with all standards is not exactly true nor will it ever be.




    Now just to point out something else to any Netgear owners I would suggest you check from an outside source such as grc.com certain ports as they are wide open unstealthed, can receive solicited packets at default when no firewall rules have been implemented to allow such ports to be opened (netgear claim to have a double firewall) in Andy Millman speak "their having a laugh"



    The ports in question are 1863 (though this one seems to be closed on 2 of 3 of my 834 range, most times)





    The above are open and not stealthed.


    The ones below are closed but not stealthed


    from 40000 to 40100 not good and its down to the reaim server running at default in the 834 range



    From bambos post on whirlpool forums


    Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT 4022 packets, 477K bytes)

    pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

    4189 488K REAIM_PRE all -- * *

    156 10195 DNS udp -- br0 * udp dpt:53

    0 0 DROP all -- ppp0 * !xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    0 0 DNAT udp -- br0 * udp dpt:53 to:

    0 0 DNAT tcp -- ppp0 * tcp dpt:5190 to:


    The PREROUTING chain of the nat table generally isn't meant to be used for any filtering. Yet the output above shows that rules have been added to this chain when they should have been added to either the INPUT, FORWARD or OUTPUT chains of the filter table.


    # iptables -t filter -nvL

    Chain INPUT (policy DROP 1121 packets, 263K bytes)

    pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

    4 208 DROP tcp -- !ppp0 * state NEW tcp flags:!0x16/0x02

    3880 232K ACCEPT all -- * * state RELATED,ESTABLISHED

    2962 645K REAIM_IN all -- * *


    The filter table shows that only packets dropped before it hits the REAIM_IN chain is NEW TCP packets from the internal interfaces that are not SYN packets. The following part from the REAIM_IN is accepted by the router from the external interface:


    0 0 ACCEPT tcp -- ppp0 * tcp dpts:40000:40099

    0 0 ACCEPT tcp -- ppp0 * tcp dpt:1864

    0 0 ACCEPT tcp -- ppp0 * tcp dpt:5566

    0 0 ACCEPT tcp -- ppp0 * tcp dpt:5190

    0 0 ACCEPT tcp -- ppp0 * tcp dpt:4443

    0 0 ACCEPT udp -- ppp0 * udp dpts:40000:41000


    In total there's 104 TCP ports and 1001 UDP ports alone that could potentially be open depending on the state of ReAIM. You were nearly spot on in terms of the number of ports that have not been blocked.


    I certainly wouldn't like to have a firewall like that on my router. Although there's always the opportunity for somebody to customise the firmware as the source is available.




    In other words stay clear of them.

    Ps their support stinks on phone for over 2 hours and non english speaking CS for more than 1 hour of it.

  2. Operating systems are best reinstalled about every 4-6 months.


    I see you have Patin Couffin engine installed.


    In my useage fo this i have known it to cause the kinda of issues your getting, especially if when it installed, there was no restart, or some kind of glitch when you rebooted after installing it.


    Never used dvd43, though i think it was mentioned not to even install with the older version of imgburn IE dvdd.


    I am almost certain you won't get any issue's with imgburn on a clean install.

  3. As someone else already mentioned your best bet would be to backup anything you need, check all your cables, clean your computer out whilst your in there, format your drive, reinstall xp or whatever op your using.


    First thing then make sure you install the chipset drivers supplied on your motherboard disc, better option would be to download the latest drivers from your board's manufacturer though.



    There is also a chance if your system is hanging at certain tasks involved with ide access, that a cable is faulty, there is a particular issue with your bios on how ide or rather drives are detected, that one of your atapi devices is faulty and slowing down or stopping things closing, if it were an external writer and say you have creative xfi fatal card that can hang your computer at shutdown.


    Lots of things, so simplest would be for you to start with a clean system, If imgburn then hangs again, then its either a bug in the driver your using, the hardware is faulty or your board/cables etc.

    You would then have to try another dvd writer.


    Have you tried to remove the controller in device manager and then letting windows pickup controller again on reboot ?

  4. As Volvo,s post, I thought we were going to have to wait a long time for the next version.


    On the subject of pc being hit, quite common and there is a high probability of it being forked.

  5. This is something I have always taken to be true, yet I have never had shrink fail to create the iso on any of my computers when destination folder is just a little above 4464 mb.


    Though it has to be said if shrink gives this warning its there for a reason, wiser choice would be to have a lot more space available on destination drive.

  6. Have you tried re creating the page file incase it has become corrupt ?


    And certainly error check your hard drives with the box automatically fix file system errors ticked.


    I would be scanning for viruses and spyware as well.

    Then change memory/ reseat memory, or change your PSU.

  7. Bought it brand new for ?6.99 at ukdvdr.


    Had a feeling finding that size floppy would be a pain in the rrrr's, but recently had a program creating boot up disc's on 2 floppies and would have gotten away with it on one of these disc's if i had floppy capable of storing to 2.88 and a disc.

    I normally pay ?3.08 for a standard 1.44 floppy drive and in past i have paid more than 6.99 for 1.44 floppy drive and i needed a new one anyways as the one in this comp is broken, sometimes it insists the floppy i have in is unformatted when i know for a fact its got files on it. Well now i do as the first couple of times it did that i thought umm must have wrong disc in and formatted it and lost stuff.



    Will keep on looking ebay will turn up some eventually.



  8. Anyone on here got one of these Samsung SH-S182 (18x) DVD ?25.00 retail boxed at Svp.


    Is it based on the plextor/teac/panasonic drive ? (edit it appears to be not) and is rather good from scans at cdfreaks



  9. Agreed i would rather do business with SVP, they were my first choice, however a mixture of them being out of stock of the 16x panasonics and ukdvd selling 500 dvd case for 13.99 swayed the deal in favour of ukdvdr this time.


    Ink was cheap as well, 2 sets of r300 for 8 pound. Suprised i did not buy the liteon burner they had on offer for 19.99, wish i had of now, saying as if i want it now with delivery will be ?25+


    SVP are a better choice though.

  10. change usb cable and plug it into a different usb if possible.


    Try some other usb devices to see if you get same device does not exist etc.



    maybe think about unplugging other usb devices incase there is some kind of short in your usb, maybe uninstall the usb driver from device manager and reinstall it or if you can reinstall system to rule out corrupt driver.



    Edit... The enclosures power lead if like mine and is same as computer power lead make sure it is in all the way as one of my enclosure psu does not fit quite as good as it should and mini shorts... I thought it was fully in but it needed to be pushed in a few more millimeters.


    I am on about the psu power lead not at the back of enclosure, but maybe check that one as well.

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