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  1. /PORTABLE means that the settings are stored in an ini file (and no registry settings are written, along with file associations) in the same directory as ImgBurn. /NOSAVESETTINGS saves nothing, like ending a process. [edit] So that you can use the program on a usb drive and keep all your settings . [/edit]
  2. Try uninstalling the drives in device manager and reboot. Can't think of anything else at the moment.
  3. Create an iso in build mode with your mp3's. Then when making your cue, add the wavs, then the iso as the second session. It will then burn as intended .
  4. Actually, both of the houses next door where built by my dad (including our current one). One is still being finished, the other has an elderly couple living there (from Switzerland, originally). Dad is a stainless steel fabricator by trade (about 25 years now). Volvo, the only thing I banged before I got this kit was my dual 8 inch subs, 100 watts each . Donta, thats carpet to put on my sub boxes (still haven't done it yet). Those boxes contain empty cd cases (about 50), my movies and PS2 games. Plus several issues of Silicon Chip magazine (about 2 1/2 years worth). That black box houses my cds. I should really get around to either selling or throwing out most of the stuff I don't use anymore. Shamus, thats one huge drumkit . I can barely play my own kit let alone one like that. Chad Smith is great, btw.
  5. Thanks LUK, been waiting so long for this release. Thats a cool gif corny, lol .
  6. Yeah, I know, I've read the history. I just really like the sound of those cymbals over Zildjian.
  7. Since ImgBurn only says +R and +R DL, I thought +RW couldn't be done, at least I haven't been able to yet. What drive is it? It's probably old and doesn't support booktyping, or ImgBurn doesn't know how to set it to that particular drive. Write Mode -> copy + paste text in the right panel into your next post.
  8. Yesterday was a big day for my music side of life. I bought my first drumkit . Its a Gretsch Renown Maple worth over NZD $3000, with a $380 Pearl Sensitone snare, which means I have two snares now. I don't have any "good" cymbals yet, but I will be getting Sabian AAX cymbals. I got a full set of Rockbag Premiums with it too (at half off , except for the snare bag which is a Deluxe model). And my channel on youtube (still no videos yet): http://www.youtube.com/user/JasonDrumIt
  9. Only +R and +R DL can be booktyped to DVD-ROM. +RW, -RW and -R can't be done.
  10. Happy Birthday!! I was the first to see his birthday was today, but I let someone else start this thread .
  11. I burned my backup disc while running spybot. Still burned and verified correctly . (With ImgBurn of course!)
  12. I downloaded a few of those versions, all said my system doesn't have the required minimum specs, which probably means I should give up trying to find a solution. I have always thought that a drive is quick as long as it is on DMA, not PIO mode. Thanks to Everest, I now know all the extra goodies that came with my motherboard (gigabit lan, 2x sata, 4x ram slots, firewire headers, overclocking ability).
  13. I downloaded the drivers and installed them, no change. I tried the ultra ata program, but it says its only compatible with 800 series chipsets. I also downloaded the last app, but I don't like the idea of not being able to remove it (setup told me first before installing). Anything else I can try?
  14. I have run the report, but it seems I can't add attachments anymore. The file is waaaaaaay too long to post text-wise. [edit] Uploaded on rapidshare.[/edit]
  15. I have no idea what is going on. All my drives I have bought (about five disc and two hd) have always shown UDMA 2. My new writer is the first to break this trend.
  16. Well, I only have Nero installed because I use the Cover Designer with my new lightscribe drive (LG GSA H55L). For burning audio cds, you could use Burrrn. You could also use Exact Audio Copy. I don't use multi-session discs myself, but nero is a good (current) choice for that. ImgBurn can read and burn bootable cds. In build mode, click the Advanced tab, then Bootable Disc. btw, my version of nero is
  17. Yep, so is my new writer . My motherboard is an abit IC7. My profile has more detailed specs. Had a look on the abit site, the motherboard supports DMA 100.
  18. That definitely one worth archiving! =))
  19. That second disc took 20 minutes. The first scribe I did I had the contrast setting set to default, in cover designer the quality was set to best. That one took 14 minutes. The first disc was a photo of a real cd that came with my parents computer in 1995. Microsoft Golf 1.0 Multimedia Edition. I converted it to gray scale and imported it into cover designer for burning. No. Its a Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 250GB IDE, about 6 months old. I still have used just 25GB of so far.
  20. My new writer arrived this afternoon . Front of box: And my first LightScribed disc: The disc is actually darker than the photo shows. I scribed it three times just to see the contrast changes. I have already updated the firmware and increased the readspeed. Now its 1.05. Very happy with this drive. The DMA shows as UDMA 4. My harddrive shows as UDMA 2 (still, it's quick enough). [edit]I used Nero cover designer to create the labels (very easy to create and manipulate images).[/edit] Another disc I did with a template from lightscribe.com (scribed once using enhanced and best modes):
  21. Thought you meant you were a boyracer, now your an elderly driver lol .
  22. I wasn't expecting to get this suggestion. Thanks boss, your the best.
  23. Just got the confirmation email from PlayTech, paid in full and should arrive within 48 hours (deadline 5pm Thursday). Next up, media to buy.
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