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  1. I 07:44:01 Source Media Implementation Identifier: MVSN


    Your drive can't read the disc your trying to copy.  MVSN is the stock symbol for Macrovision.  If the disc that you are trying to read is copy protected you will not be able to use ImgBurn to read it.


    If it's not copy protected, try cleaning the drive with one of those drive cleaning discs and then you can try to clean the disc and see if it's badly scratched or something.

  2. Open ImgBurn, place the good disc in the drive, select device on the right panel, count down 11 lines from the top info line and you should find the MID of the disc you can burn to.  Try other discs and trade names and you'll find that discs have varied MID's depending on who made them...not who named and sold them.

  3. When drives begin to reach the end of their limited lives, they give errors such as yours.  Since we do not repair drives here, we recommend, due to their low cost, that the user replace them.  If you can think of another alternative to replacing a shit drive, feel free to suggest it.

    Also, since you are already running a thread on this subject under another posting, read the advice given there and look at your disc quality.

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