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  1. So if I remove that line I want to change from the ibb, it will work? [edit] So when the ibb is loaded, you could check back to the commandline for the switches. Just an idea. [edit]
  2. Another suggestion: I was playing around with the commandline options, and I found that ImgBurn ignores what is put on the commandline when loading an ibb. So, could you add an /IBBOVERRIDE (or similar) option to the commandline so that if any options appear in the commandline, they will take first priority and ignore what is in the ibb (eg recursive subdirectories, 'no' for DVD video, 'yes' for data backup of same folder).
  3. Oh, I understand now. Just getting rather confused with all the decimal points and units. I thought it meant 50 GB left, not 50 MB. I knew the progress bar was correct, I just couldn't get my head around the free space part. Thanks corny.
  4. Just something I noticed while making some images in build mode. On the information tab, the free space shows as 50,200,576 bytes. My 200 GB partition has 175 GB free. Or if it means free space on the required media, shouldn't it show something like 4,700,000 bytes or similar (DVD), or 734,003,200 bytes (CD)? I guess you are simply displaying the capacity of a BD-R DL.
  5. Just a side note, all my dvd+r cases are actually clear cd cases with no inserts, so a pretty picture on the disc is viewable 95% of the time . [edit] Another question: Any good lightscribe compatible programs out there? Nero is the easy way out but I prefer not to use it.[/edit]
  6. Well, just ordered the lightscribe drive over the internet (LG GSA H55L), after it has been delivered, firmware update time. 1.05 was added to rpc1 just a few days ago. NZD $65.81 including gst and delivery. I can't wait! I got my sister to pay for it online, then I paid her. It should be here about Wednesday next week (5 days).
  7. So can you still use a vivid to label those lightscribe discs (if choose not to lightscribe them)? If I start making stencils for my discs, then I would be better off getting the lightscribe drive. It would be better to have the option and not use it, than to not get it and need it later. The prices for both drives are below NZD $60, so I think I will buy the lightscribe drive, just in case I want to use it later. This will be the cheapest writer I have ever bought. My 4167b cost me $150 in January of 2006.
  8. I found an online store in New Zealand that sells the drive I am after. The site is PlayTech. They accept online bank deposits and branch deposits . Next question: for NZD $5, is it worth buying the LightScribe drive instead of the standard one? Mostly all I do after I write a disc is label it with a label describing the contents, eg Backup, *_movie (rarely used).
  9. When my dvd laser went on my drive, I thought a firmware update would fix it. I flashed to 1.19, but it still wouldn't read or write dvds, so I bought my current multi-format burner (LG GSA 4167B DL13, originally DL12).
  10. Other than buying a single Verbatim +R DL to test, I don't see any other solutions.
  11. I am not a developer for Imgburn (LUK! is the only one who sees and changes the source code), but search around for something like: SHChangeNotify. If you use nsis, then its: System::Call 'Shell32::SHChangeNotify(i 0x8000000, i 0, i 0, i 0)'.
  12. Ignore them, they are having you on. ImgBurn is never going to make food or drinks for you.
  13. Hey, I have that drive also, but the dvd laser failed on it. So now its a cd reader/writer only.
  14. I don't have the ability to shop online yet.
  15. My next challenge is finding a store in Taranaki that sells them. The store I bought my current one from closed down about a year and a half ago .
  16. I have the exact same drive, except mine is internal. Flashing is exactly as LUK said, open the .exe, and clicking the update button. I just did mine with a read speed update (flasher patched) . [edit] I used LUK's previous tool to test the read speed (I usually don't have it installed on my machine - this test is purely in the name of science). I used The Green Mile as my test. The size is about 7GB. The average read rate is 8x, peaking at 10.5x. The time it took was 10:34, it usually took more than a half hour to copy. My drive has a new lease on life! .
  17. Thanks mmalves, my drive turns out to be a BK OEM, when I purchased it all I got was the drive and the plastic bag that protects it. The icing on the cake is that I currently use IDE for my drives, but I also have four SATA connecters on my motherboard. So I can make use of those in the future. Oh, and blu doesn't have to convince me, LG writers all the way! Just having a look on the net while writing this reply and I think I am moving towards the GSA-H55N K (black faceplate) with the readspeed patch.
  18. Sorry for the rant, but I am just starting to get fed up having to wait for it. I am not asking for a beta release, I would rather have a stable, reliable release. I just have to focus on something else while I wait for LUK! to make an official release.
  19. I am looking at buying an LG writer in the next few months. Something a little more up to date and as a reserve drive in case my current one goes pop. I was looking at a H10N or similar (Black, to match my case). Any cheap suggestions (money wise)?
  20. I am starting to get jealous at the beta members, they get to use the beta releases while we have to wait! I have had a cue file waiting to be burned for about two weeks now. Plus, my backups won't need to make an image first, then burn the image (commandline). /rant mode off
  21. I had four sector errors just like this one on one of my burned cds. I think being this close to the end of the disc probably means its just leadout data. If this disc is copy protected, then the protection did its job .
  22. Sorry about the second bit. This is a forum about ImgBurn after all, and it doesn't hurt to say its the best once in a while. Thats about the third time I have used it since I joined in August 2006. And your completely welcome for the tip .
  23. This is one of about 10 other (major) features that has been added since 12 April 2007. If you search hard enough you might find them all in the forum.
  24. Go to your command prompt and type in: clipbrd. Press enter. That should show you what is in the clipboard. Oh, and Imgburn is the best (I had to insert something about imgburn in this post, otherwise this is a useless reply).
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