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  1. This is one I did tonight, scanned on the phillips. Not quite as good as the TY .I beleive the Phillips is a rebadged Benq from what i've read. The Lite-on doesnt seem to support jitter, at least I cant seem to get it to anyway.
  2. I hope not! I want to get good at this! I like the quality rating on this one, but thats about the only bit I do understand!!
  3. No it wasnt intentional, I was just clueless!! The disc crapped out at the end when I played, so I know it was a bad burn. I'm a real newb when it comes to scanning, I just stuck the disc in and pressed start! I will scan it again when I get a chance, i'm intrested to see how much diffrence it makes.
  4. It was one of the first times i'd used DVDinfopro and I hadnt got a clue what I was doing!! My scans and burns are much better now, mind you that Lite-on drive will not give me a decent burn on a Ritek. My Phillips gives me flawless burns on them, 98+ quality rating. I only burn TY's in the Lite-on now and they are flawless too.
  5. I like the quality rating myself!
  6. #15 i had my hands full and couldnt close the page quick enough.....
  7. jack


    Have a good one DB, you'll need a beer after going to the dentist!!!
  8. I think the flames come from the other end Z.............
  9. jack


    Just watch he dont try and stuff you LUK!!!!
  10. jack


    Same age as me now Z. I hurt all over, things will really start to go downhill now
  11. Ask Blu, he will know the right word for Nero!!!
  12. jack

    best new anti malware

    I had never heard of doing that. If it's over your head then there's no way i'm going to have a clue with it!!! Oi Scouser! I dont turn tricks for anybody!! Not with my piles thats for sure!!! #39;(
  13. jack

    best new anti malware

    Sorry Chewy, i'm not sure what you mean. I guess i'm just stooopid today.
  14. jack

    best new anti malware

    I'm not nailing anyone!!! I always screw!! Anyway, I tried this prog and it found nothing on my system. I ran Spybot, Adaware SE pro and AVG pro a couple of days ago and I was clean then too. So what I want to know is where do you guys go to pick up all this crap on your comps? Me thinks a little porn surfing is going on!!
  15. Hope you had a good one mate.
  16. jack


    I always use Opera. I have real problems with Firefox, the web pages judder up and down and dont open properley. Un-installed and re-installed half a dozen times and still no joy. Re-downloaded the installer and run a million virus and spyware scans and checked all the settings and the pages still shake up and down. God knows what causes it, but I cant cure it. I suspect there must be some sort of clash with something but I have no idea what it is. Uninstalled it and stuck with opera. I use Slimbrowser as a surrogate for I.E. when needed as well.
  17. jack

    6 months

    I like it! It's time to smack jack!!!!
  18. jack

    6 months

    It went under on my birthday!
  19. Organic but inanimate through lack of use these days!
  20. Polo, I dont want to die!!! Certainly not at the hands of the momma that can handle that beast!!!
  21. Fooking Hell! That three way rabbit is scary! I dont want to go anywhere near a woman who can handle one of those!!!!!
  22. "The polar caps arent melting, we are liberating the water!!" Apoligies to any G.W. supporters, just joking.
  23. I have to ask, are you are a bad person? How was your childhood? Did you have a good relationship with your mother? Oh, and did you ever kill any of your pets? The answers to these questions should tell you if you are a bad person or not.
  24. Dont even try Z, LFC's kind of useless is way out of reach of mere mortals!!
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