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ImgBurn v2.2.0.0 Released!


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Thank you for the new version. It's nice having the new, Read feature.


As I don't have any scratched dvds to test, could you tell if it has the error correcting capabilities of DVDDecrypter? I have managed to read many badly scratched discs, unreadable even with some known CD and DVD data recovery tools.

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It retries errors 20 times and you can change all the same settings for software retries, hardware retries and 'ignore read errors' that you could in DVD Dec.


If the error is really bad, you can ignore it and it'll just write zeroes to the sector - as DVD Dec did.


There was nothing special in DVD Dec.

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Thanks LUK!


And a change log that's 50% bigger than the one for, that's going to take a while to digest!


I've just been having a good look round (mostly to find the?'Optimise?Duplicate?Files'?option,?took?me?a?while)?and?noticed:




Shouldn't the one below the device be 'Lower Class Filter'?


Sorry for finding that on day 1.



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lol it's probably because there aren't any and so it's gets the generic 'none found' text that I copied / pasted from the upper filters area and I then forgot to change the 'upper' to 'lower'!


It doesn't mean anything but I'll fix it for the next release.


EDIT: Fixed for next release.

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And here I thought blutach would never install AnyDVD. Caught you red handed! :P;)


Thanks for the update LIGHTNING UK!.


Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.2.0.0

Upper Device Filter:  redbook
Upper Class Filter:  [None Found]
		 Device:  CD/DVD-ROM Device
Lower Class Filter:  RegKill
Lower Class Filter:  PxHelp20
Lower Class Filter:  AnyDVD
Lower Device Filter:  imapi

I have no clue what RegKill is. Nor most of the other ones.

Edited by linx05
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linx05, I'd be inclined to remove the RegKill entry.


The others are fine though.

Thanks. I removed it and performed a fresh install of AnyDVD. It's not longer there. After a quick search I could not find any reason for it. Something to do with the trial I am guessing?

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v2.2 :thumbup:


Added: 'Auto Change Book Type' option to the settings. This is only used for LG and Samsung drives. When enabled (default), it will make the program send the appropriate command to tell the drive to booktype the disc to DVDROM at the start of every burn - obviously just for Plus format media -i.e. DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL.


We LG owners thank you...

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So with the new READ command, that means I can do a full-on RIP TO ISO of my bootable and non-bootable CD's and then burn them as ISO's to new CD's and preserve that functionality?


If so, I should then be able to make full 1:1 backups of my programs, like Microsoft Office 2000 and bootable disks like my Norton Ghost Recovery CD, and they should be precise, fully functional copies (for personal use only), correct?

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