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    Happy Birthday LUK!! Hope you having a good one. You share a Birthday with my nephew, he's having a new laptop!!
  2. Thats the one! Scared the life out of my when I was a kid. The Green Death. The Dr who Episode Guide.
  3. The beeb are repeating 'The Green Death' on BBC 4 this week, just caught the first episode by accident tonight. Brilliant!! The Welsh accents are excellent!
  4. A true classic! We definetley need pictures!! You just put me off buying refillables for life!!
  5. jack


    Have a good one Spinner, remember you are as young as you feel!!
  6. Over at Digital video forums, oh and a couple of those <cough> specialist sites I see you at!!
  7. And for the third time: Happy Birthday!!! Bloody hell, you get around mate!
  8. Shame is the right word!!!!!!! You have no shame!!
  9. You mean you dont like those peachy little cheeks???????
  10. Never mind the emotional strain, look at the strain those shorts are under! They could burst at any moment and then it will be jmet all over again!!!!
  11. jack


    Happy birthday you old bugger!!
  12. Havent seen a definate date yet, they just say sometime in the spring. Torchwood is supposed to start sometime in the summer. They arent very forthcoming with their dates!!
  13. You dont owe him money do you? He sounds like he's after something!! Mind you he could just be after your body!
  14. I just thank the lord my nephew decide to be an electrician not a plumber!! My house was very unsafe until he sorted out my bodge job wiring! He damn near pissed himself when he saw how I had wired up my garage!!!
  15. jack

    Quality Service

    I used UKdvdr once, never again! Bloody useless! Never had a problem with SVP
  16. Go for it kirk! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! My girlfreind says I have the body of a god.......................... Buddha!!!
  17. 10.15, just got in. Theres nobody else here, i'm all on my own. The other place is empty too. Hellllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo??? Oh well, im off to bed. Night all.
  18. The Liteon was meant to replace the Phillips. I just have a shitload of Ritek's to use up yet. Always handy to have a back-up burner anyway. I have a Samsung DVD rom as well, but everytime I try and scan anything from that DVDinfo pro locks up. Mind you it is even older than the Phillips!! Thanks for your help guys, I've learnt quite a bit tonight.
  19. It is the same disc, the only diffrence now is that I printed on it with my Epson r200 and i've watched the film once.
  20. Yeah, i've had it a while but it has never let me down. I'm still on the original firmware as well, the burns have been so reliable that I havent bothered updating. Just scanned the TY from before on the Phillips: Bit disapointed really, thought it would be better. Excuse my ignorance, but is the diffrence down to the jitter?
  21. Marginally better at 8x, 7.7%!! One for the bin methinks! I will probably do all my scanning with my Phillips then, as that gives me a jitter reading. Just going to do the TY again and see what the rating is then. You are right Chewy, I think i'm getting hooked on this scanning lark!
  22. Just scanning the 0% disc again now. I just get 8x not 8x cav in the second drop down box and the Lite-on still doesnt support jitter. Is that right? 17% into the scan and the quality rating is 99%!!!!!
  23. Cheers. With a bit of help I might work out how to scan a disc properley. I just jumped in feet first like I usually do and these were the results I was getting. Any help is appreciated.
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