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  1. something to do with the said testing maybe??
  2. welcome to the forum take a look here http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...st=0entry5171
  3. i would like my house painted , do you think you could tell me how?
  4. he can't re write dvd shrink, why not make shrink make an iso onto your hdd and right click on it and choose burn with imgburn
  5. does the media or the drive support 1x?
  6. yes but nero normally uses aspi doesnt it?
  7. the jitter seems high on that scan , looks like a totally different disc
  8. jitter can have a big affect on the score jack, try re-scanning the one you did on the lite on in the phillips for comparison
  9. no jitter rating on them so.............
  10. cornholio7


    yes , it went back today
  11. cornholio7


    believe me , 8x doesn't work either
  12. cornholio7


    isn't that the same dye as http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=682
  13. where it says 'show jitter' if you click on it does it become purple? if not then the drive doesn't support it (see post #21)
  14. there is no jitter shown on mcspider's graph and the score would have been lower had it been included
  15. tells me you can scan with your drive not a good scan though compare it to this
  16. choose the pi/po option in dvd info pro and insert a disc , if your drive doesnt support scanning then you cant start the scan. alternative there is buy a drive that does like a benq1640
  17. cornholio7

    Lfc pretty burn

    yes but which one - we can play guessing games or you can press the button looks like it could be a rebadged btc
  18. cornholio7

    Lfc pretty burn

    so click ok and let it go there and see what drive it says you have
  19. cornholio7

    Lfc pretty burn

    not really , we need to know the drive model , try as i suggested , not to update your firmware but to see if the drive is identified
  20. cornholio7

    dvdinfo pro

    go to tools->drive->check for firmware updates and see if it tells us what your drive is
  21. cornholio7

    Lfc pretty burn

    go to tools->drive->check for firmware updates and see if it tells us what your drive is
  22. cornholio7

    Lfc pretty burn

    is your drive able to scan?
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