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  1. You probably got confused with the "Write Image" mode. Your images are picture images. Write mode writes data images. Hence you tried writing your picture as a data image, and that is why you got an "unsupported image" message. Switch to build mode, then select all your pictures. Choose iso image (data), or burn with device. If you make an iso image (data), you can write that file using write mode.
  2. I haven't encountered this when using ImgBurn this way, but then again I only have 7 games from 2003 and before.
  3. Wow, something else new that needs to be tested, and the release date to be put back, Doh!
  4. Thats awesome! Thanks boss. It will get alot of use when the next version is released.
  5. I was just viewing my profile when this thread came up in my content. Is this bug fixed now?
  6. Fair enough, its your program. I guess this would work for a simple program like notepad, but for ImgBurn, it would actually be quite hard to implement. Your program is just so easy to use I forgot how complex it really is. I was expecting something humorous like "Yes it is too hard, I won't do it ".
  7. Oh, ok. I thought this would be a great option to have. I saw a piece of code that prevents a nsis installer having two of the same process running. Something like CreateMutex or similar, not too sure. And yes, spur of the moment it was, I completely forgot there were other modes to worry about, but you could send a custom message saying "change to write mode", then send a drag'n'drop message with the double-clicked iso as the data. Just tossing a possible solution around here. If its too hard, don't do it.
  8. Sorry for the bump, but I would like some feedback about my suggestion.
  9. [edit] Sorry, the full version of the post above has been started in a new thread. [/edit] First, change to write mode, and click the little book button (arrowed in red): Then you will see this: Choose your burner, change the first dropdown to DVD +R DL, and the "New Setting" to DVD-ROM, then click "Change". Then click the big write button to burn your image.
  10. So thats why my new verb +rw needed a format first. I thought you could just pop one in and burn it straight away.
  11. Imgburn supports most formats, including all types of DVD, and blu ray . Yes, your DVD+RW will work with your drive and with ImgBurn.
  12. Another minor suggestion: when double clicking an .iso, I would like an option to use the current Imgburn process (if there is one) to burn the image, instead of creating a new process to burn it.
  13. Your +RW might be stuffed. After about 100 rewrites, my Verb +RW gave up and didn't write in some of the first sectors. Get some Verbatim (DataLife Plus) or Taiyo Yuden discs, they are some of the best you can buy.
  14. I'll give you credit boss for making a great program .
  15. I didn't say anything about lame mp3 encoders, but, cue next suggestion: using lame to decode the mp3s in Imgburn! I'm kidding, just wanted a laugh. I suppose I am not lazy enough to just not ask in the first place. @blutach: I tend to use the latest builds from rarewares.org, lame but is great!
  16. A quick google for: hd dvd windows xp, will give you a page (first result) for getting the drive to work on windows xp. All you need are the drivers installed.
  17. I have said this before, I am a lazy sod , and I can't be bothered.
  18. We suggest you use Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens for burning, these have codes similar to MCC, TY and YU, respectively. It's also a good idea to verify your burns, because ImgBurn makes sure the disc is recognized before verifying. @blutach: You beat me to it!
  19. How about an option to disable the messagebox popping up? (Hint, hint )
  20. One more minor suggestion: a button in the settings dialog that moves the main window and log window back to the default position, ie when you run imgburn for the first time.
  21. I love that program, but I think that is a bit far-fetched.
  22. All right, all right, my Boss is the best (shady flatter maneuver ).
  23. Another minor suggestion: when setting the ISO9660 volume label in build mode, if the user types a space, it will automatically type an underscore instead of giving a warning.
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