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  1. I liked the M.P! "As I reached for a Murray mint I fell and a part of my body entered him."
  2. Brian really should have stayed a way form that Judith. Welsh tart!! Cant beat the meaning of life. Every sperm is sacred..........
  3. jack

    Name that Movie !

    I never even thought of it like that DB!! I've had that av since the other place and they never get tired!!!!
  4. jack

    Name that Movie !

    This was on T.V. a couple of weeks ago I'm sure! I had a couple of days off sick and I'm sure that's when I watched it. Howard Keel waving his big hose around. No wonder LFC knew what film it was!!
  5. The diet's going well. You looking a lot slimmer these days.
  6. Actually, you have a point. I always thought that they were both fit, but I was only a teenager then and you know what it's like at that age. If it moves f@#k it!
  7. Stubbly puffs arent my thing! Pepsi and Shirlie are though!!
  8. Prefered Shirlie myself...........
  9. Not again! How many bloody birthdays are you having??!! Happy birthday mate. Have a good one.
  10. How square is that guys head??? And the bastards pinched Jimmy Hill's chin!!!
  11. "Fuckwit! " Works for me.
  12. We did have a guy at my company who booked two weeks off and then forgot to come back after the two weeks were over!! Had to call him and find out where he was!! He just said "I knew there was something I was supposed to do this week!"
  13. Never heard the phrase"Fucks like a rabbit!"? You do need a role of tape though...............
  14. Oh No!! We will have fookin elf bowling on here next!!!!!!!!
  15. Doesnt work all the time then?
  16. Sideshow Bob, is that you???
  17. Makes a change, usually it's Jmet doing that!
  18. jack

    Plextor PX-708A

    Might be worthwile having a sticky at the top of each forum section saying that. At least then the few people that do read a bit before posting would know, dont think it will stop em all though.
  19. You need to stop choking the chicken Kirk, It plays hell with your eyesight!!!
  20. Old logs? Is that a bit like the problem jmet had but not as runny?
  21. Well jmet, you are the expert on this after all..............
  22. jack

    Question 4 LFC

    I knew I had this somewhere!! It's wrong on here too!
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