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  1. I use local colloquisms, none of that cockerknee rubbish!! Ooops, I need a sherman. See you later!
  2. Beware of the dark side of the img, powerfull it is.
  3. Ah, dear old Katy Manning. Just use google images and the first picture is the one you want.
  4. Now I dont know if it's just me but after watching Inferno last night I have come to the conclusion that Liz Shaw (Caroline John) is the perfect women. It's a shame she didnt stay with the Dr for longer The producer at the time, Barry Letts felt that the charactor was a "threat" to the Dr because she wasnt the usual type of assistant that he travelled with. Not enough screaming And red hair too.........
  5. ....before going for a Sherman Klump and then another Sherman Tank.
  6. To be honest if anybody repeatedly offends me I just put them on my ignore list. Problem solved.
  7. No, he really needs a lateral molecular rectifier in this episode! Sounds kind of painfull to be honest
  8. Bugger! The Spearhead from Space was on tonight and missed most of it! Theres a British sci-fi season on BBC 4 and Spearhead was part of it, one of my favourite stories. You have got to love it when the Nestene starts to strangle the Dr at the end and Pertwee pulls his Navy Lark face, very funny!
  9. Last nights episode started off really well, and was quite scary in places when you realise where I live!!!! I do think Torchwood suffers from the same problem Dr Who occasionally has, they run out of time and the end doesnt live up to the start. Still a pretty good episode last night, anybody want to come round to mine for dinner?? Mind you next weeks story looks good, Tosh gets a shag!!!!
  10. This really is a Gland thread, I really boobed not finding it earlier. This is an eggstremley funny thread!! I must shell out more time here.
  11. I have the Invasion in my rental que, I didnt want to buy until I have seen wether the end result is any good or not.
  12. And as for the things that happen on their subway!!!!
  13. Nice, a pole dancing cyberbabe is on my christmas list!
  14. Bit disapointed with the cyberwoman episode, it didnt seem to go anywhere apart from up and down stairs. John Barrowman was on Jonathon Ross last night and he was very funny, maybe they should inject a little of his humour into Torchwood. Here you go db:
  15. jack

    Storm on Saturn

    With chewbacca in front of it, swinging the leg bone of some dead animal around his head!! =))
  16. jack

    Storm on Saturn

    An example of a von Neumann machine at work, it wont be long before we have a new sun!!
  17. Have you had a look Here ? Or you might try this. Never had to do it myself but it might be worth a go. I'm still using the worlds oldest Nokia 6310, so I dont have any of these problems.
  18. jack


    Fair does db, thats the funniest thing I have seen for ages! I'm so glad I have never let you anywhere near my computer!
  19. I've never heard of TV.com before so i'm not much help i'm afraid. I will check the site out and try and get back to you.
  20. Er, yeah. That is the best way to remove an arrow. Dont ask how I know, lets just say my dad is a shit shot with a bow and arrow. I dont think my brother has forgiven him yet!!! "Bloody kids!! Why didnt he stand still instead of running around all the time!!!"
  21. Ajax? I think you should do youre own cleaning, never mind asking your web browser to do it!!
  22. Oh bugger! I'm getting as bad as LFC!! Ah well could be worse I suppose!!
  23. You know there was always something that made me think it was gay, I just never thought it would come out of the closet so soon. I'm sticking to Opera, best by far.
  24. Well my favourite is LFC, it means "Who pinched my hubcaps???" And Blutach which means "Send the ruffian to the colonies for the rest of his natural life!!" (It's a good job they both know i'm only joking! )
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