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  1. Yeah, your English is good.
  2. Also, try wiggling the power connector on the drive. One evening, I turned my computer on, and got 'Boot failure, insert system disc and press enter'. Checked the bios, no hdd present, so I checked the power connector, and that was it.
  3. I heard this on the news two nights ago (Tuesday night). I feel sorry for all the people who bought HD DVDs and players, including Pain Man .
  4. My LG GSA H55L is the first drive I have bought without my previous drive failing me .
  5. Thats what I did for my new drive, worked like a charm!
  6. Or, don't haul around so much stuff in the first place . I have a 200GB partition, used less than 25GB of it so far. For security, I would like to run my own dedicated server for internet proxy and DHCP, along with ftp and email, and a shared folder for files. But it makes more noise than my high powered system, so I leave it turned off.
  7. Thanks for the info Blu, I always thought it meant archive as in .zip file .
  8. Regarding that second picture: "Preserve Full Pathnames" means that when ticked, the file structure is copied to the disc. eg a file called 'test.jpg' in 'My Documents'. With this option on, the structure would be E:\Documents and Settings\Jason\My Documents\test.jpg. If it was off, you would get E:\test.jpg. "Recursive Subdirectories" means that when ticked, if a folder is added, all folders in that folder will be added too. If unticked, it will only add the files in that folder. "Include hidden files" means that if there are any hidden files in those folders, if ticked, will include them, if not, they won't be added. "Include System Files" means that system files like 'ntoskrnl.dll', 'kernel32.dll', 'gdi32.dll', and 'user32.dll' will be included. Ticked will include them, unticked won't include them. I am not too sure on the archive files attribute, you could google it. Hope this helps.
  9. I just bought a lightscribe drive (LG GSA H55L, my second LG), and to be honest, it's a novelty. I have scribed two discs to see what it was like. I just use a black marker now.
  10. Do you know if WINE has acm support yet? Because ImgBurn relies on directshow filters to convert the files to wav format (without a header) for burning. It looks like WINE doesn't support it yet.
  11. Made my second purchase at Playtech, a CPU cooler. A Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu. It's huge! Theres about 10mm between it and the power supply, and one of the bolts on my case fan is interfering with one of the fins. I didn't get the all-copper version because it cost more and its over 300 grams heavier (mine is 600 grams by itself!). Luckily, I can still fit four sticks of RAM in my machine. That should be my next purchase, 4 sticks of DDR 400 1GB RAM, before DDR makes its exit soon.
  12. I know, I use NSIS most of the time. My sig has a few links below.
  13. If you already have a lot of cue files, use daemon tools to mount them as a fake drive. Then rip them from the virtual drive, and make your new compilation. I don't know of any software that remakes several cues into a new one, but the way I described is much quicker than ripping the original discs (that's for sure).
  14. Same, what is that skin? That is a very nice and clean skin. I would use it over XP default.
  15. Google something like 'shrink dvd' or similar. One of the old programs there reduces the dvd so you can fit it on a 4.7GB (4.35GB actual) disc.
  16. Just use EAC instead. It's the only audio ripper I use. Why replicate it if it's already in a great piece of software?
  17. Yup, but if you have an existing eye problem, the fonts at 1024x768 are too small so you wind up running a bigger one in order to save yourself eyestrain Jason... My screen is a NESO TD770V 17". If the resolution goes too high eg 1280 x 960 (default for my games), the screen contrast for windows is too high and it hurts my eyes. I am 21 years old, btw. I really want an 18" or 19" inch screen so I can use 1600 x 1200 for games.
  18. Use an explorer window, select the folders, and drag n drop them into imgburn.
  19. I use 1024x768 all day everyday, it gives me alot of room without being hard on the eyes.
  20. In build mode, go Options (tab) -> Preserve Full Pathnames (untick).
  21. Look here for creating an audio cd: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555
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