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  1. ImgBurn will not work on copy-protected data such as most game discs. Use Google to find a program that does since we will not even discuss it here.
  2. Every log shows that you are burning to CMC discs. They're crap. :& http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  3. You probably need a few more posts in order to access the rest.
  4. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=7860
  5. You do need to reauthor the files, as you want to exclude certain sections of what you do have contained within the files; and ImgBurn is not the program that will do that for you, it will burn the files you give it. Figure out the problem with Shrink or do a Google search for an editing program.
  6. I like 100 mb myself. Turn on verify, regardless of whether you use or have used it, it's there for a purpose and shows us info about the burn.
  7. A good place to start. Try a cleaning disc, look for a firmware update or replace the drive.
  8. Why are you closing down before you verify in most of your logs? You can change your buffer size: Tools>Settings>Build>Page 2(upper right)
  9. There is a lot more to the log than what you posted. Open the log and copy and paste it to your response. Also, since all the operations you are doing access the hdd, try burning w/o doing all the extra stuff and close your browser. spinner
  10. Make sure there is no disc in your drive and run the .exe
  11. Vagrant Gypsy; Some things are not within the control of the Boss
  12. spinningwheel

    Evening. :)

    Good to see you remembered how...
  13. The .mds file mainly contains layer break info. Choose it and it will do what's necessary to burn the disc.
  14. You can try this: http://www.megaleecher.net/Fix_Power_Calibration_Error Or replace the drive. spinner
  15. Nothing is a certainty pursuitforce. We know that the AD-7420 is a good burner, but a guarantee that it will burn the discs that you want to instead of the recommended ones, Verbatim Data-Life plus or Taiyo Yuden, just isn't possible. spinner
  16. I didn't know that perch had their own fort and rock, maybe I'll have to show them a little more respect when I fry them up.... :lol:
  17. Since ImgBurn only burns what you tell it to, look at the settings on your file creation program and: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  18. SciFy has been playing it here from 8a-4p all week.
  19. Check with ClickBank, or whomever processed your purchase, about being ripped off. Make a complaint and they will credit back to your card.
  20. Shamus, glad to see you about mate...and still in rare form
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