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  1. Well, Imp ID usually always says 'Unknown' all the time, so replace it with 'Application ID'. Seems logical to me. [edit] Or just make it say 'ImgBurn' all the time, cause that is the only tool you should be using! [/edit]
  2. PS: How do you do that again? My LG never remembers its booktype.
  3. If you have WinXP or Vista, then yeah leave it on SPTI. If you have Win 95, 98, 98SE, or ME, then you will probably want to replace the aspi with Adaptec's ASPI drivers. They work better than the aspi layer that comes with these OS's.
  4. I was a fan of LUKs older retired tool (actually I am still a fan), and upgraded to this tool when I found out about it. I was looking up the old tool on wikipedia, and saw a link to ImgBurn, and thats how I found out about it. It was version when I downloaded it. Imgburn is now a ripper of a burning tool (I should actually say it is a scorcher rather than a ripper because Imgburn is a burner, not a ripper )
  5. Here it comes.......... Can you add a label to show the Application ID?
  6. I have burnt a CD image to a DVD before, and it worked. It was Ubuntu Linux 6.10.
  7. Just a query, when you go into write mode, you see a bit of info about the image ('source' box). The 'Imp ID' field is always saying 'unknown'. I think only once or twice I saw an image that actually showed the 'Imp ID'. Only one of the images that I built using build mode actually has the Imp ID field, which was a DVD-Video disc. The other images are just data discs and they don't have the 'Imp ID' in their image files. Can you shed some light on this behaviour? Or is it meant to be the 'Source Application ID' field?
  8. Oh, OK. I didn't see anything about it reading the El Torito part in the changelog, so I asked just in case. I would like to use this mode to make an image of a bootable disc on the hdd, so I can use that disc for testing, then burn the image back to it when I am done (and expect it to work properly). Thanks, good to know.
  9. I found two of a light bulb breaking. The top one has been shot with (probably) a bb pellet.
  10. If haven't already added this feature, I would like to suggest it here. Can ImgBurn (in ISO Read mode) read the El Torito data off a disc and add it to the image (if it has El Torito data)? If it is not in ImgBurn, can you add this feature?
  11. I am Beaker. I have only seen him a few times on tv when I was young, and I never knew his name.
  12. Donta is a bit divided when it comes to opinions on this laptop.
  13. Agreed. These are some of the coolest photos I have seen all day.
  14. I 15:29:58 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: CMC MAG-M01-00) (Speeds: 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x) What cornholio means is that CMC Magnetics is the worst manufacturer for writable DVDs. The quality is low and only a few discs actually work for a period of time after being burnt. Verbs or Taiyo Yudens are the best when burned at 8x.
  15. I second this suggestion. I have been in this situation before and it is very annoying. Maybe an option to not initialize the disc on startup will be enough.
  16. Happy Birthday LUK! Have a great birthday and big thanks for the great app.
  17. Whenever I burn at 8x, it starts off at 6x, then after 10 seconds it kicks the disc speed up and then the burn speed climbs to 8x and stays there for the rest of the burn. I think it is just normal.
  18. Yeah, nouns don't work too well...... .
  19. I plan to wait 2-3 years like I did with the PlayStation 2. Mostly for a price drop and the bugs to be ironed out. And naturally I will be progressing to BRD's once I custom-build my next PC.
  20. Something must have happened between Thursday and Monday of last week, because I reactivated my account on Thursday, hooked up to broadband for the first time at 6pm Monday, and couldn't access ImgBurn.com. I thought my ISP had a problem with this site! Great to know it is back up again.
  21. I couldn't access this site for the last week or so. Had to use the cache at google to find out if there was a new version. Good to see everything is back up and running. Thanks for the update!
  22. Thanks a lot LUK! Saw the changelog before downloading, and this version is almost worthy of a v3.0.0.0 release. In about five days I will have broadband at home so you will see me a little more often on the forums.
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