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  1. I found the firmware version in your log: As for the exe, it is a self extracting file. You should have gotten a screen like this... You should have two files extracted an exe, and another file. I am certain this has to be the correct firmware, because I took your model (DV-R106D) and searched it on firmwarehq. Unless someone else can figure that part out. Ok well it seems you are wanting to burn a DVD-VIDEO disc right? If that is the case, make sure that it is NOT just the .vob file itself. You must have a VIDEO_TS folder with VOB,BUP,IFO files. Imgburn WILL recognize that as a DVD-Video format directory, and make any changes only to the FS of the disc if needed (ISO9660+UDF1.02).
  2. There is a firmware update for your burner: http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_1776-file_I100_WH10LS30_100830.zip.html After updating your firmware, try again. If that does not work try getting better discs instead of discs that are Disc ID: CMCMAG-DI6-000) Also make sure you are running the latest version of imgburn, latest chipset drivers, and latest service pack for your version of windows. I also wouldn't have added that last part had you supplied a full log, and not cut off the log at the beginning showing the version of imgburn and OS you are running. Good luck.
  3. You are not yet running SP1 for Win7, you might want to consider downloading that as well. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/service-packs
  4. There is a firmware update for your burner: http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_968-file_DVRA06_FW108.EXE.html Try again after updating your burner's firmware. If that does not help, get better media instead of Disc ID: CMCW02 Also for the record, next time when posting the log please do not cut off the beginning. The version number of imgburn and OS can also be a factor.
  5. I don't know what other programs support .mds (media descriptor file) but yes .dvd is plain text. In most cases you can use either one, and they are VERY important if your are burning an ISO of a double layer image (both .mds or .dvd have layerbreak info (if applicable)).
  6. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=14632
  7. Since it is a language course disc, convert them to MP3 (you don't need lossless), and chances are you can fit them on a DVD (AFTER you have ripped and converted the tracks to MP3). Unfortunately I don't know of any FREE encoders, you can use Winamp or DBPoweramp but again those are not free. You cannot rip audio tracks with imgburn by the way, it will only make a cue+bin file, not .wav (audio rip).
  8. Depends, is your writer old or used a lot? A log still would be helpful. Also check for any firmware updates with imgburn by being in any mode, and clicking on Tools -> Drive -> check for firmware updates...
  9. No you cannot burn to DVD, because DVD does not support the redbook audio standard and only supports data sectors in 2048 not 2352 bytes. What you can do, is rip your audio CDs with Exact Audio Copy or any other audio ripper to WAV, and convert either to MP3 (lossy) or FLAC (lossless) and you can burn those onto a DVD as DATA. Still players will only support either MP3 discs (CD or DVD) or DVD-Audio. I assumed you wanted audio, because in your post you stated a disc with multiple tracks, and usually that is associated with CD-Audio.
  10. Imgburn burns 'as is' and will not turn your .wmv file into a DVD-Video disc. If you want your content to be played on a set-top DVD Player, you first need to convert your .wmv file into the proper DVD-Video format, (VIDEO_TS directory with IFO,BUP,VOB files). DVDFlick will do this, and it is free. Once you have converted your content to DVD-Video format, you THEN can use imgburn to burn that to disc. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4632 -edit Also even though the content is small enough to fit on a CD-R, do not burn it to a CD-R! Use a DVD+R or DVD-R instead. The reason for this is that most set-top DVD Players will probably not allow playback of DVD-Video on such discs. They expect a DVD disc (pressed or burned), and most of the time set top players will reject the disc if it is a CD-R with VIDEO_TS content.
  11. Well is there a disc in the drive? If not then that is why you are getting a 'medium not present' message.
  12. There is an update for your firmware: http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_1830-file_DVRA18_FW1.03_110322.zip.html
  13. To play your mkv files as bluray video, once you have them converted to the proper format inside a BDMV directory, you then can use imgburn to burn it. Imgburn will NOT convert your .mkv files to bluray video format, it will only burn them onto a BD-R as .mkv files. I am sorry I myself don't know of any free utilities that will do that for you though. Perhaps someone else might offer a suggestion.
  14. From your log you created a DATA disc, not an Audio CD. -edit I assumed from your first post you wanted an Audio CD, because you typed 'CD Player', and that is usually associated with Audio CDs. However, if your 'player' supports playback of MP3s, then that is a different matter. Filenames are handled differently case sensitivity, etc.
  15. A log may still give us something to work with, post it anyways.
  16. "Copyright law needs change for it to be ignored properly, says review" "A government review has recommended that outdated copyright legislation should be reformed so that it can be properly brushed aside in the 21st century." http://newsthump.com/2011/05/19/copyright-law-needs-change-for-it-to-be-ignored-properly-says-review/ I love this site by the way...
  17. Well if you want to be sure of the 'capabilities' of your drive. In imgburn go into ANY mode, then click tools -> drive -> capabilities and you will get a window like this and all the checks in the read/write areas is what said drive is capable for. Unfortunately for notebook drives, even though it 'can' support writing to DL media it doesn't mean that it can do it 'well'. You are better off buying a normal drive, and getting a USB2.0 enclosure for it and use that for burning your media, because other wise you will keep wasting disc after disc.
  18. Is your 'burner' a slimline burner by the way? Are you on a notebook? If so then don't bother trying to burn DL media, slimelines are not reliable.
  19. The MKM-001-00 dye is rated 2.4x. Depending on the drive/firmware it would be over sped to 4x if that particular drive/firmware cannot support 2.4x. For you it looks like it only supports 2.4x and cannot be over sped. It seems though you are running the latest firmware, but Any reason why you are NOT running SP1? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/service-packs Also check to see if there are any updates to your chipset - http://www.ma-config.com/ After you have done that, try again on burning your disc.
  20. It really depends, I don't know what kind of system you have. I am guessing maybe half hour? I'm only basing that though on shrinking a DVD with DVDShrink, maybe an hour at the most I don't think it would be more than that though. You can also speed up the encoding by changing some settings in DVDFlick by going to the project settings, and changing the encoding priority as well as the encoding profile. You can change it to the fastest if quality is not really an issue. Other than that you will just have to wait, or buy ConvertXtoDVD...
  21. You only need the VIDEO_TS folder. AUDIO_TS is only for DVD-Audio discs. Once you have that, look back at the guides on creating a DVD-Video disc.
  22. Post the log of your burn please. Just to clarify you are burning a VIDEO_TS directory with IFO,BUP,VOB files right? That is what you need to have a DVD-Video compliant disc. If so, then did you test the disc on a software DVD player? PowerDVD,WinDVD NOT vlc though. If it does play in a software DVD player, is your DVD in the correct TV-System format? PAL for Europe, NTSC for US & Canada (don't confuse this with DVD-Region codes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8). If it is a relatively new drive, I don't think you would have to mess with the booktype manually, but thats my guess. But right now, lets just cover the basics first. Logs, plus the questions I asked .
  23. No imgburn burns as is, it is your responsibility to have the files prepared in advance. I don't know of any. Slow? Even on my old 1Ghz AMD Atholon it works rather decently. Recommended processor is a pentium 4, thats quite old. Try not to multitask when encoding though as that does take up resources. If you are using your notebook to encode, perhaps consider doing that on a desktop if available. Thats all I can really say.
  24. Correct, if you get a successful burn and verify at any supported speed it should be fine.
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