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  1. That is completely true! I didn't see that until you pointed it out. I have never used the burn queue, so I didn't know what that option did, so I forgot about it. Thanks mmalves .
  2. Thanks, I have one burner in my machine (and thats enough for all my needs ). PS: I just read the cd changer thread, and it seems like this program might start competing with the commercial products on the market eg, Ner0. Or superseding them .
  3. A few days ago I bought a spindle of Verb CD-Rs so that I could refresh my backup folder (apps that either too small for a dvd or run best on a cd, eg Platform SDK Windows Server 2003 SP1). All I am doing is reading the cd to an image, then writing it to my new Verb CD-Rs. But after being read I have to switch to write mode, then search for the image I just read. So this is the suggestion. Can you add a checkbox (with caption text similar to "Write image after read") to the read page that automatically switches to write mode with the image just read ready to write? I know this is minor, but I am just a lazy sod . (I'm a bit of a programmer too, so I already made an appropriate solution).
  4. And a welcome from a blisteringly hot New Zealand. ImgBurn is the best burner in the world, and I don't know what I would do without it. (Well, actually, I would install Ner0 ).
  5. Just wanted to say that all I wanted for christmas is my two front teeth... whoops, the christmas bug still has me . All I wanted for the next version is cue burning. I can make custom audio cds already, I just wanted my favorite burner to be able to burn it for me. The only audio formats I am interested in are wav, mp3, ogg, (and to a lesser extent) flac. Oh, and just being curious here, do you plan to support copy-protected wma's? I don't download music from the internet, but if I come across one of these, I would like some peace of mind that my favorite burner will burn these files. If not, Ner0 will have to be installed again .
  6. Yeah, the whole burning engine has been rewritten so that when LUK! decides to add audio cd burning, it will take 10 minutes. Wouldn't it be funny if I was right, that audio cd burning wasn't in this release . Don't work too hard LUK, its Christmas!
  7. Yeah, it was only a week ago that I started hoping for an ImgBurn release for Christmas! I have been waiting patiently (which means forgetting about it for a few months) for the next release. I bet it will be well worth the wait (starts getting ready to uninstall Nero ). I haven't posted anything here for ages, and my computer setup has changed alot. New specs: Super Case SKII-335 computer case Abit IC7 motherboard P4 Skt478 3GHz with HT (I was probably ripped off for this: NZ$325) 1Gb DDR2 memory (2x 512Mb) nVidia GeForce 7300 GT Sonic (OC edition) Seagate 7200rpm 250Gb IDE harddrive Wireless network card LG GSA 4167B DVD writer (now it matches the case - black ) I had enough parts left over to make a second system, which is now my server (Windows 2000 Server). And my harddrive decided to crash on me last week. I lost everything, including the backup partition where all my stuff was . Then I couldn't install Windows XP after partitioning . But its fine now, and I am slowly downloading all of my programs back, including drivers. Very nice to know the next release is nearly here, and I will be waiting for it. I think its time to thank LUK for a great program again .
  8. Bad news, the shop I ordered the burners from has closed down . But on the upside, I just bought a new cpu. Its a P4 3GHz with hyper-threading, socket 478. Paid NZ$325 for it (ouch). But I got it couriered down to me free. So, the specs of my machine after upgrading: cpu mentioned above, 1G DDR400 RAM 250 GB 7200rpm Seagate harddisk Nvidia GeForce FX5200 graphics card This system is midstream, but it does the job nicely.
  9. You mean LightScribe? Its only monochome at the moment, but they are working on colour burning.
  10. And I bought some goodies for my computer for my bday. A 250GB harddrive and a Gig of RAM. All up just under NZ$300. [edit] And I ordered 2 BenQ DW 1655's from the US I will be happy when they arrive.
  11. I only did that because noone started a thread for my birthday. Grain and Ifc got theirs.
  12. Yes, I had my birthday this week. It was on Wednesday (13 June). I am now 21 years old. Also, Happy Birthday to Grain, and Ifc.
  13. Just a note: In DVD Decrypter it reads the disc straight off, and I can make the iso 10 seconds after putting the disc in. In Imgburn it take forever to get to the point of clicking the 'Read' button. What did you add in ImgBurn after changing over?
  14. Ok. Here you go. This attachment will extract into a 12.5MB part iso named Sample.iso. You need 7zip to extract it. PS: I cant believe how small it compressed to on standard settings! [attachment deleted]
  15. Heres the debug file. It looks like the drive is going round in circles. log_ImgBurn.txt
  16. ImgBurn freeezes when trying to read a disc in Read mode while parsing the ISO9660 filesystem. It reads and creates the iso in your previous tool just fine. Its a DVD+R bootable disc that I burned with ImgBurn.
  17. Cool. Nice to know it is on the way to being fixed.
  18. Even with the one drive, along with or without /DEST in the commandline, it does the same thing. The IBB says D: as the destination, and it still happens.
  19. Loading an .ibb file as the SRC, D: as the DEST, the MODE set to ISOBUILD, the BUILDMODE set to DEVICE on the command line, while passing the /START switch, causes ImgBurn to hang showing "Terminating Interface Thread". I am sure this is a bug. The same line except building an iso works fine.
  20. I use Burrrn to burn my audio cds (just burrrned one a few days ago ) and I don't have a problem with it. Much quicker than nero to load and burn. I agree, audio cd support would be great, even if it is just burning an image. Now I need to learn how to write a cue/bin file! Adding the ability to build audio cd images would also be great. Wav, ogg and flac could be primary choices for decoding audio. CD-TEXT would also be a great extra for this ability. Or, I might just be getting ahead of myself. Although buying a portrait of myself would be close . I don't use multi-session discs, but if that is added, that's cool too. Other people would benefit from it. Good to hear that you have started work on multi-session/audio cd burning. LUK is awesome!
  21. Yes, it handles bootable images and can build bootable CDs as well.
  22. _user might mean that he/she wants a tool that shrinks the video to a single layer DVD. I dont think decrypting DVDs is in the question. Which, ironically, is probably what the question is about. What is wrong with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink together? Uh, did I just type that out loud?
  23. The old tool is DVD Decypter! Although I dont remember it being able to burn 8" vinyl discs .
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