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ImgBurn v2.2.0.0 Released!


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DudeBoyz, yep, in theory.


That is outstanding. I have been hoping to be able to use and recommend a single program to both create and burn ISO images so that I can legally backup my disks. The fact that this functionality has been added and that ImgBurn remains free is fantastic, and I am confident that many users, including myself, are very grateful indeed.


Thank you.

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And here I thought blutach would never install AnyDVD. Caught you red handed! :P;)


Thanks for the update LIGHTNING UK!.


Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.2.0.0

Upper Device Filter:  redbook
Upper Class Filter:  [None Found]
		 Device:  CD/DVD-ROM Device
Lower Class Filter:  RegKill
Lower Class Filter:  PxHelp20
Lower Class Filter:  AnyDVD
Lower Device Filter:  imapi

I have no clue what RegKill is. Nor most of the other ones.

It is well known that I own it. I have to, given my mod responsibilities elsewhere.


I do not use it though (we all know the verify issues caused if it is "on").



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I just installed ImgBurn on Windows XP running under OS X via Parallels and it ripped the bootable Bart's PE Builder CD that I made with my original XP CD to an ISO and burned it back to a blank CD. It booted fine on my PC.


So far, so good.


Hey, can it do disks with multiple "tracks" too? Or does it only ISO the first track found?



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It does single session / track discs only.


That'll still do just fine. No complaints at this point. If you feel like adding the ability to do a full-on disk copy if more than 1 track / session exists, that's just icing on the cake. I would think most disks people will encounter will be single session / single track.


After about 10 CD's worth of testing, it has performed without any issues at all.


ImgBurn is now a single source solution, and people can finally move away from payware ISO creators and focus instead on ImgBurn.


Thank you again for adding that feature.

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Sorry but I Have to ask this, I can't seem to find anything on the website regarding puppetlock and the new SAW 3 Protection. I'm just wondering if this issues are addresed in this release! Sorry in advance if my question offends.

By The way, Your Software just Kiks Ass!!

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Hick50n, Img is a burn only program, not a ripper program. It does not and will not ever be able to circumvent copy protection of any kind........... :)


Well, it kind if is now a RIPPING program, but one that is designed only for unprotected media. That's just fine, as far as I'm concerned. The READ feature is key to everyday usability for some of us, and that is all we ever really hoped for.


I have no desire to use ImgBurn to circumvent anything - only to make 1:1 backups of data disks. I would imagine many others feel the same way.

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Great stuff LUK! :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: Take a simpleton like me a month to go through the changelog working out what everything does!! :D

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I hope it works ok Demetris... It's a little difficult for me to test that feature properly.


Please do let me know if it doesn't :)

I made some dummy files mixing characters from various alphabets for the filenames, so that the filenames would need Unicode in any locale.


I also burned some folders and files with names in Greek and ASCII.


Both sets of tests went fine. I have some stuff waiting to be backed up, so I?ll let you know if I see anything strange. :)


Thanks again!


PS. A nice addition, if it?s easy to do, would be an optional context-menu item for folders, to send the selected folder(s) to ImgBurn in Build mode. But I think this is for another section of the forum. :)

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Thanks for the new release, everything is good on my XP machine, but the new version seems to be broken when running on Wine and Linux. I can not get Build Mode to work. Here is a screen shot of the error




The previous version had no problems




I am going to keep working on the Linux set-up and see if I can get it working again.

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Hmm well all that's changed wild77 is that the box was made to be Unicode enabled via the TntUnicode components.


It must not be able to parse the text properly under wine / linux or something.


I'd have to install linux and make a million debug message boxes pop up to try and figure out exactly what's causing it and find a way to fix it - and I haven't a clue about linux!


What's an easy way for me to be able to reproduce it?


btw, could u try not forcing the OS to emulate NT4 and instead uncheck the 'use cdrom class' option in the settings on the I/O tab.


NT4 has a few other limitations that you probably don't want but are forcing upon yourself by making ImgBurn think that's what's running.

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Dammit, i knew i shouldn't have gone away. I always miss the release of updates....



could you send LUK a list of all dates you will be away this year, as he's fed up of guessing when so he can release the next version LOL

Groundrush is ALWAYS away when a new version coms out





another nice release, thank you



EDITTED after Cornholio politely took the piss out of my genuine mistake :busted:

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