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what other burning apps do you guys use?


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Since imgburn burns dvd video, iso etc. and data files with the build mode...i'm sure you all use nero 7 ultra edition :teehee:

so what do you use for audio files and data files (if you dont use imgburn)?


:blush: I'm smart, i use a Radio Cassette Recorder :innocent::huh:

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Vso-software's CopytoDVD (an excellent example of non-bloatware). Vso-Software site (One warning: you have to go into settings and disable multi-session dvd writing on the Multi-Session tab; for some reason it's enabled by default...)


Nero 7 (an excellent example of bloatware). But it can burn so many thing so many different ways that even if some of its apps no longer work as well as they used to, it's still very, very necessary.


Intervideo's DVDCopy 5


(a little basic for this crowd, but it's an excellent coverter; I converted several WMV clips into an excellent looking DVD-Video that played on my set-top with no problems. Unfortunately, it's getting bloatier; they've added a virtual drive module amongst other things...)


For those with Plextor drives, Plextools is an excellent package (tho' be careful with v. 2.35; for the first time ever, Plextools hashed my C: drive & I had to reinstall from backup). It has the killer ability to burn CDR with up to 298MB more, tho' I've never been able to burn more than 224MB, than the CDR standard. The disks work in my PC drives, as well as my set-top DVD drives and my Sony MP3 Discman. It also supports CD-Text burning and as well as a suite of scanning tools.


For Music CDs, imo, there's really only ONE choice


Easy CDDA Extractor :worthy:web site


It's been rightly called "the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Audio." The only formats it lacks are rare or weird ones like TTA or Shorten (which it did, at one point, support). There are two versions, the "free" and the payware. The price, for what you get, is quite reasonable, especially when you're as much of an audiophile as I am.


It rips CDDAs (this is COMPLETELY legal in the US). It burns CDDAs flawlessly (the scans are excellent). It converts, quickly, from one format to another. And it now burns CD-ROMs so that one can create MP3 or WMA (or whatever you want) discs.


In fact after three years of use I came across, a few days ago, the first disc that it couldn't properly rip but that another app could (dmcAudio Power Input, part of the dbAMP Converter package; this package supports CD-Text which, for example, Winamp does not, as well as being able to rip and burn Apple's Lossless format).


And, of course,


ImgBurn :worthy:


where would I be without that??!?!


>>>Pls note that NONE of these apps violate the DMCA.<<<


Since imgburn burns dvd video, iso etc. and data files with the build mode...i'm sure you all use nero 7 ultra edition :teehee:

so what do you use for audio files and data files (if you dont use imgburn)?

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EAC did the oddest thing to my Benq 1650. After I installed it, the drive would no longer burn Sony-made CDRs. Every other brand, no problem. But it hashed every Sony CDR I tried...even after I uninstalled EAC. (Which singularly failed to live up to its self-hype, in my experience anyway.


Imgburn for Data and Single-session images

Burrrn/EAC for Audio

Alcohol 120% for Multi-session images

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Believe it or not... I still have EZ Media Creator 7's Creator Classic installed for burning MP3 CD's. :lol:



Other than that, Nero 7 for some other rudimentary CD functions that ImgBurn doesn't handle.



And, ImgBurn. I also have Alcohol for burning multi-track images.

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I'm too lazy to turn everything into ISOs for IB. So I still keep CopytoDVD and Nero around. Even tho I only use about 1/100th of its functionality. Though since I know have a DVD-RAM burner, it's the prog I have that'll burn DVD-RAMs, so it's in the "must have" category again for that reason. Fortunately, I know someone and he/she got me on the comp list.


>>>As my parents always say, "Who you know is more important than what you know."<<< :thumbup:


It's AAC encoder is a good one, though. dbPowerAMP uses it to encode aac files.


I tried InCD5 once, but, really what's the point with jump drives, et al?


Besides, for ripping and burning CDDAs, and converting wav files into ogg, MP3s (L.A.M.E. only!), AAC-M4As, etc; & it's support for CD-Text is outstanding; there is absolutely NO substitue for Easy CDDA Extractor (ver. 10.0.4b1 just came out, btw).



It's impossible to exhaust the number of good things to say about this prog. It's worth every penny.[/b] (Unfortunately, it can't be freeware because of Frauenhofer and Advanced Audio whatsis...)


Well, since ImgBurn does data discs, I was finally able to ditch Nero! YAY!!!


So now it's just ImgBurn for DVD and Burrrn for CD.


Oh, and Ultra ISO for the oddball data image here and there.

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