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  1. Just an update on the fireworks situation in NZ: You can only buy fireworks in the 3 days leading up to Guy Fawkes; sparklers will now only be sold in larger fireworks packs (I assume to help prevent sparkler bombs being made); and the age to buy fireworks has gone up to 18. At least I am still happy they ain't banned, yet. Oh, and sorry I have not responded on the forums for about two months now, because I don't have the internet at home. I am a bit surprised LUK has not released a new version yet. I bet he is busy working on some extra stuff for it.
  2. DVD-ROMs can't be written to, which is why it is unchecked and greyed out. They will be checked if your drive can read them. Don't know if this is correct, haven't used that dialog for a while.
  3. how did you get the bike up to 600MPH the best I could ever do was 35MPH or so It's not MPH (miles per hour), it is MM (millimeters). Its like riding off a table.
  4. JasonFriday13


    I have seen a sony cd player for a car that has 1GB of Flash memory in the face plate (for playing mp3's and wma's). If you get pulled over and they see this, you could go to jail. I reckon it's stupid.
  5. Provided you can ride a bicycle, everyone can do this. Just ride down a step about 600 mm high, and you should tumble straight over. I know, I have done this myself once in my younger days. It broke the main shifter on my bike and I had a slightly sore back afterwards. Crazy kids .
  6. Your image has no file systems. If you can, redo the image in build mode. Edit: Select 'output to harddisk folder' in shrink, then make the iso using the build mode in ImgBurn. Then burn the image. Edit: Your firmware may be out of date. Here is the link for the 1.19 firmware: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2012
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you, just highlighting a potential joke. I don't know why, but I tend to take things literally. Which means I have a wierd sense of humour .
  8. Please post a log of the one that failed. [edit] Sorry, we don't support DVD Dec because of legal reasons. We usually only support ImgBurn in these forums.[/edit]
  9. I also have an LG GSA 4167, but, I must admit, I have never burned a Verbatim with it yet. I have done some burns at 8x on some CMC MAG's that my brother provided. He wanted to copy some movies from a friend. I am just lucky those discs weren't for me . Another use for CMC MAG's, burn them and give them to your (younger) brother to use.
  10. Yep, this time its bad media. CMC MAG is the worst dye type out there. Verbatims (DataLifePlus) and Taiyo Yudens are the ones that give the most consistent results. And, because the drive is USB, you should be burning at 4x max, which you are doing. Any faster, and you will probably suffer from buffer underruns and get a bad burn.
  11. Oh, alright. I see your reasoning. I didn't think about it annoying people. [edit] Yeah, I try to find as many bugs as possible, and I question certain behaviours, just so I can have some feedback on why it was done that way. I don't mean to be a pain, but it's just the way I am.[/edit]
  12. There's two problems right there. If this disc is a DVD Video, then the file systems should be ISO9660, UDF(1.02). And, is the drive really a scsi drive? Despite it saying its a ATAPI . Your ISO was probably written incorrectly. Try using the Build mode in ImgBurn to build the ISO. [edit] Or if you can't rebuild it, mount it as a virtual drive (Daemon Tools), then copy the files over from it to your harddrive. Then build the ISO.[/edit]
  13. I haven't touched Nero since I found this program. I only use nero to make copies of audio CDs, which I haven't done in months. ImgBurn is an awesome program. Definitly prefer it over nero (For the burning part anyway) .
  14. Well, it's just that I like the prompt if you make that mistake (Like I have a few times).
  15. So thats why my LG never keeps its DVD-ROM setting .
  16. The "select MDS not iso" warning in the General tab of Settings does not work in ImgBurn. DVD Dec shows this warning, but ImgBurn does not. Is it a true bug?
  17. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but just out of interest, I found out that about two thirds of the members on these forums have not made a single post. Not one post. Usually you sign up so that you can post something of interest. Also, I actually found this program via DVD Dec at Wikipedia. Go figure.
  18. I thought it loaded quick enough. Lets put it this way: it loads much quicker than the first two on the PS1.
  19. I'm a Gran Turismo addict, just because I prefer go karts to bumper cars ('racing' to 'destruction'). I currently own NFSU, and I think it is a great game. The endurance races ( >6 laps) are very hard and annoy me the most. I prefer GT because of the variety of cars (including DTM, Lemans and GT cars) and races (endurance, dirt, snow and street). Don't ask me why, I just like it. I might have to try Carbon, but it dosen't really tickle my fancy though. [edit] Some people prefer the carnage, but I prefer the speed. Everyone has there opinions. [/edit]
  20. Yep, I heard somewhere that there are more sheep than humans in NZ, don't know if it is true though. Oh and I prefer to be called Jason, not by my full nickname. Hey, maybe I should add it to my sig.
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