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  1. Try this one: VSO DIVXTODVD Converter The bottom one of the three is the freeware version and the one I use, I think it was Shamus who pointed me towards it in the first place so credit to him.
  2. jack

    need a brit

    He only volunteers in case theres a chance of knicking some hubcaps!! I'd go along with everyone else chewy, SVP really are second to none in this country. I've tried Ukdvdr.co.uk but their service is a nightmare and the staff have had full frontal lobotomy's as a condition of employement!!
  3. I found a very rare artists impression of LUK as he was about to start work on the next version of ImgBurn: Note the lightning burst on his jammies as he gets ready for some hardcore programming!! (Only kidding boss, honest! )
  4. jack

    5000 members

    You get the first round in and i'm up for it!!
  5. Blimey! Another one with pervy pics in his profile! Disgraceful!! :~)

  6. jack

    windows update

    I frutb mkjftg mjkufglkkm mjyhffv probljuygb wit key mfjhf board!
  7. Great stuff LUK! :worthy: :worthy: Take a simpleton like me a month to go through the changelog working out what everything does!!
  8. 8x on my internal Nec 4550 and 4x on my external Liteon on USB, although 6x burns have been fine on it.
  9. The Panasonic ones arent bad, I have had the 8x and the 16x when the others are out of stock and not had a bad one yet if thats any help. Panasonic 16x I know some people slag em off in the reveiw but mine have been fine. If I can remember what I burned on to one of em I will do a scan.......
  10. RE-mix the theme tune just the way you want it. Click Here.
  11. jack


    Have a good one mate.
  12. Tut tut Cedric. Dont tell lies!
  13. Sadly I think it's taken root here...................
  14. =)) Just printing those out, could be very handy............
  15. He must have got you mixed up with someone else with the same name, realised his mistake and contacted the right Mr Percival lfcrule1972
  16. Bugger that!! I want proper English Pounds!! Only joking, I know what you mean. I have had a few meetings with the operations manager from the Thailand facility and he earns the equivelant of around ?5000 a year!!!
  17. This is one of my favourite's: =)) =))
  18. Theres lots of Dead Ringers stuff on youtube: Dead Ringers Culshaw's George Bush is excellent, he's got him down to a tee! Astonisherating!
  19. Unless they make it worthwhile I wont be going! They need to offer me a lady-boy a day just as a starting point in the negotiations!!! :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :& :
  20. Me love you long time Mr Dudley!!! I work in Wrexham where the woman look like men, and they want me to go to Thailand where the men look like women!!!!!!
  21. Camo cyberman!! Their first appearance in Hartnells last story: The Tenth Planet. Mind you, they dress a little diffrently at home: Cyber family.
  22. Nope! And neither was Katy manning!!!!
  23. Sorry lfc, but we dont need hubcaps on a boat!!
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