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  1. This is a good place to check out: The Dr Who Reference Guide. It covers all the books, comic stips and radio shows as well as the TV series. Personnally I think there is just way too much Dr Who history for everything to agree. Theres always going to be contradictions in a series this old. It even makes K9 go round in circles at times!!
  2. I agree, the Dr did say it was a prison ship. But he didnt say that the Timelords imprisoned the Daleks in it, my feeling is that the Daleks stole a prison ship and then stored Daleks in it while they hid in the gap between worlds. Just a thought. On the ghost thing, once everybody got used to the fact that they werent going to harm anyone you would start to wonder who it was who kept returning to the same place all the time. And as Jackie has been very lonely since Rose and Mickey went off, I suppose it was just wishfull thinking on her part. The one person who is dead that she misses more than Rose would possibly be her dad. The Dalek in "Dalek" was badly damaged in the time war, possibly in the final battle that saw the Timelords and the Daleks wiped from history. It's a fair assumption that it would then beleive that the Daleks had been totally wiped out for ever once and for all. It wouldnt know about the Cult of Skaro Daleks that hid in the gap when things began to look terminal for the Daleks. I agree, Davies has thrown up a lot of anomalies and I reckon if pushed he would use the parallel world scenario to explain it. They Cybermens history gets just as complicated with Mondas being destroyed in 1984, I think it was
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    If you want an unbiased opinion, then I will vouch for Blu. The bugger doesnt tell me anything, he just says "Search the forums!!!"
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    Have a good one mate! Go out, have a few beers and get well oiled!!
  5. Everytime I hear Toms voice now I think of little britain!! Vicky Pollard versus the Daleks!!!! Yeah, but, no, but, exterminate!!!
  6. HeHe! Look forward to that, Davros was the only one of the Daleks who scared me! Just found him really creepy as a kid!
  7. I looked at that earlier, theres a preveiw on the beeb's site if you havent seen it already. Only short, but looks good. Click here.
  8. Hey LFC, you left out your favourite tipple!!
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    I'm late as usual, but I hope you had a good day and lots of
  10. "Fathers Day" was a good story. This weeks was a good one as well even though Rose and the Doctor were hardly in it. The sad news is Billie is leaving Apparently she dies in the season finale and there's Daleks and Cybermen in it
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    Happy birthday dude!!
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    Happy birthday you scouse git! I hope Worzel Crouch scores tomorrow to make your day complete!!
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    Ok, I lied a little. Maybe add twenty years and thats a bit closer!! Thanks for the greets guys. Actually this brings back sad memories, the final post I made at the last place was to thank Shamus for wishing me Happy birthday. I was never able to log in again
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    Aw shucks! Thanks guys! I'm finally 18 at last! Beer here I come!!
  15. Wow! A Dr Who sticker book, me want one!!!! I heard the Gelth were back, thought they were a bit weak first time round though. This weeks episode was very good, nice understated humour and I liked the horse following the Doctor! Bring on the Cybermen I cant wait!!!
  16. Tooth and Claw was very good, I like werewolve stories anyway and adding the Doctor and Rose makes 'em damn near perfect! School reunion was good, although the actual story of The Headmaster and the Krillians was overshadowed by the emotional content between the Doctor and Sarah-Jane. Tony Head hammed it up big style though! Just cant wait for the Cybermen though Have you seen any of the new series yet DB?
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    I gave them yours..........................
  18. I'm giving up, you know way too much about Dr Who!! The Doctor belonged to the Prydonian chapter and Romana stated that he'd "scraped through with 51%" on his second attempt at passing his finals. I think he specialised in Thermodynamics if I remember correctly, but in some stories he claims to be qualified in "practically everything". He and The Master enjoyed building "time flow analogues" to disrupt each other's experiments. The Doctor's hobbies included backgammon and chess . The Academy taught a wide range of courses, and The Doctor seems to have taken most of them. He has a broad knowledge of law, particularly Gallifreyan law . He studied art, architecture, cybernetics, pharmacology, and history. He is an expert on power sources , who specialized in thermodynamics . He's a scientist and engineer, though he admits that he knows very little about quasitronics . Heres an intresting qoute: " Since, as far as we know, the lower classes of Gallifrey cannot regenerate their bodies, and do not possess the "Time Lord gift" which allows one to understand alien languages, it seems likely that The Doctor underwent the processes which enable both of these as part of his graduation ceremonies." I heard of the cartoon series, but I know nothing about it. And as for the special weapons dalek:www.specialweaponsdalek.co.uk/
  19. Rose. It was filmed in Wales by BBC Wales Youre forgetting the Green Death, but to be fair I should of said included filming outside England. I unintentionally implied that I meant the whole story was filmed outside England. To be honest I was trying to catch DB out, I was hoping he would say the city of Death. But why the hell were the daleks in Looney Tunes??? Thats just weird!! I had a feeling they were in a Beatles film but I cant find any mention of it so I'm probably wrong I'd forgotten that The Feast Of Steven was a Christmas Special, but then again i'm nowhere near old enough to remember!! Another simple question: What was the Doctor's nickname in the Academy?
  20. Now I wont make the common error of saying that this was the first episode to have the Dr's face in the opening titles because that honour belonged to 'The Macra Terror' so I will have to think about that one. The common opinion although it is difficult to confirm is that Episode 6 of The Dalek Masterplan which was titled The feast of Steven was the first to be junked, although it must be nigh on impossible to confirm these sort of things so many years later. Still a terrible shame though Now, werent the Daleks in one of the beatles films? I think they were. I going to need some time to think up questions to match those, but here's an easy one: Which was the first story to be filmed outside England?
  21. Intrestingly, David Graham was in the last episode that featured individual names for each spisode. The story was the cowboy one, 'The Gunfighters' and the episode was called 'A holiday for the Doctor' and featured Richard Hurndall in a fairly small role as Ike Clanton, Hurndall went on to appear as the doctor in 'The Five Doctors' I was thinking of Jeremy Bulloch, he played Hal the archer Dont forget Michael Sheard who was in a few stories, The pyramids of Mars, The invisible Enemy and Remembrance of the Daleks to name three that I know of and then went on to play an imperial officer in at least one of the first two Star Wars films. You got me with the Davros connection, I suspect it is something to do with the three actors that played him appearing in the Cybermen stories but that is just a guess. Now, the actors that have played the Dr is a longer list than most would think what with the audio plays and tapes. But there's no way i'm letting you have the waxwork that played Tom Baker in the publicity shots for The Five Doctors!!!
  22. Spot on! I only knew it was The Dalek Master Plan. Now, David Graham was in the City of Death I think although i'm not sure about that one. He also played a bartender in one story but I have to admit I dont know which one without googling Colin Baker appeared as Commander Maxill in Arc of Infinity and had the pleasure of shooting Peter Davisons's Doctor, one way to get his job I suppose. Which actor appered in The Time Warrior and then went on to appear in a couple of the original Star Wars films and what charectors did he play in those?
  23. The TARDISodes are just little weekly preveiws that are downloadable I think. Heard nothing about confidential now I think on but I would think they are still doing it. Now, Dr Who mastermind is a good idea............ No googling! In which story did Nicholas Courtney appear before he became Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart?
  24. Check out the 'Tardisodes' Here. theres a new one every week. Cant wait for the Cybermen episodes
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