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  1. jack

    Power Calibration Area error

    pretty crap discs for a start, try somethig good like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and you may have more luck. Have a read in the Drives and Media forum for some advice on good media.
  2. jack

    Optimal settings for creating an ISO

    I thought we came here to post porn and talk about compooters!!!! Nobody said anything about burning DVD's!!! This is what I have been doing: Them Furrybaytims that you guys say are good, burn a treat and make nice smelly smoke!!!
  3. jack

    Optimal settings for creating an ISO

    What do you mean "The burn Button"???? This thing burns??? Why did no one tell me??!!!!
  4. jack

    LiteOn 20x

    Or maybe you could just post the duplicate drives to me now that my Benq has ended up in a lady friends comp Actually, i'm intrested in buying another drive but I want one that scans as well as my Benq did. My NEC and external LiteOn dont scan great. Is the 20X model gonna be good for scanning as well as burning at high speeds or should I just buy another Benq? Any suggestions?
  5. jack

    New TV

    That fooker wouldnt fit in my house!!! Maybe I could have it in my garage if somebody buys it for me uncle dontasciime!!
  6. jack


    Hippy Brithyad Volvo! Have a good one mate!!
  7. jack

    Eclipse fo the Moon visible from the UK

    I was pissed and thats exactly what it looked like!! :&
  8. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    for what?????????
  9. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    =)) I wouldnt know, I've never seen it.
  10. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    Nah, it was after she left. Or were the dalek pics taken earlier? I'm not actually sure.
  11. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    And the Daleks I know we've all seen it before but, well it is a naked woman and a Dalek!!! Good old Jo Grant
  12. jack

    Blade 4

    Poor old Wesley, he has to pay his taxes somehow............... Personally I dont think making shit films is the way to do it, did anybody see The Marksman??????!!!!
  13. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    Turlough no, Cybermen yes ............
  14. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    To be fair it's not that bad, although Torchwood is a lot better. Worth watching just for little Hannah in her smalls. Just been watching Castrovalva tonight, blimey there were alot of people in the Tardis in them days!!!! HHmmmmm, Nyssa!!! Had many a tug over that picture when I was a spotty teenager.
  15. jack

    You couldn't make it up

    4) Film it!!!!!!
  16. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    Now thats about all most of 'em are fit for!!! The only good thing about Primeval so far was little S club Hannah dancing round in her pants!!! Nice!
  17. jack

    Happy 51st Birthday Blutach !!

    Happy birthday you old bugger!
  18. jack

    Imgburn Sigs

    I'm still looking for more Dr Who footage to turn into gif's, so there may be even more in there soon!!!
  19. jack

    Imgburn Sigs

    I cant abide people who put a load of crap in their sig...................................
  20. jack

    Backing up X-box 360 Games

    This sugests you may have some sort of DMA issue, it doesnt appear to be image or media related. Try resetting your DMA: See if this helps. I'm sure other more knowledgeble people will be along soon if this doesnt help.
  21. Not sure what thread you are referring to, but if you have created the ISO using DVDD then you should be fine to burn it straight back using the MDS file as it will contain all the info about layer break etc that you need. The problems you are having are certainly due to the piss poor media you are using and you could use a gallon of petrol and a big box of matches and still not get a decent burn. As the others have said, Verbs are the way to go on dual layer. I know it's a real pisser when you have a stack of crap dual layers that you want to use but the best thing to do if you cant exchange them is offer them to a ninja as cut price shurikens!! "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to buy verbs I go!"
  22. jack

    MDS File

    Try this one: VSO DIVXTODVD Converter The bottom one of the three is the freeware version and the one I use, I think it was Shamus who pointed me towards it in the first place so credit to him.
  23. jack

    need a brit

    He only volunteers in case theres a chance of knicking some hubcaps!! I'd go along with everyone else chewy, SVP really are second to none in this country. I've tried Ukdvdr.co.uk but their service is a nightmare and the staff have had full frontal lobotomy's as a condition of employement!!
  24. I found a very rare artists impression of LUK as he was about to start work on the next version of ImgBurn: Note the lightning burst on his jammies as he gets ready for some hardcore programming!! (Only kidding boss, honest! )
  25. jack

    5000 members

    You get the first round in and i'm up for it!!

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