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  1. cornholio7

    nec 4570

    a new firmware for the 3550 didnt help things at all, its still terrible
  2. sorry , we do not support any ripping questions on this forum . you will have to find your answers elsewhere
  3. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...st=0entry8448 hi take a look at the bottom of this post linked above use 'share all images amongst drives' , it should be what you are looking for
  4. my benq and plextor automatically change to -rom on dvd 5's
  5. see if there is a firmware update for your burner , it may help. is it just happening with these discs or other makes too?
  6. are you changing the book type to -ROM ?
  7. cornholio7


    Happy Birthday Mate
  8. cornholio7

    G5 MYM

    come on blu . when's the big day?
  9. cornholio7

    G5 MYM

    all the best Mike
  10. i have a 3550 and a 1640 . i cant recommend the benq highly enough for TYG02's , the 3550 does a good job on them too if you reduce the burn speed to 8x
  11. i havent had any 8x verbs for a while , i cant find them in printable where i am so no- sorry i cant help there
  12. no what i was saying in reply to your subject of 16x discs is, when i have burned them at 4x the scans haven't been as good as those burned at 8x and those burned at 16x havent been as good as those burned at 8x i guess the firmware of a 8x burner would/should compensate for this though, but this is only a guess as i dont have an 8x burner any more
  13. you may get worse scans at 4x than at 8x on them from the tests i have done anyway
  14. if its a film , make an iso using imgtool classic http://www.coujo.de/ib2/index.php?act=modu...l_name=download
  15. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=697
  16. and all with the same media these failures?
  17. they dont get much better than this
  18. might i suggest you take a look in our drives and media section you can see how various drives perform on different media and see if any of these can sway your own judgement http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=15
  19. then all is still as it should be then
  20. do you lot all know something i don't??
  21. congrats on what bill?
  22. its cmc mag - dont expect anything else unfortunately
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